Taking responsibility for our employees.

Knaus Tabbert AG is committed to an open corporate culture, characterised by fair interaction with one another, mutual development and equal opportunities in order that we might shape the leisure industry of tomorrow together. At the heart of this philosophy are people and their workplaces.

As a responsible employer, the company strives to offer all of its employees worldwide a secure and attractive working environment in which everyone can realise their full potential as part of a team of around 4,000 associates.

Knaus Tabbert Academy

Employee qualification in the training workshop and Academy

With a view to preparing new employees for their new positions as effectively as possible, the company has set up its own learning facilities. At the Hungarian plant, for example, new employees are familiarised with their workplace in a structured onboarding process that takes place in a so‐called „training workshop‟,  located away from the production process.

This idea was successfully extended when the Knaus Tabbert Academy was launched in Jandelsbrunn in 2020. This new learning centre helps to counter the shortage of skilled workers, particularly in Germany, by expanding the range of skilled worker qualifications and introducing motivated employees into the company through onboarding measures.

Training at Knaus Tabbert

In-depth training for the talents of tomorrow

Knaus Tabbert invests in young people as the employees of tomorrow. With this in mind, the company attaches great importance to vocational dual training. Thanks to its training programme featuring nine apprenticeships and a dual course of studies, the company is able to recruit qualified skilled workers for the future and actively guard against the shortage of such workers.

The range of training and development opportunities made available by Knaus Tabbert makes it an attractive regional employer in each of its locations. Armed with these offers, the company also actively promotes itself to target groups by participating in training and university fairs. Similarly, Knaus Tabbert offers its own technology programme for children as well as guided tours of the plant for school groups in order to give young people an insight into company practice.

Our goals

Health and safety

Knaus Tabbert strives to create a safe working environment that protects and promotes the health and well‐being of its employees. The company ensures a level of occupational health and safety that goes beyond the minimum legal standards, by means of guidelines and measures specified in its Quality and Occupational Health and Safety Policy. 

Holistic healthcare policy

Knaus Tabbert AG’s Health and Safety Policy is guided by the relevant legislation, regulations and other guidelines relating to occupational health and safety. On this basis, Knaus Tabbert has introduced various programmes and guidelines to provide employees with a safe working environment and to minimise health risks.

Employee training and professional development

The company strives to develop the skills and competencies of its employees and to expand training and professional development on an ongoing basis. Lifelong learning is an inherent part of daily working life at Knaus Tabbert. By offering numerous opportunities for development, the company continuously invests in the performance and employability of its approximately 4,000 colleagues. 

Equal opportunities and social responsibility

We are committed to treating all of our employees without discrimination and to providing them with equal opportunities, irrespective of origin, age, disability, gender or religious affiliation. With employees drawn from 44 nations, young talents of all ages and different nationalities, the company relies on a broad employee base as a decisive factor for success in times marked by a shortage of skilled labour.

Attracting women as employees and managers

Knaus Tabbert believes that diversity also means filling management positions with a balanced ratio of women to men. In September 2020, the Management Board therefore set a target of 33% for the proportion of women in the first management level of Knaus Tabbert AG below the Management Board and 22% for women in the second management level below the Management Board.