The timeless classic


The timeless classic

T@B, the caravan with a striking silhouette in a modern retro design, is a true head‐turner and has long enjoyed an iconic status. Despite its compact form, it has a surprisingly spacious interior and features intelligent details.

The slimmed‐down model range, which features two basic forms T@B 320 and T@B 400, symbolises the clear direction of the brand.



This is how nice a motorhome can be. The T@B family models unite the modern retro design with high functionality in the smallest space. Various design and equipment lines ensure additional individuality. We complete our unique vehicle line with an off‐road T@B and a particularly spacious T@B.



Premium quality

For T@B, it’s no longer just the exterior values that count – the quality is also on point. International trade journals therefore regularly award prizes for both its form and function.

Award-winning products
Caravan of the year

3. place (T@B 320/400)

Lightweight Leisure Trailer Awards

T@B 320