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"Caravan and Motorhome of the Year 2022"

KNAUSpublished at 17.01.2022 at 13:45
Three proud award winners

The CaraHome from WEINSBERG and the VAN TI from KNAUS won the categories "alcove motorhomes up to 55,000 euros" and "semi-integrated up to 60,000 euros" respectively. In the caravan category, the WEINSBERG CaraOne achieved first place in the "entry-level class". (Photos: Knaus Tabbert AG)

First places for KNAUS and WEINSBERG - numerous other awards

Jandelsbrunn. Right at the beginning of the year, Knaus Tabbert AG has several reasons to celebrate: In the readers’ choice „Caravan of the Year‟ and „Motorhome of the Year‟ 2022 of the magazines CARAVANING and promobil, the vehicles of KNAUS, WEINSBERG and TABBERT received eight awards, including three first places.

Already in 2020, it fully convinced (in 2021, there was no readers’ choice due to Corona) – and in 2022, it even rises by one place: In the category „alcove motorhomes up to 55,000 Euros‟, the WEINSBERG CaraHome reaches the first place.

The KNAUS VAN TI is also right at the top of the winner’s podium: promobil readers voted it into first place among the „semi‐integrated motorhomes up to 60,000 Euros‟.

Defending their title from 2020 in the category „Integrated up to 80,000 Euros‟ are the WEINSBERG CaraCore in an excellent second place and the KNAUS VAN I with a strong third place.

In the caravan category, the WEINSBERG CaraOne won first place in the „entry‐level‟ category.

Still brand new in the KNAUS caravan portfolio is the SPORT E.POWER SELECTION, which immediately takes a strong second place in the „Lower Medium Class‟.

The TABBERT DA VINCI continues its success from 2020 and achieves the remarkable third place in the category „Upper Medium Class‟. In addition, CARAVANING readers also voted the ROSSINI / ROSSINI FINEST EDITION into a very good third place in the „Middle Class‟.

Knaus Tabbert CSO Gerd Adamietzki comments: „Our whole team is delighted about the enthusiasm of the readers for our vehicles. Many thanks for this excellent start to the year!

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