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Vision in Motion: Knaus Tabbert presents the new products for 2025 in Bad Griesbach

KNAUS TABBERT AGpublished at 12.06.2024 at 11:00

Knaus Tabbert annual press conference: Vision in Motion

Jandelsbrunn. The KNAUS, WEINSBERG, TABBERT and T@B brands have introduced impressive, distinctive vehicles for 2025 under the banner of „Vision in Motion‟ at the annual press conference, which traditionally takes place in June. Knaus Tabbert introduced two new imposing and new model ranges that will be future stars – the KNAUS CASCAN and the WEINSBERG X‐PEDITION – two exceptional camper vans celebrating a world première in Bad Griesbach that satisfy the most demanding clientèle.

The Vision in Motion slogan reflects the rapid speed of innovation that sets Knaus Tabbert apart as one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles in Europe. Knaus Tabbert is convinced of the inexhaustible power of innovation, of new ideas, fascinating design and intelligent technologies in an industry that often focuses on what is tried and tested. As the industry leader, Knaus Tabbert focuses on agility, surprises and distinctive appearances – such as the completely redesigned KNAUS CASCAN and WEINSBERG X‐PEDITION ranges certainly demonstrate. Both the KNAUS CASCAN and the WEINSBERG X‐PEDITION are built on the new Mercedes‐Benz Sprinter, which is a highly‐regarded basic vehicle combining technological progress with the flair of a car. The striking and extremely different characters of both new products reflect the intense development work carried out by Knaus Tabbert’s team of engineers, developers and designers. It is surprising how KNAUS and WEINSBERG completely reinterpret the Sprinter as a basic vehicle in very different ways. Both concepts are coherent yet appear – apart from the vehicle electronics – to be completely different from each other. However, this is not true from one perspective: Ultimately, both are defined by being a spectacularly long way away from the norm. This is precisely what the Vision in Motion slogan represents.

It also fits splendidly to a third innovation that only Knaus Tabbert can offer. In doing so, the company is the first major manufacturer of leisure vehicles to resolve an issue that is part of typical day‐to‐day caravanning but is certainly one of the least enjoyable activities – namely disposal of the toilet cassette. In the future, the waterless CLEANFLEX system provided by Knaus Tabbert uses weldable hygienic and odour‐proof films that can be easily and cleanly disposed of with domestic refuse. This saves on water, space and weight. Knaus Tabbert will offer the CLEANFLEX in all models where this is technologically possible from 2025 onwards.


  • CASCAN 690 LE: World première – the vehicle study presents a new, pioneering and extremely fascinating form of compact, mobile living.
  • VAN TI and VAN TI PLATINUM SELECTION on VW: These improved modules save weight thanks to their lightweight construction.
  • L!VE TI and L!VE TI PLATINUM SELECTION: Fresh colour & trim packages provide a surprise in the coming year. 
  • L!VE WAVE and L!VE WAVE PLATINUM SELECTION: With the 700 MEG and 700 LX, two floor plans are optimised all round.
  • BOXLIFE: All floor plans are available as the PLATINUM SELECTION performance model.
  • BOXLIFE PRO: Models benefit from the new EcoFlex bath and the optional CLEANFLEX toilet.
  • BOXDRIVE 680 ME: Individual seats are an option in the dinette. 
  • Camper vans: All vehicles have new hobs, sinks and optional air‐conditioning units. 
  • SPORT: A new design brings this successful range of caravans to the next level. 
  • KNAUS caravans: A new induction hob and an external LTE‐/WiFi antenna are now available as options.


  • X‐PEDITION 600 MQ: World première – the vehicle study of a new camper van is the ideal choice for real discoverers and adventurers. 
  • CaraBus and CaraTour on Fiat: Some floor plans in this series will benefit from an additional fifth seat in the future. 
  • CaraBus and CaraTour on Ford: A new shade in the driver’s cab improves the field of vision.
  • CUV: The models have new air‐conditioning units (extra), gas hobs and improved ventilation.
  • CaraOne EDITION [HOT]: Fans can look forward to more features ex works.
  • WEINSBERG caravans: Technical upgrades provide greater comfort in the upcoming year.


  • CAZADORA: A new series combining luxury with real life.
  • BELLINI 620 TD PROFI 2,5
  • PUCCINI 550 E 2,3

Innovative technologies (across all series)

  • CLEANFLEX: The new, waterless toilet model with the EcoFlex system is an option for all ranges except for those models with bench toilets.
  • OWN: Sporty, quality customisation for KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes
  • LTE‐ and WiFi antennas: This useful technology is available either optionally or as standard in many performance models.
  • Charging: Knaus Tabbert has improved the recharging of all on‐board batteries.
  • FIAT DUCATO: Stellantis offers a striking, new front design alongside technical updates.
  • VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER and MAN TGE: New products and improvements enhance the safety and appeal of both sister models.


Camper van world première: KNAUS CASCAN 690 LE

The new KNAUS CASCAN is more than just a highlight: This attractive model is unique and casts aside many prevailing conventions in the industry. It has a decidedly car‐like appearance, sporty and dynamic. Its unique design is not based on the usual designs found in the world of caravanning, but focuses on modern technology whilst satisfying the most stringent demands in design and elegance. 
It is no surprise that KNAUS has used the Mercedes‐Benz Sprinter as the basis for the CASCAN in its latest version. The 150 HP four‐cylinder engine is the basis of this range, however Knaus also offers the new CASCAN featuring a 190 HP engine and automatic transmission. The chassis of the four‐wheel drive CASCAN is 100mm higher for improved off‐road capability, which improves the ground clearance and allows for more adventures far away from the beaten path.

The CASCAN is even more surprising on the inside compared to the outside. It has a similar design approach to a modern, urban apartment in a major city. The furniture „flows‟ elegantly into the space, leaving the impression that everything is simply in place. The fittings in the kitchen and bathroom are in a striking and refined shade of black. Unusual open areas are clearly accented with striking lines, contrasts and tactile qualities. The unique lighting concept in the CASCAN sets it apart as well as its smart, intuitive ease of use. For all modern elegance within, the primary focus during development was always on ensuring the best possible functionality. The living area resembles a lounge and is also suitable as a child’s bed in addition to the single beds located in the rear.

The KNAUS CASCAN is also innovative in the bathroom. The standard CLEANFLEX toilet is hidden in a cupboard, ready for use whilst the washbasin is folded up against the wall, taking up no space. This makes showering in the KNAUS CASCAN pure enjoyment as literally nothing whatsoever gets in the way!

In summary, the new CASCAN from KNAUS is a successful and remarkable statement in the premium luxury sector for camper vans that satisfies even the most demanding clientèle. Furthermore, the customisation options of the study, provided by the OWN line, also play a part. In this case, the striking radiator grille and the dynamic front apron are particularly imposing.

KNAUS motorhomes


Thanks to its lightweight construction, the improved KNAUS VAN TI and the high performance KNAUS VAN TI PLATINUM SELECTION will both be approx. 40kg lighter. This is achieved with diesel heating across the range, meaning that only a five‐kilogram gas bottle (for the cooker) is needed in a smaller gas box. The new compressor refrigerator saves on weight, as does the lithium‐iron‐phosphate battery (Li‐Fe‐Po) and consistent application of lightweight construction principles for the interior. Despite the reduction in weight, the new base plate is thicker, meaning that insulation values are also higher. And the KNAUS VAN TI will be even more practical in the future: Travellers benefit from an exceptional level of headroom in bed whilst a retractable ladder also makes access easier after the bed conversion. On top of that, the exterior design also demonstrates refinement, thanks to its silver structural and garage door frame and anthracite attachments. KNAUS VAN TI VW PLATINUM SELECTION drivers will enjoy a better connection to mobile internet with improved WiFi. KNAUS provides, ex works, an external LTE‐/WiFi antenna.


The KNAUS L!VE TI and the KNAUS L!VE TI PLATINUM SELECTION performance model provide surprises for 2025 with its fresh colour & trim packages. The designers at KNAUS have raised the entire interior to a whole new level. Both the upholstery and the furniture surfaces, offset décor and floor surfaces promise a modern, highly contemporary interior experience. When it comes to the KNAUS L!VE TI, the PLATINUM SELECTION performance model comes with an external LTE‐/WiFi antenna ex works for optimal mobile WiFi.


The KNAUS L!VE WAVE and the KNAUS L!VE WAVE PLATINUM SELECTION performance model have been fully optimised prior to the next season. In addition, KNAUS has also optimised the popular 700 LX and 700 MEG basic layouts. The KNAUS engineers have squarely focused on a lightweight construction with these models: By switching it to diesel heating only a five‐kilogram gas bottle model is required for the cooker, along with a smaller gas box, compared to two eleven‐kilogram bottles. A conscious use of lightweight furniture design, a thicker (for better insulation) base and a lithium battery as standard also lower the weight. The interiors of this range benefit from new furniture finishes, offset décor and upholstery – and the floor surface is also new. As is the case in many other ranges, the KNAUS L!VE PLATINUM SELECTION performance model comes with an external LTE‐/WiFi antenna on board as standard.

KNAUS camper vans


All KNAUS BOXLIFE basic layouts are also available as the new „PLATINUM SELECTION‟ upon request. These performance models come with exclusive upholstery and customised decals as standard in addition to premium‐quality fittings.


The KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO benefits from the revolutionary EcoFlex bath with the exclusive CLEANFLEX toilet, exclusively developed for Knaus Tabbert. Fully revised fittings along with refined, elegant decals round off the harmonised appearance of this range. The new furniture surfaces are also striking, with enhanced colour & trims. Another benefit of the Pro series: This range will be equipped with diesel‐powered heating as standard in the new year. This makes the rear storage area even bigger and means no more fiddling around with large, heavy gas bottles.


The KNAUS BOXDRIVE 680 ME now has another option available: For an additional cost, the dinette can also be fitted with two comfortable, single AGUTI seats instead of a typical bench seat. This improves seating comfort for passengers at the back, particularly when driving.

All camper van models

All KNAUS camper vans come with new hobs and sinks as well as state‐of‐the‐art roof‐mounted air‐conditioning units.

KNAUS caravans


The tried and tested range of caravans also has some new features: The KNAUS SPORT blends the tradition of this popular range with modern, pioneering concepts. Along with a new exterior design – such as the unmistakeable KNAUS Cateye evolution II tail lights, which are smaller but brighter and feature fully LED technology – and a fully revised interior, the KNAUS Sport remains an incredibly appealing option. Revision of the new model represents a considerable improvement of all previous comparable designs. The KNAUS Sport is a proven indicator of quality in the range, as excellent sales over generations demonstrate its popularity and flexibility. In addition, thanks to the refinements made – it offers splendid value for money even in 2025.

For all caravans

In addition, all KNAUS caravans come with model updates such as new cookers (gas or induction),  the latest generation of roof‐mounted air‐conditioning units (optional) and external LTE/WiFi antennas that are available on request.


World premier: X-PEDITION 600 MQ study

When heading out into the big, wide world, reliable partners are necessary. The completely redesigned WEINSBERG X‐PEDITION 600 MQ vehicle study provides everything a globetrotter could wish for. It truly represents the claim it makes: Your Buddy for Everywhere.

Its powerful, robust appearance underlines its vehicle graphics, deliberately picking up on cargo elements, giving it a distinctive look. Four typical expedition colours are available. The new WEINSBERG also has a surprising gimmick that becomes apparent at night: A LED light strip highlights the contour of the rear side windows.

The durable Mercedes‐Benz Sprinter, with 150 HP and rear‐wheel drive, is a dependable, powerful and technologically sound foundation for the WEINSBERG X‐PEDITION. This impressive vehicle study has a confident appearance on massive 245/75 R 16 all‐terrain tyres. As you would expect, WEINSBERG also optionally offers the X‐PEDITION with an all‐wheel drive chassis, with a suspension lift of 100 millimetres. The interior of the X‐PEDITION demonstrates that going on expeditions doesn’t mean skimping on comfort. It provides clever, well‐thought out solutions in style. Distinctive, vertical wall panelling strips do not just lend the interior a clear, modern appearance, but they also provide effective noise insulation. Solid, streamlined furniture design with a distinctive combination of angular edges, brushed stainless steel perforated sheets and an ambitious lighting concept with ever‐changing LED colours set it apart. The combination of light, colours and shapes provides a mobile home that is ideal for long trips, providing space for up to four people – and comes with many practical solutions. For example, the table can also be used outdoors, and the backrest on the rear bed can be folded to act as a comfortable couch for reading or resting. The WEINSBERG offers plenty of space in the bathroom thanks to the new CLEANFLEX toilet. It is only taken out of its „hiding place‟ during use.

With the X‐PEDITION, WEINSBERG continues a chapter that started in 2008. 16 years ago, an off‐road caravan that used an all‐wheel Sprinter as its base was met with plenty of attention and applause. From now, the new WEINSBERG X‐PEDITION 600 MQ continues this story with many exciting and new anecdotes.

WEINSBERG camper vans

CaraBus and CaraTour on Fiat Ducato

Selected basic layouts of the WEINSBERG CaraBus and WEINSBERG CaraTour ranges based on the Fiat Ducato also have an additional fifth seat. This covers the 600MQ, 600 DQ, 600 MQH and 630 ME ranges. Furthermore, the WEINSBERG CaraBus based on Fiat comes as the EDITION [FIRE] performance model in the upcoming year.

CaraBus and CaraTour on Ford basis

A new shade in the driver’s cab improves the field of vision in the CaraBus and WEINSBERG CaraTour based on Ford.

Innovations for camper vans

All WEINSBERG camper vans come with new Dometic air‐conditioning units, new gas cookers and improved forced ventilation.

WEINSBERG caravans


WEINSBERG caravans have been technically updated. This applies to the switch to the latest generation of Dometic air‐conditioning units, whilst both the gas cookers and induction hobs are replaced with the latest models. A redesigned draw bar cover provides an improved appearance and function. There are also improvements in the interior. Redesigned upholstery instantly make accessing the fresh water tank easier. Light plastic crank supports and optional USB‐C charging sockets are also new features, and layouts with French beds can also be converted to a relaxation area. An optional mover is also a new feature on the equipment list.



TABBERT discontinues the DaVinci and introduces the brand new CAZADORA range. It is a gateway to an oasis in the truest sense of the word, in which luxury and comfort blend to make a truly incomparable atmosphere. The exterior’s curved contours, seamlessly flowing into the aerodynamic profile of the new caravan, are particularly eye‐catching. However, the CAZADORA is also impressive on paper, featuring a quality Dyonic chassis with high‐tensile steel mono axle, optimal shock absorption and anti‐sway coupling as well as an exclusive 48mm thick TABBERT roof, which provides exceptional sound and thermal insulation. The innovative FoldXpand rear means more space on the inside. When inside, the caravan features quality materials and stylish design in refined shades of grey and brown. Warm, dark wooden tones with occasional light accents and ambient lighting that is discreetly integrated into the furniture all set the scene, providing a luxurious atmosphere in the CAZADORA’s interior. The interior design reinforces this impression. Multiple layers of upholstery provide excellent comfort when sitting down and the robust leather combination are mixed to provide a true visual highlight. A wooden slatted frame in the sleeping area fits in perfectly with the EvoPore HRC mattress for particularly restful nights. The kitchen’s invisible signs of refinement provide a pleasant surprise.: Drawers come with a soft‐close function and can be fully removed so that all space is used. Furthermore, the CAZADORA comes with a robust HPL‐coated worktop and a quality three‐flame cooker with a sturdy cast grate and a deep sink.

With seven different floor plans, this new luxury series offers a wide range of users for all types of caravans and camper vans. It combines the carefully selected range of materials with warm wooden hues or hand‐produced wall panels with a unique photo wall that personalises the living space. The 460 E 2.3 is a compact solution, a marvel of space with low longitudinal beds and an innovative clothing and laundry cabinet – ideal for couples who prefer to travel in a smaller vehicle. The CAZADORA 490 TD 2.3 has a horseshoe seating arrangement at the back and a comfortable double bed above it, and those who prefer two single beds are best served with the 495 HE 2.3. The 550 E 2.3 model features an open line of sight along with a large horseshoe seating arrangement featuring multiple‐layered upholstery unique to the CAZADORA range for extra comfort for relaxation and enjoyment. The 550 DMK 2.5 is specially designed for families with small children as the comfortable bunk beds in the rear of the caravan are ideal for our smaller travellers to have a break. There is space for a total of five people in this floor plan. There is space for four in the 560 HTD 2.5 and it is equipped with an extended rear toilet room. Combined with the comfort shower and the expansive wardrobe, as well as the cleverly integrated angled kitchen, this model provides something for everyone. The star at the top of the CAZADORA range is the new floor layout of the 700 KD 2.5 with its well thought‐out features and luxurious fittings. These include: the open bathroom, a separate children’s room with seating area and a large angled kitchen with 177! Refrigerator and an extra horseshoe seating arrangement. It’s completely in accordance with the slogan: Where luxury meets life.


Premium Caravanning: The new BELLINI 620 TD PROFI 2.5 enters the market, setting new standards in all‐year camping. As is typical for BELLINI, this new model has striking contours and is full of practical features ensuring exceptional comfort, such as the large double bed in the rear as well as the elaborately produced and extended horseshoe seating arrangement. Also, the new 620 TD PROFI 2.5 features a genuine highlight with ambient lighting featuring adjustable reading spots along with a dimmable awning light strip. The new interior is almost revolutionary. It comes fitted with dark wooden décor and stylish handle‐less upper compartments, conveying a sense of state‐of‐the‐art fashion and elegance. A particular highlight is hidden in the caravan’s kitchen as the cooker disappears completely beneath a stylish worktop and only appears when it is actually needed. This innovative feature makes it possible to pull out the hob cover so that either a full storage area or a full kitchen with a two‐flame gas cooker and sink appears – nothing is spared in terms of luxury.


Now even lighter: In the case of the PUCCINI 550 E 2,3, the engineers at Knaus Tabbert made various improvements to the vehicle, including the use of new lightweight materials, saving up to 90kg in weight. The considerably lower weight makes it easier for the towing vehicle and also enables more load to be carried.


The BASIC 320, OFFROAD 320 and BASIC 400 have been improved further. The offset décor now rounds off the interior of the T@B with a leather look. In addition, the external flaps for water, electricity, gas etc. are provided with magnets and are therefore cleverly given a hold function. The flap no longer has to be held open, but remains open of its own accord thanks to integrated magnets.

Innovative technologies across brands

CLEANFLEX waterless toilet system

This exclusive and ingenious system saves on space and weight, makes disposal much more convenient whilst also ensuring far greater self‐sufficiency. The waterless CLEANFLEX toilet is based on a tried and tested system that Knaus Tabbert will provide in most vehicles within the 2025 range onwards. For technical reasons, this will not be provided in vehicles with bench toilets. This decision means that Knaus Tabbert is the first major manufacturer that is taking such a pioneering step forwards. As well as no longer being dependent on fresh water, the sustainability of the vehicle is another advantage: CLEANFLEX does not need any aggressive toilet‐cleaning chemicals, which always require approved supply stations due to the pollution they cause.

The CLEANFLEX system is based on a special endless film hose that conveniently leaves a hygienic, fresh toilet after each and every use. Every time the toilet is used, the system autonomously welds the film bag into position with a heated wire that is powered by a battery. The hose also readily handles organic waste, nappies or sanitary products. Any contents are then stored in a drawer for disposal with typical household waste without any smell whatsoever – it can remain there for several day without issues. CLEANFLEX is also characterised by its safety and its ease of use. Furthermore, the system requires minimal effort in terms of cleaning the toilet. An indicator always provides information about the supply of films left available. Replacement cartridges also do not take up much space.

Depending on requirements, the user can choose from three different types of film. Alongside hi‐tech films that are produced in several layers, there is also a version which can be composted and makes CLEANFLEX one of the most environmentally friendly solutions in its field.

There are several more benefits: As no flushing is required, the supply of fresh water on board can be used more expediently. Moreover, As there is no need for a fixed faeces cassette, the CLEANFLEX toilet can be easily assembled such that it can be moved into a niche when not in use. This looks great and also provides fresh scope for the functional design of the bathroom. The space that is gained does not just mean more room and greater scope within the basic floor plan, but also makes showering a much more comfortable experience. Also, the otherwise necessary flap on the outer wall of the vehicle is no longer required. The use of CLEANFLEX also means that there is no need for extraction to avoid irritating smells. In addition, the system is surprisingly light, weighing around eight kilograms.

Knaus Tabbert also offers the smart CLEANFLEX system in new models such as the KNAUS CASCAN and WEINSBERG X‐PEDITION. This pioneering solution will also be available as an option in other models at an extra cost.

OWN – Sportiness and customisation ex works

Those who prefer to head off to the camp site with a touch of luxury now have a new option to set themselves apart with a bit of style. The OWN line from Knaus Tabbert is an elegant and visually striking option for customising the vehicle. This is possible with both KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes. From an attractive „waterfall radiator grille‟ to a dynamic front apron and a powerful combination of tyres and rims, OWN makes KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes even more attractive.

External LTE- and WiFi antennas

Whether streaming news or favourite films, whether navigating foreign countries or indeed just for a spontaneous video conference: Fast, reliable internet is increasingly important when on the move. This is why Knaus Tabbert provides powerful LTE‐ and WiFi antennas as standard in many of its models. External assembly means it provides an ideal connection to the World Wide Web.

The VAN TI VANSATION, VAN TI VW VANSATION, L!VE TI PLATINUM SELECTION and L!VE WAVE PLATINUM SELECTION will all be equipped with this pioneering technology for the first time in the upcoming year. The antennas remain part of the fixtures in the VAN TI PLUS PLATINUM SLECTION, VAN WAVE VANSATION and the SKY TI PLATINUM SELECTION.

Advanced chargers

Knaus Tabbert is equipping all motorhomes with new chargers in 2025. These all come with a temperature sensor as standard, and also contain an optimised characteristic curve for charging up lithium batteries.

Upgrade to the Fiat Ducato

The new, stylish front design from Fiat lends a modern, fresh appearance to the Ducato. The front of this popular classic will adorn a new front bumper, supplemented with a striking elevated front grille that is the same colour as the vehicle. Moreover, the Fiat Ducato has a new aerodynamic kit with a central spoiler and improved airflow including the skid plate.

There are also changes for the upcoming year even in the powertrain area. All new 2.2 litre diesel motors comply with EURO standard 6e, whilst the 120 HP version with 320 Nm as an entry‐level model is restricted to camper vans that are six metres in length and with 15‐inch wheels. The other two performance levels remain part of the range: A medium version provides 140 HP and 350 Nm, whilst the top version has 180 HP and 450 Nm. Both are available with the new eight‐speed automatic transmission, where only the 120/140 HP versions act as the basis for the manual six‐speed transmission. Stellantis combines both the light and heavy‐duty 180 HP vehicles with automatic transmission.

All‐season tyres with the internationally recognised snowflake symbol are fitted to all versions as standard, and the same applies to a generally permitted total weight of 3.5 tonnes. Every model also has the option of being equipped with a 90‐litre diesel tank instead of the standard 60‐litre tank.


Thanks to a facelift, the new VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER and MAN TGE provide a noticeably better driving experience. Access to the vehicle is more convenient ever thanks to Keyless‐Go, whilst the new dashboard has a useful wireless charging pad for mobile phones, an advanced infotainment system with a 6.5 inch, centrally placed monitor, supplemented with an improved multifunction steering wheel. A digital speedometer makes the driver aware in a smart, versatile manner. An electric parking brake also makes day‐to‐day travel easier.

From now on, both the VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER and the MAN TGE will offer a considerably wider range of safety assistants on board. These include emergency braking or lane departure warning, tyre pressure check, traffic sign checks as well as distraction and drowsiness detection: The alertness and quick reaction of the new models provide support for the driver in all critical situations. Even the headlamp will switch on automatically – thanks to a dimming sensor – in the future.

From the outside, both derivatives have a new front bumper. Park assistants help both at the front and back as standard, and a camera in the rear helps with driving backwards in all motorhomes.

About the Knaus Tabbert AG

Knaus Tabbert AG is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in Jandelsbrunn, Germany. Its other locations can be found in Mottgers and Schlüsselfeld in Germany and in Nagyoroszi in Hungary.

The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2YN504) since September 2020. In the year 2023 it generated sales of 1.44 billion euros with its KNAUS, TABBERT, T@B, WEINSBERG, MORELO brands and the RENT AND TRAVEL rental service, had over 4000 employees and produced more than 30,000 leisure vehicles.


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