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KNAUSpublished at 07.08.2019 at 13:00
With 1,300 units sold in 2018

The partially integrated WEINSBERG CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] is not only the most widely sold motorhome in Germany, but also throughout Europe.

Motorhomes with a price advantage of up to €21,678

Jandelsbrunn. No other manufacturer of leisure vehicles covers a broader range than Knaus Tabbert. Whether a partially or fully integrated caravan or a model with alcoves, as a caravanning utility vehicle (CUV),  or even as a luxurious motorhome: vehicles from KNAUS and WEINSBERG are not only among the most advanced vehicles on the market, but are also true price‐performance champions.

Prices range from €36,690 for the WEINSBERG CaraBus / CaraTour 540 MQ to €105,490 for the luxurious KNAUS SUN I 900 – there is a model to suit every taste and every budget. Beyond this, Knaus Tabbert offers various models and equipment packages, which in comparison to the list price offer attractive additional value at an incredible price advantage.


For the particularly well loved partially integrated motorhomes VAN TI and SUN TI as well as the fully integrated VAN IKNAUS has created the PLATINUM SELECTION for all layouts. The list containing the additional standard equipment makes it a true all‐inclusive vehicle: The VAN TI PLATINUM SELECTION (with a 130‐hp engine beginning at €55,990) includes pilot comfort seats, Truma iNet system for the remote control of the heating via a smartphone app, and climate control for the driver’s compartment. Even the rear‐view camera, radio including satnav system with camping software, alloy rims, ambient lighting and the left rear garage door are all part of the standard features. Depending on the layout, the price advantage is up to €18,884.

The SUN TI PLATINUM SELECTION (with a 130‐hp engine, beginning at €68,999) thrills with its standard equipment such as air conditioning for the driver’s compartment, cruise control, rain and light sensors as well as a tyre‐pressure monitoring system, a panorama sunroof, and an antenna system including LED TV. Pure comfort available at a price advantage is up to €21,678 (depending on the layout),  which is unmatched in the industry.

With a price advantage of up to €11,810, the VAN I PLATINUM SELECTION (starting from €66,899) also leaves nothing to be desired. Starting with the insect protection door and including the electrically adjustable and heated side‐view mirrors, Midi‐Heki skylight and cruise control, to the Truma iNet system, the air conditioning in the driver’s compartment, alloy wheels, rear‐view camera and radio with a satnav system – everything comes standard.


With 1,300 units sold in 2018, the partially integrated WEINSBERG CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] is not only the most widely sold motorhome in Germany, but also throughout Europe. The Edition model with 160‐hp engine is available in two layouts, each starting at €51,999. Its additional standard equipment includes a height‐adjustable passenger seat, two armrests and integrated headrests in front as well as climate control in the driver’s compartment. An insulated and heated wastewater tank, satnav system, Truma iNet system, and the ability to convert the individual beds into a transversal bed (for layout 600 MEG) round off the full equipment package. Price advantage: up to €15,840.

KNAUS CUV Welcome package and WEINSBERG CUV Starter package

Customers who select the CUV Welcome Package when purchasing a new KNAUS BOXSTAR (starting from €40,990) will have a Caravanning Utility Vehicle that leaves nothing to be desired. From the ambient lighting to an additional AGM on‐board battery, from the rear‐view camera to the satnav system with complete antenna
system including an LED TV: everything comes standard. Customers save €3,039 as compared to the price of the individual options.

Even WEINSBERG has a corresponding package on offer for CaraBus and CaraTour (starting from €36,690).  The CUV Starter Package includes rear‐view camera, radio with satnav system, two additional 230‐Volt ports and two USB ports, a complete antenna system with LED TV, as well as such practical details as a swivel table and a foldable garment rail in the washroom. This package also offers a significant price advantage: customers can save €2,946.

About the Knaus Tabbert AG

Knaus Tabbert AG is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in Jandelsbrunn, Germany. Its other locations can be found in Mottgers and Schlüsselfeld in Germany and in Nagyoroszi in Hungary.

The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2YN504) since September 2020. In the year 2023 it generated sales of 1.44 billion euros with its KNAUS, TABBERT, T@B, WEINSBERG, MORELO brands and the RENT AND TRAVEL rental service, had over 4000 employees and produced more than 30,000 leisure vehicles.


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