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Annual press conference 2021

KNAUS TABBERT AGpublished at 13.07.2021 at 12:15

New products for model year 2022

Düsseldorf/Jandelsbrunn. Under the slogan „New Horizons“, Knaus Tabbert presents the future of caravanning and the highlights of tomorrow at this year’s annual press conference.

The past year brought many challenges, but caravanning has proven its potential as a crisis‐proof form of holiday and has long since taken its place in the centre of society. This potential is also reflected in the economic success of Knaus Tabbert as a public limited company. During the first quarter of 2021, sales once again increased over the same quarter in the previous year.

As a driver of innovation, Knaus Tabbert AG is now taking the next decisive steps forward. Potent E.POWER and mobile ONE‐NIGHT‐STAND energy deliver electrifying performance in the truest sense of the word, opening up entirely new possibilities in the next stage of electric mobility. Thanks to innovative SUPERLIGHT technology for maximum weight savings, nothing stands in the way of even the most extensive family holiday packing list. The new Dyonic chassis is the result of innovation engineered by Knaus Tabbert. It is lighter, tougher and offers longer‐lasting optimum customer benefits.

Driven by the strength and determination to innovate, the highly‐qualified team at the sites in Jandelsbrunn, Mottgers, Schlüsselfeld and Nagyoroszi impresses yet again with revolutionary new developments for model year 2022 – bringing the future of caravanning within reach.

With this in mind, Knaus Tabbert AG is presenting the recreational vehicles of tomorrow at the annual press conference in Düsseldorf. The highlights of model year 2022 include:

New equipment options

  • Whether upside down, on their side or the right way up – your glasses will never slip ever again thanks to silwyREADY.
  • Velocate 2.0: temperature and gas level now also displayed in the app. Brighter, higher contrast, better – the new Pioneer navigation system with pitch radar.
  • ONE‐NIGHT STAND: „mobile“ electric power for a night in your caravan.
  • Other options: smart TVlithium‐ion battery and safety features.
  • Included as standard: perfectly hygienic water wherever you go – the new bluuwater water filter.
  • Even safer and even better equipped: the new series 8 Fiat Ducato.


  • Second to none: the L!VE I with its innovative FoldXPand rear, improved gas locker and new options.
  • The luxury liner from KNAUS is now also available as a four‐wheeler: the SUN I with a new, exclusive layout.
  • No compromises: the new VAN I combines sporty dynamics with a generous feeling of space.
  • Perfect all‐rounders and now true classics: SKY TI and SKY TI PLATINUM SELECTION with FoldXPand rear in a new dimension and unique new features.
  • Sporty yet amazingly spacious with state‐of‐the‐art assistance systems: VAN TI and VAN TI VANSATION now also on the MAN TGE.
  • More relaxed and safer caravanning holidays for you and your four‐legged friends: KNAUS is collaborating with Lucky Dog Camper.
  • The next level of electromobility – fully electric: SPORT and SÜDWIND featuring E.POWER.
  • Lighter, more innovative, more elegant and sportier with a new interior and exterior: the new SPORT.
  • Caravan icons that are full of character: SÜDWIND and SÜDWIND 60 YEARS boasting a new look.
  • CUV innovation: the BOXDRIVE with its new interior and innovative 600 XL raised‐roof layout combines driving safety with functionality.


  • Maximum weight saving, no more stressing about the payload – thanks to the revolutionary SUPERLIGHT technology of the CaraHome and CaraCore.
  • Style‐conscious trendsetter: the CaraCore with its improved gas locker and new options.
  • Incredibly spacious: the CaraHome with an expanded range of layouts.
  • Even more comfortable: improvements for the bathroom and gas locker on the CaraLoft and CaraSuite.
  • Fully electric: the CaraCito now features an induction hob and intelligent electric controls.
  • Lighter, tougher, more durable – the innovative Dyonic chassis for CaraOne and CaraCito.
  • Even better for the new model year: the CUVs from WEINSBERG feature numerous modifications and new options.


  • Modern, sporty, innovative: new and spacious family layout for the DA VINCI.
  • Exclusive to the UK: the PARIS featuring an improved range of layouts and a new interior.


  • Timeless classic – the iconic T@B is heading into the 2022 model year as a success.


  • Rent a vehicle, get in, and enjoy your holiday: now with more than 440 partner travel agents, 180 rental stations and 2,200 vehicles.
  • Always at hand: get a status overview on your vehicle booking, information on travel countries and emergency numbers – all on the RENT AND TRAVEL app.
  • Clever: use QR codes to find out important information and contact options for prospective renters and customers.

New options for all vehicles from Knaus Tabbert


Thanks to the new silwyREADY kit, which is available on request for all Knaus Tabbert vehicles, glasses and containers of all kinds remain securely in place, even while driving – whether upside down, on their side or the right way up. That’s because the self‐adhesive silwy pads are metallic, so silwy containers with a magnet in their base won’t rattle, slip or fall over. The silwyREADY kit can be ordered as an individual option or as part of a package (WEINSBERG Smart package, Plus package for KNAUS caravans, Series package for KNAUS motorhomes).  Special models, KNAUS SUN I and SCANDINAVIAN SELECTION, TABBERT CELLINI, DA VINCI, VIVALDI and PUCCINI even come silwyREADY as standard.

Vehicles equipped with silwyREADY have a metal mat in one of the kitchen wall cabinets as well as a metal strip, which can be positioned anywhere – it can even be attached to vertical and sloping surfaces. This means that silwy glasses can be hung upside down, for example, or at right angles to the wall. If you want, you can attach silwy pins or hooks to the strip instead, which can hold up to ten kilograms of weight. The silwyREADY package also includes a metal nanogel pad with a magnetic pin, which sticks to almost any surface and can be removed and repositioned time and time again without leaving any marks. You can attach notes and photos to this, for example. The metal nanogel coaster can be used anywhere. This also sticks to a wide variety of surfaces without leaving any marks and will keep your glass of wine safe and sound, even on the most wobbly of camping tables.

All sorts of silwyREADY accessories – from spice jars to cocktail glasses – can be found in the fan shop of Knaus Tabbert, as well as in the online shop of silwy.

Velocate upgrade package

The Velocate GPS tracker can now be upgraded with Bluetooth sensors, enabling you to check the internal temperature and gas level at any time in the corresponding app. There’s also a mobile motion sensor for the interior, which lets you know about uninvited guests when you’re not around – without bothering your camping neighbours with the sound of an alarm. The Velocate upgrade package is available on request for all motorhomes and caravans from KNAUSWEINSBERGT@B and TABBERT. To add even more smart features to vehicles, additional wireless sensors are available on the website.

New Pioneer navigation system

For the 2022 model year, the new Pioneer navigation system will be available as an option for all motorhomes – featuring a brighter and higher contrast 9“ multi‐touch display, improved viewing angle, 24‐bit colour depth as well as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity for iOS and Android smartphones. In addition, the pitch radar of the renowned trade magazine promobil is integrated in the navigation system. Combined with the head‐up display in the new Fiat Ducato 8, it now boasts an even greater range of features: if the smartphone’s navigation system is used, the head‐up display will also display these navigation instructions – a unique feature that isn’t yet even available in the automotive sector.


Spend a self‐sufficient night in your caravan – made possible by the ONE‐NIGHT STAND option. It can be ordered for the WEINSBERG CaraCito, as well as the KNAUS SPORT and SÜDWIND caravans, and provides you with enough POWER to operate the lights, water pump and compressor refrigerator for roughly one night and to be electrically self‐sufficient as a result (only for the lights and water pump in the case of vehicles with gas).  Of course, this mobile ONE‐NIGHT STAND energy – stored in a Power X‐Change battery from Einhell (4–6 Ah) – can be used flexibly and is much cheaper than a retrofit „mobile system“ with a large battery and charging technology. Depending on your use of the various appliances in the caravan, it can also be topped up with additional batteries. The Power X‐ Change battery is also charged while driving via the supply line from the towing vehicle and, thanks to the Power X‐Change system, it can also be used at home, e.g. for lots of Einhell gardening equipment or tools.

Other options

On request, all KNAUSWEINSBERG and TABBERT vehicles can be ordered with a smart TV – so they’re perfectly prepared for the future of television. That’s because linear television is becoming increasingly obsolete, while video‐on‐demand services are becoming more and more important. With a mobile hotspot, like the GigaCube from Vodafone ©, or Internet access at a campsite, you can stream series or films on the TV set. From the 2022 model year onwards, Knaus Tabbert will equip every vehicle ordered with a television with a smart TV to meet the video‐on‐demand trend. Powerful lithium‐ion batteries are available for all motorhomes and CUVs. New Fiat options – the Lane Departure Warning System, Care Drive and ACC ensure increased safety in all motorhomes.

Water filter from bluuwater as standard

Perfectly hygienic water wherever you go – the new bluuwater water filter removes almost all germs, bacteria and small particles (99.999%) from the water of Knaus Tabbert vehicles (comes as standard).  The replaceable filter cartridge with a highly efficient ultrafiltration membrane can be attached vertically or horizontally between the water tank and the tap in the pipe system. It has a filter capacity of up to 8,000 litres, and the remaining useful life can be checked at any time thanks to a time strip indicator in the vehicle. We recommend replacing the bluuwater cartridge after approximately six months. Thanks to the click‐and‐ ready quick attachment system, it can be replaced easily and without any drips.

Series 8 Fiat Ducato

Even safer and even better equipped: Fiat is switching to the new series 8 Ducato – and the motorhomes and CUVs from KNAUS and WEINSBERG will benefit from this too. The redesigned front section with full LED headlights, a revamped radiator grille and skid plate give the motorhomes a more striking appearance. The two new shades of grey, which complement the colour scheme of the chassis paintwork, match this perfectly. The interior of the cab has been enhanced, for example, by the digital instrument panel, the radio with a 5“ colour display, as well as the new door trim, which has four storage compartments and a bottle holder. If manual cab air conditioning is ordered, there’s also an inductive charging cradle for a smartphone. Together with cutting‐edge assistance systems, the redesigned gear stick, steering wheel and electric power steering ensure increased safety and an even more comfortable drive. The new, more powerful engine is also contributing to this. You can choose between a 6‐speed manual transmission or a 9‐speed automatic transmission.



The new model year brings new options for all KNAUS motorhomes: on request, the modular transport system e.hit is available with an increased load capacity (150 kg instead of 120 kg) and a new scooter platform. AGUTI PREMIUM seats are now installed in fully integrated models (standard in the SUN I, optional in the VAN I and L!VE I) – with integrated seat belt, seat belt tensioner and fastened seat belt detection, infinitely adjustable armrest, height/angle adjustment, 200 mm horizontal adjustment, backrest adjustment, rotating console, seat occupied recognition, as well as ventilation for the seat and backrest. On request, AGUTI EXCLUSIVE seats are also available for the three integrated models, which also feature air cushioning, angle adjustment, seat heating and two‐chamber lumbar support.

From the 2022 model year onwards, VAN IVAN TI and VAN TI VANSATION, as well as L!VE TI and L!VE WAVE can be ordered with central locking for the garage doors on request. For the VAN TI PLUS PLATINUM SELECTION, a Remis cab darkening system is available as an option for the side windows. The SKY WAVE is still available to order as a special 60 YEARS model.


The L!VE I will be even more exclusive for the new model year: it will feature the innovative FoldXPand rear – the three‐dimensional rear wall with flush‐fitted rear light moulding, which gives you a lot more room inside the vehicle, even though the exterior length remains the same. The gas locker is arranged lengthwise, so both gas bottles can be accommodated side by side and changed very easily. An outdoor shower is available on request. In addition, the Fiat seats with integrated seat belts (i.e. the seat belt is built into the seat) can now also be ordered with the same fabric covering as the living area.


In addition to the 900 LEG and 900 LX six‐wheeler layouts, the SUN I is now also available as a four‐wheeler: it’s heading into the 2022 model year with the new 700 LEG layout. Just like the 900 layouts, this one features an AL‐KO chassis with maximum lowering and Alde heating system as standard. In addition, the new layout boasts a GRP shower tray with real glass doors, a 32“ smart TV, a stylish glass display cabinet in the entrance area, as well as a large 177‐litre refrigerator in the kitchen. The seating area is arranged at an angle to give you plenty of room to move and to create an incredible feeling of space.


The compact, fully integrated VAN I is heading into the 2022 model year with two layouts, as well as a new exterior and interior design: the dynamic, sporty exterior featuring the new and distinctive KNAUS foil graphics in blue and grey, as well as the impressive front section, reflect the vehicle’s strong character. The standard, full LED headlights with their distinctive U‐shape accentuate the look of the vehicle and ensure you have a good view of the road, while being clearly visible to other road users too. The innovative FoldXPand rear with flush‐ fitted rear light moulding not only looks sporty and elegant, but also offers benefits for the interior design: in the 550 MF, there’s room for a double bed measuring two metres in length. In the 650 MEG, the angled arrangement of the furniture creates a great sense of space with plenty of room to move. The new and modern yet cosy interior is a sight to behold with light wood combined with warm, white surfaces for the cabinets and drawers. To coordinate with this, a choice of different upholstery finishes is available, including hard‐ wearing, active fabrics. On request, the Fiat seats with integrated seat belts are also available with the same fabric covering as the living area.


The SKY TI is one of the best‐selling vehicles in its class and has become a true classic. And it’s even heading into the new model year much improved: SKY TI and SKY TI PLATINUM SELECTION now also feature the innovative KNAUS FoldXPand rear. The upper section of the rear end is constructed using premium LFI technology and features an exclusive third brake light. The extra space this has created inside the vehicle has enabled the layouts to be improved: the angled arrangement of the seating area, as well as the kitchen and bathroom in the 650 MEG, ensures you have plenty of room to move. In the 650 MEG, this also creates space for an additional wardrobe, as well as a side seat at the front, which means an extra person can sit at the table. The 550 MEG, a compact yet spacious layout with single beds at the rear, is a new addition to the range of layouts. The kitchen in all of the layouts is equipped with a large 142‐litre refrigerator – instead of the previous 133‐litre one. An outdoor shower can be ordered as an option. The other layouts of the new SKY TI are the 650 MF, 700 MEG and 700 MX. Aside from the improvements made to the interior, the standard model and PLATINUM SELECTION also boast the new sporty and dynamic exterior graphics with carbon and brushed stainless steel‐effect accents.


The VAN TI PLUS has already proven that KNAUS and MAN make a great team. Dynamic, sporty, with state‐of‐the‐art assistance systems and impeccable driving comfort – these qualities are now being embraced by the VAN TI too: from the new model year onwards, it will also be available as the VAN TI MAN and the well‐equipped VAN TI MAN VANSATION on the MAN TGE chassis, both with the 640 MEG layout. At 6.89 metres, it’s ten centimetres shorter than the VAN TI PLUS 650 MEG, but just as large inside. This is possible thanks to the innovative FoldXPand rear, which creates more room inside the vehicle, despite the compact exterior dimensions. This means that there’s room for single beds on both sides measuring over two metres in length, which can be extended to create one large sleeping area, and there’s also room for a large seating area. Just like the kitchen and the bathroom with a bench toilet, this is arranged at an angle – as a result, perfect use is made of the space and it feels incredibly spacious with uninterrupted lines of sight. The MAN cab is seamlessly integrated into the living area. The spacious kitchen features a 142‐litre Thetford refrigerator as well as a fold‐out work surface extension. There’s also an extension for the table in the seating area that rotates out. The wardrobes underneath the single beds have plenty of room for all of your holiday clothes. On request, the new VAN TI MAN can also be ordered with an Alde heating system. For increased driving comfort and safety, it has two‐ channel pneumatic shock absorption on the rear axle as standard, which can be controlled from the cockpit.

KNAUS and Lucky Dog Camper

Many dog owners are campers, and many campers are dog owners – but what’s the best way to make a caravanning holiday with your four‐legged friend a success? Lucky Dog Camper has developed a safe transport option and a dedicated space for dogs in motorhomes – specially tailored to KNAUS motorhomes: a permanent, built‐in system featuring a sturdy and generous dog crate, which is available on request for selected vehicles (layouts with single beds). This system is safer than transporting dogs in mobile crates, using a safety harness or other compromise solutions. It also gives dogs their own place to sleep and feel safe – because camping holidays are just as exciting for our four‐ legged friends. The dog crate is located in the rear garage: one of the wardrobe doors underneath the single beds is replaced by a grille door, creating a link to the garage. There are grille doors behind the garage doors too. This means that the crate can be accessed from the inside and outside at all times. It’s equipped with an anti‐slip mat as well as locks on the doors, and is even suitable for several or large dogs. Despite being built in, there’s still space in the vehicle’s rear garage for camping furniture and other holiday gear. In addition to the transport crate, there’s also a drawer where dog leashes or toys can be stowed away, for example, as well as the LDC Leash System – an on‐leash option specially developed for KNAUS motorhomes, which is attached directly to the outside of the vehicle. The transport crate is installed by selected dealers and can also be retrofitted in older vehicles. More accessories for a relaxed camping holiday with your dog are available at ldc‐


The electric innovation: E.POWER

KNAUS is synonymous with innovation, the highest quality standards and state‐of‐the‐art technology – and this is particularly evident in the caravans for the 2022 model year: E.POWER is the next level of electromobility.

The idea: appeal to new and existing target groups with the perfect equipment: more than 80 percent of campers are seasonal campers, who mainly hit the roads between Easter and October. As this is the time when people prefer to go camping, it’s important for many of them that their vehicle is equipped with air conditioning. Newcomers to camping in particular often have problems with the complexity of the vehicle technology, and are afraid of touching the gas bottles and equipment. New, intuitive and low‐maintenance vehicle concepts, which don’t have any hidden maintenance costs, solve these problems in many respects. The lighter the caravan, the better – as even small towing vehicles will be able to get it moving. Rental companies and their customers also appreciate these benefits. For them, having a wide range of equipment at an attractive price is also a huge advantage.

The implementation: modern electrical appliances are extremely energy efficient and the perfect solution to meet the needs of seasonal campers, newcomers and rental companies alike. An induction hob is therefore intuitive to use and many campers will already be familiar with them from home. A combined heating and air conditioning unit with heat pump technology ensures that the temperature inside the vehicle is always pleasant in summer, spring or autumn. With a capacity of 98 or 150 litres (depending on the model),  an energy‐saving compressor refrigerator will keep everything you need for your holiday nice and fresh.

The result: offer the right vehicle for every type of camper. Unique in the industry, E.POWER is equipped with intelligent electronics with a choice of fuse protection (6 A/10 A/16 A), which controls and prioritises all the electrical appliances in the vehicle. Depending on the fuse protection that’s available at the campsite and which vehicle features are needed, the hob, lighting or heating/air conditioning etc. is prioritised – the smart control unit takes care of everything and adjusts the power distribution accordingly so that it doesn’t „blow“ the fuse at the campsite. Selected layouts of the SÜDWIND and SPORT are now available as fully electric E.POWER models (SÜDWIND 460 EU, 500 FU, 500 QDK; SPORT 400 LK, 400 QD, 420 QD, 450 FU, 460 EU, 500 EU, 500 FU, 500 KD, 500 QDK, 500 UF).  Adjusted for differences in equipment levels, these models are an impressive 50 kg lighter than the gas version. As a result, the ten electric SPORT layouts also feature an extensive range of special equipment: the SPORT E.POWER SELECTION has 17“ aluminium rims, side walls in smooth sheet metal, a support wheel with weight indicator, a mobile 25‐litre waste water tank, ambient lighting, extra 230 V and USB sockets, an insect screen door, a smoke detector, a bluuwater water filter, a rollable slatted frame for single beds, a COZY HOME package and much, much more. Needless to say, all SPORT layouts are still also available with gas as standard. The same is true of the three electric SÜDWIND layouts: they come with the extensive „60 YEARS KNAUS“ range of equipment and will be heading into the new model year as a special model, SÜDWIND 60 YEARS E.POWER. However, all SÜDWIND layouts are still also available as the 60 YEARS version with gas and, of course, as the standard model.

The new SPORT and SÜDWIND are adopting the new, very distinctive family design of fully integrated KNAUS motorhomes: two unique caravans featuring the striking, timeless KNAUS design, which are the perfect holiday companion for every caravan owner – from couples to large families, from camping novices to rental companies.


Aside from the E.POWER SELECTION, the SPORT has undergone a lot of changes for the new model year: the new exterior design with modified manoeuvring handles at the front and rear, a silver‐grey decal featuring the KNAUS sweeping line design, and the FoldXPand rear with flush‐fitted rear light moulding gives the caravan a sporty look. The new interior features modern, cuboid furniture, cross‐grained wood and bright surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and seating area. A pleasant, indirect light is cast by the stylish, backlit appliqué designs on the upholstery in the seating area. The new BLUE NIGHT upholstery is the perfect match for the elegant yet sporty character of the SPORT, which features soft‐close hatches for maximum convenience. A Bluetooth sound system that can be connected to mobile devices, USB 3.0 sockets on each gooseneck light, three side windows if you opt for the triple bunk bed, and a luxurious shower for the 500 KD and 580 QS layouts are available on request. All compact layouts up to and including the 500 bodywork length are equipped with the Truma Vario Heat heating system as standard. This creates even more space in the wardrobes than ever before. Thanks to the intelligent lightweight designs, which are inspired by structures that can be found in nature, the new SPORT looks even better and more impressive, but weighs exactly the same. The range of layouts has also been adapted to offer all campers, from singletons to whole families, the perfect layout: the 650 FDK and 650 UFK are new, but they are joined by the ten gas‐free layouts mentioned above, as well as the 540 FDK, 540 UE and 580 QS.


The caravan icon SÜDWIND is also heading into the 2022 model with a new exterior and interior: the new gas locker with carbon‐look applications, an improved shape and size, as well as a sturdy checker plate floor offers even more space and easier access. The three‐ dimensional FoldXPand rear, the new, striking, black and silver‐grey decal featuring the KNAUS sweeping line, as well as the dark frame around the side wall windows with the SÜDWIND logo give the caravan a completely new look, which makes its strong character clear for all to see at the very first glance. The Pro.Tec frame – in striking black on the SÜDWIND 60 YEARS KNAUS to match the redesigned grey and black add‐on components as well as the innovative Campovolo Grey exterior colour (60 YEARS also available in white on request) – not only ensures excellent stability thanks to the way the side, front, rear wall and roof are joined together, but also blends in perfectly and gives the caravan a harmonious silhouette. The new design of the Pro.Tec frame – much more angular and striking – is the perfect match for the new vehicle design. The 500 PF, 650 PEB and 650 PXB layouts are now equipped with a service hatch on the left‐hand side at the front as standard. In the new interior, bright and warm colours create a welcoming atmosphere: cross‐laminated wood and warm, white wall cabinet doors with a subtle graphic design make the living area feel modern, yet cosy. The redesigned, stylish furniture in the entrance area is showcased to perfection with some indirect lighting. Slender light strips pick up on the KNAUS sweeping line design of the exterior graphics. A 27“ TV is available as an option for the SÜDWIND, which blends in perfectly with the new furniture in the entrance area. On request, there are also three side windows if you order the triple bunk bed. Among the 16 different layouts – two of them new: the 650 FSK and 650 LX – there’s the perfect choice for every camper.


For the 2022 model year, all KNAUS CUVs can be customised even more with new options: the Dometic 2000 roof air conditioner, which is available on request, now has an anthracite‐ coloured hood, which helps it to blend in perfectly with the overall appearance of the CUVs. It’s also possible to order an electric, soft‐close sliding door as well as larger framed windows in the rear door and, for extra space in H2‐height vehicles, the SpaceRoof roof extension – the panoramic extension without panoramic windows, which increases the headroom in the cab and provides you with easy, unobstructed access to the driver’s and passenger’s seat (these four options are not available for the BOXDRIVE). A solar power system is also available on request (not for vehicles with a pop‐up roof). The BOXSTAR 630 FREEWAY and BOXLIFE 630 ME can be equipped with air conditioning or a Midi‐Heki rooflight at the rear on request.

For the new model year, the BOXLIFE features the Matara Teak furniture decor, which enhances the welcoming atmosphere of the interior, while lending it a stylish yet sporty look. The BOXSTAR will continue to be available in 2022 as a well‐equipped 60 YEARS KNAUS special model in the following layouts: 540 ROAD, 600 STREET and 630 FREEWAY.


The perfect everyday and holiday companion – the BOXDRIVE combines driving safety and functionality like no other vehicle. For the new model year, the interior features new, bright colours, which make the living area feel homely and welcoming. The redesigned lighting picks up on the concept from the range of KNAUS motorhomes: integrated into the walls and furniture, the lighting in delicate, flowing lines is inspired by the KNAUS sweeping line and emphasises the design language of the BOXDRIVE at the same time. As an option, features can be highlighted with the new, dark, genuine‐leather upholstery DARK COFFEE. As standard, the BOXDRIVE now features a practical swivelling bathroom that combines two different areas of use: either the washbasin and toilet can be used or the swivelling wall along with the washbasin can be swivelled over the toilet to create a uniform shower area with smooth walls. The open bath design with a dual‐purpose washbasin is still available on request (position 1: hand basin, position 2: ergonomic washstand). The optional folding bed at the rear has been replaced by an optional, practical lifting bed, which has plenty of storage space underneath for all sorts of holiday gear, and even bicycles, e‐bikes or other sports equipment. The on‐board technology is also located at the rear and is easy to access. The trim of the rear doors, the end panels of the storage lockers and the mechanism of the ceiling cabinet hatches have been redesigned to ensure optimal use and optimal use of space – to the customary high standards of KNAUS quality. A Remis cab darkening system is available as an option for the side windows. An air conditioning system with an anthracite hood or a Midi‐Heki rooflight at the rear can be ordered for the new BOXDRIVE on request.

The range of layouts is being expanded with the new BOXDRIVE 600 XL: the raised roof creates an even bigger space, providing even tall campers with plenty of headroom, and perfectly incorporates the ComfortSlide bed in the area at the front. As a result, the 600 XL offers four generous and comfortable sleeping places in a space measuring just six metres in length. The ComfortSlide bed can be smoothly and easily moved into the sleeping position in just a few simple steps. Thanks to its integrated insulation, the raised roof provides protection from the cold and heat. The skylight floods the interior with light and fresh air. The sporty lines of the roof perfectly match the base vehicle – it not only looks great, but ensures the best aerodynamics too. Numerous storage compartments and lockers with soft‐close mechanisms, a spacious bathroom, the large kitchen as well as two separate sleeping areas at the front and rear make the BOXDRIVE 600 XL the perfect vehicle for every camper – for couples and families alike.



WEINSBERG is offering new options for motorhomes for the new 2022 model year: CaraCompact and CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] are available with central locking for the garage doors on request. The Thule Lift V16 rear bike rack (height‐adjustable) or Thule G2, the transport system e. hit with an increased load capacity of 150 kg (instead of 120 kg) as well as the Truma iNet X system can be ordered as options for all motorhomes. The iNet X panel with intuitive smartphone app control via Bluetooth makes it possible to operate both Truma and Alde devices, as well as a Dometic Freshjet air conditioning system. The colour 4.3“ touch display clearly shows the outside and inside temperature, as well as the battery, water and gas levels. The inclusion of buttons means that various vehicle features can also be managed using the control panel, such as the water pump, radio and TV, lighting and underfloor heating.

Innovation as standard: SUPERLIGHT

Maximum weight saving and no more stressing when loading – thanks to the revolutionary SUPERLIGHT technology: there’s more to SUPERLIGHT than simply stripping things out. The innovative technology enables you to take more things along with you on your travels, and not at the expense of other equipment. That’s why WEINSBERG has made its biggest models SUPERLIGHT – the CaraCore 700 MEG and the new CaraHome 650 DG.

How does it work? A lot of weight is saved thanks to the new, even more sturdy seat design using lightweight technology and furniture with fronts made of high‐strength lisocore® lightweight panels. The corrugated core structure makes the lightweight panels extremely sturdy while simultaneously saving weight (cavities). The SUPERLIGHT vehicles also feature a 52 mm‐thick floor plate with XPS foam technology for improved stability and insulation. Plastic instead of steel: a further reduction in weight has been achieved by making modifications to the chassis – new, lighter leaf springs made of high‐tech plastic improve the usability of the motorhomes. A huge, additional weight saving can be achieved with the optional, high‐performance, lithium‐ion battery.

What does that mean exactly? The empty weight and mass in running order of the SUPERLIGHT vehicles are significantly lower, which means that a payload of up to 30% more is possible due to this huge weight saving. At the same time, the new CaraCore 700 MEG SUPERLIGHT has room for five people when driving. The new CaraHome 650 DG SUPERLIGHT with a double bed at the rear and a spacious alcove bed replaces the 700 DG. It’s not only more compact and agile, but also much lighter, despite being approved for 6 people – even when equipped with numerous options, such as the Smart, Media and TV package, a garage door, extra windows, a pull‐out bed conversion, a luxurious shower, air conditioning, an awning and a rear bike rack. Compact external dimensions, lots of space, an extensive range of equipment and low weight – thanks to these qualities, the CaraHome 650 DG SUPERLIGHT is the perfect vehicle not only for families, but rental companies too.


Style‐conscious trendsetter that skilfully combines utility with design – to all intents and purposes, the better semi‐integrated thanks to the standard lifting bed: that’s the fully integrated CaraCore. And for the new model year, it will be even better: the gas locker is now arranged lengthwise as standard. This enables both gas bottles to be accommodated side by side and to be changed easily too. An integrated awning light is available as an option. The Fiat seats with integrated seat belts, which have the seat belt built into the seat, can now also be ordered with the same fabric covering as the living area as an option. This creates a uniform look and significantly enhances the interior. AGUTI PREMIUM seats – with integrated seat belt, seat belt tensioner, fastened seat belt detection and seat occupied recognition, rotating console, infinitely adjustable armrest, height/angle, backrest and horizontal adjustment (200 mm),  as well as ventilation for the seat and backrest – or AGUTI EXCLUSIVE seats, which also feature seat heating, air cushioning, angle adjustment and two‐chamber lumbar support, are also available on request.


Room for up to six people, two separate sleeping areas, an incredible amount of space, exclusive WEINSBERG design: the new CaraHome boasts an impressive new interior and an expanded range of layouts. Aside from the new 650 DG SUPERLIGHT, the 650 MEG is a brand‐new addition with a popular single‐bed layout: featuring a dining table with a table top extension that rotates out, an extra side seat that enables a fifth person to sit at the table, a kitchen with a three‐burner hob, a spacious bathroom, an alcove bed as well as two single beds arranged lengthwise at the rear, each of which has a wardrobe underneath, it’s the perfect companion for a holiday with your family or friends. The new exterior of the CaraHome features sophisticated technology: the perfectly insulating, 52 mm‐thick XPS floor structure (instead of the previous 42 mm),  plastic leaf springs and the high‐quality, hail‐resistant GRP roof covering make the CaraHome sturdy yet lightweight and suitable for use in any weather. In the gas locker which is arranged lengthwise, both gas bottles can be accommodated side by side and replaced very easily (not on the 550 MG). The new interior of the CaraHome has a modern look: lightweight furniture with a cross‐laminated finish and handle‐free front panels with straight lines (and push‐lock feature),  a spacious kitchen with cabinets and a drawer as well as a large refrigerator (107, 142 or 177 litres depending on the layout),  a shower extension with curtain (deluxe shower room with side walls and partition doors also available as an option), Thetford toilet, temperature and moisture‐regulating EvoPore HRC light mattresses for excellent sleeping comfort, a door to partition off the rear bedroom and an optional smart TV – the design and quality standards of WEINSBERG are clear for all to see in the CaraHome at first glance. It combines functionality and style like no other vehicle. The alcove motorhome is heading into the new model year with the 550 MG, 600 DKG, 650 DG SUPERLIGHT and 650 MEG layouts.

CaraLoft and CaraSuite

For the 2022 model year, a few changes have been made to the two semi‐integrated motorhomes CaraLoft and CaraSuite, which have been a huge hit on in the market: in the CaraLoft 650 ME and 650 MF, as well as in the CaraSuite 650 MF and 700 ME, for example, the gas locker is now designed in such a way that two eleven‐kilogram gas bottles can be accommodated side by side. A gas bottle pull‐out shelf is available on request for the remaining CaraLoft 600 MF and CaraSuite 650 MG layouts. This also makes it easy to change the bottles, which stand one behind the other. To make the spacious bathroom even more luxurious, the following changes have been made in the CaraLoft 600 MF: the convenient height of the double bed at the rear, which is located next to the bathroom, has been retained. A small step about ten centimetres in height has been added between the bed and the wardrobe, which also adjoins the bathroom. From this point onwards, the floor throughout the bathroom is level. This has created a great deal of headroom for the shower. In the CaraLoft and CaraSuite 650 MF, however, there isn’t a step in the area at the rear, and the height of the double bed has been slightly reduced to make it easier to get into. This has also created a great deal of headroom in the shower.


New model year, new options – the same is true for WEINSBERG caravans. A cover for the sink, which can also be used as a chopping board, can be ordered for all caravans on request. A self‐sufficiency package with a powerful lithium battery is also available as an option, providing you with electricity, even when not connected to a shore power supply. On request, the CaraOne has three side windows if you opt for the triple bunk bed. On request, a garage door and a multifunctional double bunk bed, which can be conveniently folded up out of the way for loading, are available for the CaraOne 550 QDK, as well as the CaraCito 470 QDK and 500 QDK. The multifunctional triple bunk bed is also available as an option: the folding function of the middle bunk either transforms the bed surface into a backrest to create a children’s sofa, or it creates a large storage space, which can be accessed from inside and outside.


The CaraCito now has a new, large, compressor refrigerator from Dometic with a capacity of 83 litres (instead of 65 litres). It also comes with an induction hob as standard (in the electric version). If several electrical appliances are used simultaneously, an intelligent electrical control system ensures the correct load distribution or prioritisation of the appliances, and finds the perfect setting for the distribution of power in the vehicle.

Innovation – engineered by Knaus Tabbert: Dyonic chassis

Lighter, tougher, more durable – the innovative Dyonic chassis is reflective of Knaus Tabbert’s many decades of caravan expertise. The new chassis has been developed to maximise the benefits for customers: the use of high‐strength steel is not only sustainable, for example, but the recesses in the supports also ensure a high degree of stability while keeping the weight low. Additional components to absorb shock in the axle area make the Dyonic chassis extremely durable. The components are made by Knott, a well‐known company in the industry. The new Dyonic chassis offers the highest standards of quality and comes with optional safety equipment that meets the usual market requirements. It is used as standard on the CaraCito and CaraOne (not CaraOne UK).


There are new options for WEINSBERG CUVs for the new model year too: on request, all CUVs are available with an electric, soft‐close sliding door, a grey water tank with an electric drain valve and camera monitoring, as well as a 110 Wp solar power system (not for vehicles with a pop‐up roof).  The Easy‐Space extension can be ordered to gain some extra space in H2‐height vehicles – the panoramic extension without panoramic windows. This increases the headroom in the cab and provides you with unobstructed access to the driver’s and passenger’s seat without having to bend over. Larger framed windows are now also available for the rear door, as well as the Dometic 2000 roof air conditioner with an anthracite‐coloured hood. The CaraTour and CaraBus 630 MEG [OUTLAW] can be equipped with air conditioning and a Midi‐Heki rooflight at the rear on request.

The EasySlide bed in 600 MQH layouts now comes with an even more comfortable and softer EvoPore mattress as standard. The CaraBus is also heading into the 2022 model year with the new Tiberino furniture decor and the exclusive WEINSBERG furniture handle. The bed frame in all CUVs is now made of aluminium for even greater stability and also has wider slats. For even greater convenience, the fresh water tank is equipped with a new, easy‐to‐use drain valve. The new, colour 4.3“ Truma iNet X panel not only makes Truma appliances intuitive to operate, but a Dometic air conditioning system too. The display also shows the outside and inside temperature. In addition to White and Metallic Black, there’s a choice of five stylish shades of grey in the new range of exterior colours, which match the elegant yet sporty WEINSBERG CUVs perfectly.


TABBERT is where design meets manufacture, elegance meets dynamism, and innovation meets tradition. And for the new model year, TABBERT vehicles will be even more exclusive – with huge improvements and new options: all of the caravans will therefore feature a new, classy silver logo, which enhances the distinctively dynamic exterior. In the kitchen, a Dometic 10 series refrigerator will be installed from the 2022 model year onwards. The ROSSINI FINEST EDITION now features the new SOFT CARBON upholstery in stylish shades of grey, which is not only modern and elegant, but also very durable (ACTIVE LINE).  If you opt for the triple bunk bed, there are three side windows in the ROSSINI 620 DM, as well as the DA VINCI 500 KD and 700 KD. If you choose the double bunk bed in the DA VINCI, you can order a garage door as an option. On request, all TABBERT caravans can be equipped with a powerful lithium battery. What’s more, for the best possible sound, the ROSSINIROSSINI FINEST EDITIONDA VINCIVIVALDI and PUCCINI models are available with premium Bluetooth speakers.


Modern, sporty, innovative – that’s the DA VINCI. For the 2022 model year, a luxurious shower is available for the 500 KD on request. The new family layout 550 DM 2.5 has also been added to the range of layouts: in addition to the double bed arranged lengthwise, the bathroom with a separate washbasin is also located at the front, so there’s no crowding in the washroom with the whole family in the mornings. The large dinette can comfortably accommodate up to six people. All of your holiday gear and your family’s clothes can be stowed away in the spacious cupboards, as well as the numerous storage compartments and hatches. There’s a separate area for the kids at the rear with a bunk bed arranged crosswise.

Exclusive to the UK: PARIS

The PARIS, which is only available in the UK, features exquisite interior colours for the new model year: golden and bright‐coloured upholstery is the perfect match for the glossy wood furniture decor with Bronze Metallic or White contrasting decor and furniture handles in glossy chrome. The dark kitchen splashback and the wood‐effect PVC floor are a treat for the eyes. Dark colours have also been used for the surfaces in the bathroom. The new and exclusive ceiling lighting in the seating area is especially eye‐catching: slender light strips, inlaid in the ceiling by the skilled craftsmen at the factory in Mottgers, frame the skylight and provide a pleasant level of brightness without dazzling. But it’s not only the interior design that’s been improved for the 2022 model year, so too has the range of PARIS layouts: the 640 MD/GB now boasts a 1600 mm‐wide double bed. The wardrobe offers even more storage space and the large oven in the kitchen is also new and a dream come true for amateur cooks. The new 685 MD/GB is an addition to the range of layouts: there’s a small dinette in the centre of the vehicle in addition to the very large seating area at the rear. The bathroom with a separate washbasin is adjacent to the double bed at the front, which is arranged lengthwise. There’s room for all the things you need on a daily basis in the numerous compartments and cabinets. The spacious kitchen with a large refrigerator and a four‐burner hob also leaves nothing to be desired. There’s an incredible feeling of space in the new 685 MD/GB.


Timeless classic – the T@B, which has an almost cult‐like following among its fans, is heading into the new model year as a success. The teardrop‐shaped caravan with its retro design has its own superhero (T@BMAN),  but the real hero is the caravan itself: with a cosy seating area, double bed and kitchen, the T@B leaves nothing to be desired and proves that true greatness comes from within – because it seems bigger inside than it does outside. The iconic caravan is available in the four styles BASIC, MEXICAN SUNSET, METROPOLIS (as layout 320 and 400 in each case) and OFFROAD (320),  as well as with five different upholstery colours, which enable its design to be customised. The „bubble caravan“ can be further tailored to different needs with the help of optional extras. If you’re looking for something special, then look no further.

Innovative renting: RENT AND TRAVEL

Numbers, data, facts

With more than 440 partner travel agents throughout Germany, more than 2,200 motorhomes, CUVs and caravans from the brands KNAUS, WEINSBERG, TABBERT and T@B and approximately 180 rental stations in Germany, Sweden and Italy – these impressive figures from the innovative RENT AND TRAVEL brand show that it is well on course to becoming Europe’s premier caravanning rental platform. And that’s not without reason – the principle of RENT AND TRAVEL is very simple. All you have to do is rent a vehicle, get in, and enjoy your holiday.

Whether you are a novice or experienced camper – RENT AND TRAVEL is on hand to help you plan your next holiday. Our website, which is also available in English and Italian, contains all the information you need to know about your caravanning holiday and presents it clearly – from an overview of the various vehicle categories to instructions on vehicle rental, all the way to camping and pitching tips from cooperation partners such as „LeadingCampings“ or „Landvergnügen“. RENT AND TRAVEL’s own booking system, designed specifically for the caravanning sector and unique to the market, is structured differently depending on whether a new customer, an experienced renter or a prospective buyer is visiting the site. This means it is perfectly adapted to cater for all users. You can also get direct advice from the RENT AND TRAVEL experts – by written request and by telephone. Our partner travel agents are of course also on hand to help you decide on the right rental vehicle. And our experts at the rental stations show you directly how to use all of the functions on the vehicle when you pick it up. The new instruction videos also provide specific assistance to RENT AND TRAVEL customers as well.

As brand ambassadors, the RENT AND TRAVEL Road Teams travel in vehicles to city festivals, „open for business“ Sundays and similar events and are available to answer questions from all interested parties. To date, the Road Teams have visited more than 650 events and are a key tool for addressing customers. RENT AND TRAVEL has set itself the target of winning new customers and getting them excited about caravanning. This is because many customers would prefer not to part with their rented vehicle at all after their holiday – and thus turn from rental to new purchase customers.

RENT AND TRAVEL among the top 3 motorhome rental portals

The fact that the rental platform and its concept have struck a chord is also evident from the website’s organic visibility. This has increased significantly since the foundation of RENT AND TRAVEL in 2017. Currently, around 1.66 million search queries are generated every month. As a result, the site ranks among the top 3 motorhome rental portals in Germany today.

New partners: From summer 2021 onwards, RENT AND TRAVEL will be represented in more than 2,500 „Schmetterling Reisen“ agents in Germany. The travel provider has more than 50 years of tourism expertise under its belt, meaning RENT AND TRAVEL has acquired an experienced cooperation partner. With immediate effect, RENT AND TRAVEL is also working in collaboration with „corporate benefits“, the market leader in employee discount programmes. This will ensure caravanning holidays and the RENT AND TRAVEL brand are presented to more than 4,500 companies and around 4.3 million users – thereby benefiting from enormous reach once again.

By collaborating with „Globista“, the travel brand of Funke Mediengruppe, RENT AND TRAVEL can showcase its products to the general public via the various Funke media outlets.

Digital innovation: the RENT AND TRAVEL app

Last autumn, RENT AND TRAVEL launched its own app. It appeals to interested parties who are looking for initial information and inspiration on the subject of caravanning, but also to existing customers as well. The complete booking system, including special offers and promotions, is included in the application. The Online Check‐In feature provides you with a status overview of your reservations and bookings, payments received and vehicle handover dates. In this individual user section, customers can also amend their reservations and bookings, manage payments (e.g. any outstanding balances and all necessary account details are displayed clearly) and agree a handover date, as well as save their details and driving licence or book insurance. Detailed information about your chosen rental station – such as opening times or how to get there – help you plan your vehicle pick‐up. Various check‐lists as well as a packing list provide assistance in preparing for the holiday. Even if you forget something while on the road, break down or have an accident, the RENT AND TRAVEL app has got you covered here: it can help you out with operating instructions and videos for the rented vehicle, emergency numbers and instructions on what to do in the event of an accident. The application also includes country‐specific regulations on your travel route (Which speed limits apply where? Which special rules have to be observed where?) and comprehensive holiday inspiration with insider tips on viewing points or restaurants.

Users receive notices and reminders for their vehicle rental via push notifications. The customer and rental company can communicate directly with each other using the message function. You can also scan QR codes as well. This gives customers direct access to booking routes, vehicle details or more detailed information if they are interested in buying. And once their holiday is over, the vehicle renter can share their experiences in the evaluation function and reward the rental company, vehicle as well as the entire RENT AND TRAVEL rental platform with stars.

Consequently, the RENT AND TRAVEL app offers great added value before, during and after the vehicle rental.

It is available as a free download for the popular operating systems iOS and Android.

QR codes

All RENT AND TRAVEL rental vehicles now have their own individual QR code. The stickers are a clear unique selling point for RENT AND TRAVEL partners and an important tool for generating new customers – they act as an alternative source of enquiries for potential renters or buyers. If the codes are scanned using the QR Code feature on the RENT AND TRAVEL app, interested parties are then taken directly to the vehicle details and booking engine to book the vehicle for their holiday. Potential customers looking to buy can find out more about the purchase price and date from which the vehicle is available to purchase, and can also make direct contact with the corresponding station using the contact form.

About the Knaus Tabbert AG

Knaus Tabbert AG is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in Jandelsbrunn, Germany. Its other locations can be found in Mottgers and Schlüsselfeld in Germany and in Nagyoroszi in Hungary.

The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2YN504) since September 2020. In the year 2023 it generated sales of 1.44 billion euros with its KNAUS, TABBERT, T@B, WEINSBERG, MORELO brands and the RENT AND TRAVEL rental service, had over 4000 employees and produced more than 30,000 leisure vehicles.