Corporate Whistleblower System

The Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office and the whistleblower system are founded on the principles of protection, fairness and trust concerning whistleblowers, those affected and all involved parties. Compliance with legal regulations, internal rules, the principles of our Code of Conduct and our Supplier Code of Conduct is the number one priority at Knaus Tabbert. Our company’s success is based on integrity and compliance. To uphold this standard, it is essential that we are aware of potential misconduct by our employees or suppliers – and take steps to prevent it. To this end, the Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office operates an independent, impartial and confidential whistleblower system.

An important pillar of our whistleblower system is the principle of due process. This guarantees the best possible protection for whistleblowers, those affected and any employees who assist us in investigating reported misconduct. It includes offering a guarantee of anonymity during all communications with individuals reporting suspected misconduct. We make sure that we do not take any steps to identify anonymous whistleblowers, provided that our whistleblower system is not abused. Discrimination against whistleblowers and any individuals involved in investigations within the Knaus Tabbert Group is not tolerated.

For the affected parties, the presumption of innocence applies until any violation is proven. Investigations are conducted with the utmost confidentiality and the information received is processed in a prompt, fair and secure manner.

How do we handle your reports?

The staff members in the Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office thoroughly review all suspicious activity reports submitted by employees of the Knaus Tabbert Group and systematically investigate potential violations. Initially, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt. Subsequently, the Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office will assess your report. This involves gathering information, particularly from whistleblowers. Only if this leads to an initial suspicion of a potential serious violation will an appropriate investigative unit be tasked with examining the matter. Upon completion of the investigation, the Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office will evaluate the results and, in the event of confirmed misconduct, recommend appropriate sanctions. You will be promptly informed about the current status of your report and the outcome of any investigation. The processing time may vary and will depend, among other factors, on the nature of the report.

Potential violations of the Supplier Code of Conduct – including serious risks as well as human rights or environmental violations by our direct or indirect suppliers – can also be reported to the Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office. This also applies to any other suspicious activity reports that require immediate action by the company. The Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office will inform the responsible departments, which will process the matter accordingly. Above all, this entails implementing measures to minimise or prevent any further violations and/or mitigate risks.

Further information on the procedural principles of the Knaus Tabbert Group’s complaints mechanism (Rules of Procedure) can be found here.

Do you have a query regarding a Knaus Tabbert product or service?

For questions about your new or used Knaus Tabbert vehicle, for feedback or complaints about services provided by the Knaus Tabbert Group or our business partners (such as dealerships, workshops), please contact Knaus Tabbert Customer Service at:

We kindly ask for your understanding that the whistleblower system cannot accept, process or forward customer enquiries.

Submit a suspicious activity report via our whistleblower system

The whistleblower system offers several channels to report potential misconduct by employees or violations of the Supplier Code of Conduct in our supply chain, which necessitate a prompt review and – if necessary – a response from our company. However, this does not affect your statutory right to contact the competent authorities as described below.

Please read the relevant privacy policy before submitting a report.

Reporting channels:

Online reporting channel (reporting platform)

You have the option of contacting the Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office via the internet-based reporting platform in various languages. This system is confidential and secure. 
Reporting platform

By post and in person

Postal address: 
Knaus Tabbert AG 
-Whistleblower system- 
Helmut‐Knaus‐Strasse 1 
D‐94118 Jandelsbrunn 
In person: 
Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office 
Knaus Tabbert AG 
Helmut‐Knaus‐Strasse 1 
D‐94118 Jandelsbrunn 
An appointment must be arranged in advance by sending an email to


The Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office can also be contacted at the following email address:

To ensure that your suspicious activity report can be processed and investigated appropriately by the Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office, it is important that the report is as specific as possible.

It is helpful if you consider five key questions when writing your suspicious activity report:

  • Whom does it concern? Who is affected?
  • What happened? Include a description of the facts.
  • When did the incident occur?
  • How many times did it happen?
  • Where did the incident occur?

Individuals providing information should ensure that the described events can be understood by people who are not familiar with the subject matter. In this regard, it would be helpful if you are available to answer any follow‐up questions from the Knaus Tabbert Compliance Office. If you are willing to do so but wish to maintain your anonymity with respect to Knaus Tabbert, please use the secure online reporting channel to submit your report.

External reporting channel for Germany

The following government‐appointed authority also serves as an external reporting channel for cases of potential misconduct. Federal Office of Justice (BfJ Reporting Office (