We provide answers to the most important questions about our service.

Our service FAQs

Time and again we receive questions about our services and offers. So that you can get answers quickly without having to write a time‐consuming email, we have listed the most frequently asked questions here. If our comprehensive answers do not provide you with the help you need, or if you have a question that is not listed here, then please contact us.

Where can I get spare parts?

Spare parts for your vehicle can only be ordered from authorised dealers. You will need your chassis number when ordering. Afterwards, your order will be forwarded to a business partner. There you can have the part installed in the vehicle or simply take the part with you.

Aside from purchasing through a dealer, is there also a factory outlet?

We only work with selected specialised companies. Our business partners can best advise you with their expertise. They will not only offer you repair and maintenance services but also other products, such as awnings. Buying directly from the manufacturer is not possible.

Whom can I contact in the event of complaints and warranty claims?

In the event of warranty claims or complaints, contact your specialist dealer, stating the chassis number, and have the matter recorded there. Your specialised dealer will then contact our team immediately and clarify everything else for you.

Where can I get operating instructions, technical data or drawings?

All technical drawings as well as electrical installation plans of our vehicles are available to our dealers. Please contact your trade partner, he or she will be happy to help you. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we cannot pass on any documents of this kind to end customers. For your own safety, please only have modifications to your vehicle carried out by an authorised dealer.

You can now also obtain operating instructions digitally. With the Knaus Tabbert SmartCI app and your chassis number, the operating instructions can also be downloaded to your smartphone.

iOS App Store

Google Play Store

(Please note: In the app, manuals are only stored in full from model year 2018. For vehicles from older model years, you are welcome to contact us by e‐mail, stating the chassis number).

Where can I get promotional material?

Here you can find our online shop shop.knaustabbert.de or contact our retail trading partners, where you can buy the products.

Where can I get a bluuwater water filter?

Are you already a customer and would like to reorder a filter cartridge? Spare parts are distributed through our dealerships. You can reorder replacement filters there at any time.