Knaus Tabbert as an employer

Knaus Tabbert is not only one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles in Europe, but also a top-notch employer.

For us, people are our greatest resource. Therefore, we focus intently on creating a good workplace environment and maintaining a positive and target‐oriented collaboration. As different as our models are, that is how diverse the opportunities and tasks are that await you here. Highly engaged and motivated employees with new ideas have the best opportunities to fulfil their career dreams.

We offer lots of exciting tasks and challenges for young professionals, for students and for technical specialists and managers. Start your professional future in one of the most beautiful and interesting industries of all: the travel and leisure industry.

About 4,000 colleagues will be waiting to welcome you to a workplace environment that is defined by mutual trust and a respectful treatment of one another. This way, you can fully incorporate your abilities in the team and develop these further.

What we offer

So that you will feel at home from the very first day, we have made major investments in our locations. All four plants meet the latest technological standards and we are continuously expanding and improving them. This has led to the construction of new manufacturing lines, modern offices, as well as our own research and development centre.

Aside from our pleasant workplace atmosphere, we also offer you an excellent benefit package that includes a company pension, health insurance and in‐house canteen. Beyond this, you will also benefit from the diverse shopping possibilities and a comprehensive benefits portal.

Innovative industry

Working in a diverse, attractive area of responsibility with exciting products in an industry with an exciting future.

Knowledge and training

Targeted training possibilities and career prospects.

One family

Collegial cooperation and a modern working environment translates into fun at work.

Secure basis

Collective wage agreement (IG Metall).

Benefits portal

We would like our employees to benefit from their excellent work by providing them with many advantages. That’s why we are proud to introduce our new Employee Portal. In your new world of benefits, you will receive all the additional services that we have already made available to you on a single platform, supplemented with many other attractive benefits.

Beginning now, you have a purchasing advantage portal in which you benefit with significant price discounts on the purchases of vehicles, accessories and technology. You can get more competitive rates on your insurance and aside from receiving helpful tips and information in the areas of health and family, mobility, and catering, you can also read training plans and our employee newsletter online.

Knaus Tabbert Insights

Selina, Carpenter

“I began working in carpentry because it allows me to use my hands to create something of my own, and I really have a lot of fun with it. When I look inside the vehicle and see what I’ve assembled, that is a pretty cool feeling!”

Tobias, Gas and Water Installation Technician

“At Knaus Tabbert, teamwork and craftsmanship are supported. Every employee also has a great variety of professional activities, thanks to the many different vehicle models. That is why I really enjoy working at Knaus Tabbert.”

Julian, Electronics Technician

“Our world is connected by electronics – and electricity is required everywhere. It is extremely interesting to see how everything functions. And it is also a small visual achievement. I enjoy seeing what I have built.”

Jens, Mechatronic Technician

“We create the basis upon which the motorhome functions. And I help ensure that everything runs smoothly. That makes things interesting and you always have a different job. The team spirit and the workplace environment are excellent!”

Burkhard, Machine and Plant Operator

“I have to work with all my senses, and even have to use my hearing. If a machine doesn’t sound right, I have to react quickly. Our team is pretty well‐mixed – young and old – but we work well together. We can only accomplish things if we work together as a cohesive unit!”

Contact data

Human Resources Department contact person
Juliane Wagner
Head of Human Resources – Group
+49 (0) 8583 21-273
Human Resources Department contact person
Johannes Haidn
Executive Head of Human Resources – Group
+49 (0) 8583 21-274