We see us as a driving force of an entire industry – and have been for over 80 years.

Knaus Tabbert reflects on more than 80 years of its history. This makes the company one of the pioneers in the motorhome and caravanning industry. The success of Knaus Tabbert is based on the entrepreneurial spirit and inventiveness of its founders, Helmut Knaus Senior and Alfred Tabbert. Recreational vehicles by Knaus Tabbert represent freedom, individuality and comfort at the highest level. This promise has not changed since the company’s founding.

In the Baden‐Württemberg town of Weinsberg, the „Karosseriewerke Weinsberg‟ founded by Gustav Alt and Wilhelm Schuhmacher begins operations.

Foundation of TABBERT as a body construction plant in Schweinfurt.

The caravanning pioneer Alfred Tabbert, who at the time was 45, manufactures the first camper vans for the TABBERT brand with 120 employees.

The first TABBERT camper vans enter series production; in the early 1960s, the first awnings are manufactured.

Alfred Tabbert founds the TABBERT Wohnwagen GmbH. From this point forward, innovative, high‐quality camper vans are built at the Mottgers location.

The success story begins. Helmut Knaus founds KNAUS in the Franconian town of Marktbreit, near Würzburg.

Production of the first KNAUS caravan; the „Schwalbennest‟ is presented to the public for the first time.

The KNAUS SÜDWIND and KNAUS MONSUN are introduced in 1962 for the first time at the trade fair in Essen.

The first WEINSBERG motorhome is introduced to wonderful world of holidays: on the basis of the Fiat 238, a camper van is created that will change the brand’s profile and the travel habits of countless Germans. Over the next few years, „WEINSBERG – mobile with profile‟ establishes itself in the international camping market.

Within 12 months, a new motorhome plant is established in Jandelsbrunn. This is where the white KNAUS Jets are manufactured.

By 1965, the TABBERT product range has already grown to 14 vehicles. Beginning in Mottgers, „Kurfüst‟, „Exzellenz‟, „Comtesse‟ and „Gouverneur‟ capture the country until, in 1971, Alfred Tabbert climbs to the top of the German caravan manufacturers. On 31 October 1973, Alfred Tabbert dies of a heart attack while working.

The reward for his courage and his pioneering spirit. Helmut Knaus is awarded the Federal Cross of Merit („Bundesverdienstkreuz‟).

With the – at the time brand new – Fiat Ducato, WEINSBERG cements its model strategy: the alcove „Meteor‟, the partially integrated „Imperiale‟ and the camping bus „Cosmos‟ define the demanding camping landscape.

The TIAG‐TABBERT Industrie AG is the successor of the TABBERT Caravan GmbH, which also includes the FFB and CI Wilk Bad Kreuznach GmbH.

The KNAUS TRAVELLER becomes the first KNAUS motorhome and is immediately voted „Motorhome of the Year‟ by Promobil magazine.

The motorhome segment of Karosseriewerke Weinsberg is moved to Tabbert Industrie AG in Mottgers. The production of the „Cosmos‟ model range is discontinued. It is replaced by the luxurious and fully‐integrated „Komet‟. Opening of the TABBERT factory in Nagyoroszi (Hungary).

Start of cooperation between KNAUS and TABBERT until their fusion in 2001.

Foundation of the T@B brand and introduction of the T@B 320 at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf in 2001. The cult caravan soon established itself in the industry.

Foundation of Knaus Tabbert Group GmbH.

The 250,000th TABBERT Caravan is manufactured, of course based on the tried‐and‐tested TABBERT Premium concept. In subsequent years, many of the models are awarded prizes. Apart from Germany, about 20 countries are provided with caravans, motorhomes and recreational busses „made by Knaus Tabbert‟.

With the fusion of KNAUS and TABBERT, WEINSBERG didn’t just find itself under new ownership: the brand was given a unique paintjob.

With its large panorama roof, the KNAUS SUN TI becomes the model that defines an entire vehicle category.

The T@B set the world record for being the world’s fastest trailer (tandem) while attached to a Porsche Cayenne and reaching a speed of 230.97 km/h.

World première of the new American‐style T@B XL tandem‐axle model.

The TABBERT PAGANINI sets standards in motorhome construction and becomes the design leader of a new generation of motorhomes.

WEINSBERG with a new focus: with an excellent price‐performance ratio and uncomplicated handling, the company does not just connect with its own virtues of the 1970s, the company also connects with a younger customer base who are just now rediscovering camping.

With the spectacular ’LEV’ (Light Expedition Vehicle) all‐wheel‐drive alcove, WEINSBERG is gaining an impressive flagship as an off‐road specialist.

Takeover of Knaus Tabbert by HTP Investments.

Foundation of MORELO Reisemobile GmbH in the Upper Franconian Schlüsselfeld; in 2011, HTP Investments becomes a co‐shareholder.

The KNAUS SKY I rings in a new generation of integrated motorhomes and thrills in terms of function and design.

Presentation of T@B White at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.

In 2013, the TABBERT brand celebrates its 60th birthday. On this occasion, the company awarded the „CTJ Milestone 2013‟ for special merits around the support and further development of caravanning and camping tourism. At the end of September, the comprehensive modernisation of the caravan production facility in Mottgers is completed. The renovation costs totalled €6 million. Since then, a 230‐meter‐long conveyor chain is used to assemble premium TABBERT brand motorhomes.

After a few years without a liner, the company returns to the luxury vehicle market with the KNAUS SUN I.

Three T@B models – T@B 320 RS, T@B 320 Off Road and T@B L 400 TD – in the Mexican Sunset and Metropolis designs came onto the market. Also this year, the cult caravan was reconstructed using Lego blocks, which subsequently also set a new Guinness World Record.

With the KNAUS TRAVELINO, the company takes a big step into an innovative future: The first ultralight caravan on a FibreFrame basis.

Launch of the hire brand RENT AND TRAVEL, with 74 rental stations across Germany. RENT AND TRAVEL has offered motorhomes for rent – in cooperation with BEST Reisen, independent travel agencies and more than 350 rental partners – since May 2017.

Complete integration of MORELO Reisemobile GmbH into the umbrella brand Knaus Tabbert.

With a new front design and a diverse model range, WEINSBERG is finally back on the road to success. Its numerous innovations, such as the CaraKids package or the sensationally successful special model CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER], pave the way into a colourful and exciting camping future.

The cartoon character T@BMAN was created, and made his first trade fair appearances as a walking act.

KNAUS cooperates with VW and MAN.

Tabbert is on the market with seven different motorhome series (ROSSINI, DA VINCI, PEP, VIVALDI, PUCCINI as well as CELLINI and CELLINI Slide‐Out) and currently fulfils customers’ demands throughout Europe.

RENT AND TRAVEL has a nationwide presence in Germany. The cooperation has over 160 rental stations and more than 1,900 vehicles for hire.

RENT AND TRAVEL is an international service, and will be available in Sweden and Italy from January 2019.

With the CaraCore WEINSBERG launches the first fully integrated motorhome.

WEINSBERG goes for e‐mobility! With the CaraCito, WEINSBERG is launching the world’s first consistently electric caravan.

Maximum living space with compact exterior dimensions: With the revolutionary FoldXpand rear design, the rear wall forms a completely flat surface with the rear light carrier. This allows us to maximise the interior space while maintaining the same exterior dimensions, or to make the vehicle more compact with the same living space.

Knaus Tabbert launches its own chassis on the market, which is lighter, more durable and more resilient. The Dyonic chassis is first used in the WEINSBERG caravan models and stands for mature technology and 100% Knaus Tabbert quality.

Setting off into a new dimension! The TOURER CUV combines the best of two worlds in a new vehicle class. Manoeuvrable like the Urban‐Class, space for 4 like a large TI: this flexibility is revolutionary!

The FibreFrame revolutionises the construction of our caravans. Plastic elements bonded into a self‐supporting frame carry the entire body and allow for flexible layout design. The frame can also heal small scratches or damage (without material removal) on the surface itself.

The KNAUS YASEO - finally a caravan for e‐Mobility. An innovative vehicle that sets new standards in the caravanning industry. It offers campers the opportunity to camp comfortably and sustainably, even with electric vehicles.