Compliance at the Knaus Tabbert Group

At the Knaus Tabbert Group corporate culture is characterised by clear responsibility, mutual respect, integrity, appreciation and trust. Observing and complying with statutory and legal obligations has always been the prime necessity at our company and the basis for Knaus Tabbert’s fundamental values. This is a permanent element of our corporate culture and forms the basis for the trust that customers, shareholders, business partners and the public place in us.

Our primary goal consists of avoiding risks that jeopardise the trust of customers, shareholders, business partners and the public placed in the Knaus Tabbert Group. To that end we have put in place a Compliance Management System by way of which instruments and employees are geared towards providing support for legal risks.

In our corporate culture we attach prime importance to transparency, openness and compliance.

“Integrity means doing the right thing by setting fundamental values as a benchmark and then applying this in practice. Only then can success be achieved on a lasting basis.”

Wolfgang Speck – CEO of Knaus Tabbert AG
This guiding principle applies to the entire management board of Knaus Tabbert AG

Wolfgang Speck (CEO), Carolin Schürmann (CFO), Gerd Adamietzki (CSO), Werner Vaterl (COO)

Knaus Tabbert Group Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct deals, in particular, with observance of the applicable legal requirements. The Knaus Tabbert Group adopts all necessary measures to ensure that its executive bodies, executives and employees act lawfully (legal compliance).

Acting Responsibly, Lawfully and with Integrity

Group‐Wide Compliance Network / Compliance Organisation

The Knaus Tabbert Group has put in place Group‐wide compliance organisation to inform employees about possible legal risks and support them in complying with local and international legal regulations. The entirety of these measures is referred to as compliance management.

Group‐wide Compliance Organisation

Knaus Tabbert Compliance Committee

The Knaus Tabbert Compliance Committee is made up of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Group General Counsel, and is the highest instance of the compliance organisation at the Knaus Tabbert Group.


It controls and monitors the activities required to avoid legal violations and reports regularly to the full Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Knaus Tabbert AG in respect of all compliance‐relevant issues in the Knaus Tabbert Group.

Group‐Wide Internal Compliance Network

With regard to the compliance organisation at the KNAUS TABBERT Group, particular importance is attached to the specialist executives as well as the division and department heads who form a Group‐wide network of compliance officers. In this function they set the tone for implementing compliance requirements in their area of responsibility and report directly to the KNAUS TABBERT Compliance Committee via uniform and centrally controlled compliance software.


This network is further flanked by the so‐called ’Ad‐Hoc Committee’ and the ’Disclosure Committee’, which are essentially made up of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Group General Counsel and the Head of Investor Relations.

Whistle‐Blowing System

To avoid legal risks, all employees can direct their questions to their managers and to the responsible specialist divisions of the Knaus Tabbert Group, in particular the Legal Department, Group Auditing and Group Security.

To support this the Knaus Tabbert Group Compliance Contact has been set up as a further contact point for employees, customers, suppliers and other external persons in respect of matters relevant to compliance. The same applies if weaknesses or other circumstances are noticed that could lead to legal violations. On request this can also be communicated anonymously. The Knaus Tabbert Group assures whistle‐blowers that it will not take any steps to identify the whistle‐blower in the event of anonymous reporting. This does not apply to misuse of the Knaus Tabbert Group Compliance Contact. 

The Knaus Tabbert Group Compliance Contact is available in German and English and can be accessed via the following channels:


Reporting Platform

* Notice: Additional contact persons are available in the case of other comments and questions directed to the Knaus Tabbert Group. You can establish contact with the respective divisions via the Contact Form.