Training in the open: Moto2 rider Marcel Schrötter on the road in the [OUTLAW]

For Marcel Schrötter, speed meets technology. The motorbike racer is one of Germany’s greatest talents and already has a number of successes to his credit. He is currently competing in the Moto2 World Championship and is looking to compete in MotoGP, the Formula 1 for motorbikes. To bring this dream one step closer, we assisted Marcel by providing him with a WEINSBERG CaraBus [OUTLAW]. He used this mobile motorhome during his intensive training sessions in the summer break. In an interview with CaraBlog, Marcel explains why the [OUTLAW] was so important for him and tells us what his goals are for the future.

WEINSBERG: Hello Marcel! Thank you very much for giving this interview. I’ve heard that some of our readers are not particularly keen on motor sports. Would you like to introduce yourself to us briefly?

Marcel Schrötter: With pleasure – and thank you very much for inviting me for this interview. My name is Marcel Schrötter. I am a motorbike racer and am competing in the MotoGP World Championship in the Moto2 class. That’s the second highest class for motorbike racing, so we get down to business pretty quickly.

That sounds very exciting! You must have celebrated quite a few successes in your career up to now.

Yes, I suppose I have run a couple of good races (laughs). I’m European Champion for example and two‐time winner of the International German Championship. And in the Moto2 World Championship I’ve made it to the podium five times so far and have been able to start the race from the first grid position three times. It’s just wonderful and a special honour to compete at the front of the field. 

I can well imagine that. What is the appeal of motorcycling for you personally, especially when it comes to racing?

Oh, that’ s definitely not so easy to explain. The sensation of being on a motorbike is completely different from that of being in a car. Everything is much more direct; you feel the wind, you lean into the curve. When you’re riding, it’s just you and your bike and the speed. That’s brilliant. And when you’re racing, you’re always pushing yourself to the limit, trying to squeeze every millimetre out of the track. It’s not always easy, but it certainly gets the adrenaline pumping.

And what about off the track?

It’s very exciting off the track too, but then you also sense the serious side of life again. Competitive sport always involves overcoming limitations and challenges. There have been a few of these in my career so far. I started very early and travelled alone all over the world at a young age. That was a great experience but it was also very expensive. As a racer, you’re constantly looking for sponsors and you always have to be in tip‐top shape and give your best. I’ve always been very lucky and very hard‐working. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be the only German rider in MotoGP today.

That’s a truly great achievement. What do you think is more important for success: talent or ambition?

Obviously both. Without talent, you would stand no chance whatsoever of getting this far and showcasing yourself. But there comes a point when everyone around you is talented, and then all you have left is hard work and a lot of training.

Training is a good catchword: You train on a motocross bike during your summer break although you compete in road races. Why do you do that?

There are two relatively simple explanations. Firstly, it’s because motocross is a really big passion of mine and I love mastering challenging courses with it.

The other reason is that we are not allowed to train on our actual racing motorbikes during the summer break. We can only use them for official test rides and races. That’s why I try to switch to other bikes as often as possible, and riding a motocross bike means I can combine my hobby with my profession.

WEINSBERG equipped you with a CaraBus [OUTLAW] for your training sessions during the summer break. How did this idea come about?

I saw the [OUTLAW] at friends of mine who compete in motocross and enduro racing. The concept with the rear garage and the fully equipped living space struck me immediately as mega cool. And I thought to myself, this would be the perfect vehicle for my summer training sessions. I then made contact with WEINSBERG through an acquaintance and my manager. They were very enthusiastic about the idea and about working together at short notice, and not long after everything was signed and sealed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank WEINSBERG for their excellent service and cooperation!

We’ll be happy to pass that on. We are very pleased that you were so delighted with everything. What did you like best about [OUTLAW]?

It has to be the garage, of course, that was the real highlight for me. So much space! You can work away and tinker as much as you want. There’s room for two motorbikes. And the best thing is that you don’t smell any petrol or oil in the living area because the door is so well sealed.

But I also loved everything else about the [OUTLAW]. It is simply a complete CUV with kitchen, bathroom and comfortable bed. And despite all the equipment and the bikes in the garage, the [OUTLAW] is super smooth and pleasant to drive. Not even narrow, winding roads were a problem. What more could a racer ask for!

It sounds as though it would be the perfect vehicle for you!

Absolutely – for me and for everyone who just wants to go on holiday or on tour with their bikes, no matter if it’s a motocross or a motor bike. You have everything with you and the bikes are always well stowed and protected.

I would have liked to have kept the [OUTLAW] longer to explore the north at the end of the season. Travelling with my bikes to Denmark, Sweden and Norway to train or just have fun, is a dream I would like to fulfil.

That sounds really wonderful and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you! Since we’re on the subject of dreams, what other sporting goals have you set yourself?

To win, of course (laughs)! The goal of every racing rider is always to be the fastest. In the medium term, however, my greatest dream is to move up to the MotoGP class, which is Formula 1 for motorbikes. That won’t be an easy journey, but I would be more than proud to be the only German to race there.

We wish you all the best for that, too, of course. Finally, one last question: Do you have any advice for newcomers to motorcycling?

Yes, I do: Go out and have fun! That’s the most important thing, and you can easily forget that in competitive sport. But we all started riding motorbikes simply because we enjoyed it. And you should always try to remember that enthusiasm!

Thank you very much for your nice closing words and for this interview. We wish you every success on your way to MotoGP!

Thank you very much and all the best to the whole team!

Marcel Schrötter, 28, is the only German rider in the MotoGP World Championship. He is currently chasing points in the Moto2 series for the Kalex team. The races are broadcast live on ServusTV.