Sustainable growth in a dynamic environment.

Diversity, reliability and flexibility

Knaus Tabbert is among the leading manufacturers of motorhomes, caravans, camper vans and CUV in Europe. Our company offers a broad portfolio of leisure time vehicles – from compact entry‐level models to top‐of‐the‐line luxury vehicles.

In order to continue growing, we rely on our strong brands, our international presence, the close contact to our network of dealers, and our flexible production network.

Strong brands

Knaus Tabbert appeals to all age groups, whether on a tight budget or a bigger budget. We have a balanced portfolio of brands that appeal to different audiences: the lifestyle customer, the nature lover, the city traveller, the camping novice, the permanent caravan user or those who want to experience luxury holidays on the road.

International presence

Knaus Tabbert is at home in numerous countries, but especially in Europe. From our core market Germany, we are continuously strengthening our European presence.

We are also well‐represented in France, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands. Recreational vehicles by Knaus Tabbert are also sold in Australia, China and South Korea.

Long-term partnerships

Knaus Tabbert maintains long‐term and reliable partnerships with approximately 450 dealers in 25 European nations and beyond. Its broad portfolio and the consistently high product quality makes us attractive to dealers.

Reciprocally, our local partners provide us with many valuable customer insights. In this way, we know the needs of our customers and can respond quickly.

Flexible production

Our modern and efficient production network represents a very high level of flexibility. In this way, we are able to manufacture motorhomes, caravans, camper vans and CUV in succession on an in‐line production line. We almost exclusively build to order.