Our innovations – future‐oriented & pioneering

Our vision: to make travelling safer, more independent and easier in the future. Because innovative ideas are the cornerstone of Knaus Tabbert AG’s success story, we pool our know‐how with the aim of designing the leisure vehicle of tomorrow.


The revolutionary TOURER CUV

Combining the best of both worlds: the Urban Class and the compact semi‐integrated or panel van. KNAUS presents a „game changer‟ and establishes a new vehicle category with the TOURER CUV based on the VW T6.1. CUV stands for Caravaning Utility Vehicle. Its key features are its compact dimensions while driving, space for a comfortable seating area, a fully functional bathroom and great headroom in camping mode.


E.POWER DRIVE - innovations by Tabbert and HWA

Innovation by Knaus Tabbert and HWA: electric vehicles are gaining ground in daily traffic, and not just for environmental reasons. Many customers want the mobility of the future to be both modern and clean. The enthusiasm for electric types of transport is therefore growing: electric bikes, scooters and cars are becoming increasingly popular. Their advantages: locally emission‐free and largely noise‐free driving, full torque from the first revolution, no restrictions when entering environmental zones. In addition, using state‐of‐the‐art and environmentally friendly technology gives drivers a clear conscience.

The first electric motorhome from Knaus Tabbert – our E.POWER DRIVE study.



Our innovative KNAUS FoldXpand rear design combines two seemingly contradictory characteristics of a motorhome: maximum interior space with compact exterior dimensions. Thanks to unique folding lamella technology and a completely new type of rear light carrier, the rear section is transformed into a harmonious, level surface. This has resulted in a revolutionary concept that is completely new in motorhome construction, maximizing living space by just under 10 cm on the inside without taking up a single millimetre more space on the outside.


Dyonic chassis

Best dynamic + innovative bionic = dyonic. Our dyonic chassis was developed to create an optimal base for our caravans. The result is a chassis that is particularly light, durable and resilient. The use of high‐strength steel with bionically optimised recesses reduces material consumption, while at the same time improving statics and shock absorption. This means we can produce the dyonic chassis even more sustainably and with minimal impact on the environment.


TABBERT CELLINI – the first caravan with voice control

Another innovation was launched on the market in model year 2020 in the shape of integrated voice control for the TABBERT CELLINI. Among other things, the lighting, heating and air conditioning can be controlled acoustically. This is made possible by a computer operated via a web interface. When augmented by your wi‐fi hotspot, well‐known voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Co. can also be used. This way, you can check the fresh water status in the tank and other technical details simply by voice control. This is how SmartHome takes to the road.


SmartCI App

The smartCI app will add a touch more enjoyment and comfort to your vacation in a flash. Since 2018, it has been a digital companion when on the road in a motorhome or caravan. Using the smartCI app, you can now access useful vehicle information, service addresses and the finest pitches and campsites, all on your smartphone. The practical search function can be used to find contacts and overnight accommodation at any time, even when you are on the move. The smartCI app is available for free download for Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

LFI front-end hoods for fully integrated motorhomes

In order to ensure a consistently high level of quality, even in the case of high production volumes, we use LFI (Long Fibre Injection technology) front‐end hoods for fully integrated motorhomes. Compared to glass‐reinforced plastic (GRP),  LFI production also offers enormous potential for lightweight construction. Thanks to the Class A surface, which does not require any tooling, we also achieve cost benefits as there is no need for any additional paintwork.


New camper van overall concept

A sophisticated air‐conditioning and heating concept, combined with thermal insulation, thermal bridge‐free windows and intelligent floor design, ensures the highest level of living and travelling comfort. The new generation of camper vans impresses with its unique spatial efficiency. The floating dinette table, for example, offers maximum legroom. At the rear, sleeping and storage space create a unique symbiosis that is not only practical but also extremely comfortable.


SUN I and SUN TI with raised floor

The SUN TI and SUN I models have been equipped with an insulating raised floor since the 2015 model year. The floor of these motorhomes is pleasantly warm. The entire supply technology, pipes, storage compartments and water and wastewater tanks are integrated into the raised floor. This has the advantage that the whole installation is particularly frost‐proof and is convenient to maintain via openings in the floor. 


Motorhomes with bathroom area

The development of our innovative bathroom area in which the washbasin and toilet are spatially separated from the shower, was a further step in improving the interior design concept. Closing the door to the living quarters creates a large full‐length bathroom. The separate shower cabin in the bathroom area is particularly roomy. The door to the washroom and toilet also serves to separate this area from the living quarters, making for a particularly spacious bathroom if required. And thanks to the rotating toilet, there is plenty of legroom.


KNAUS Service module / WEINSBERG Easy-Travel Box

The Easy‐Travel‐Box from WEINSBERG and the service module from KNAUS with a lockable exterior hatch provide easy access to all the important connections. Whether it is a question of filling the water tank, connecting the power supply or draining the fresh water pipeline, usually connected to the bluuwater water filter: every important service connection can be accessed quickly and conveniently.

We stand for innovative design and reliable function. Our vehicles are also awarded for this.

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