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New products for model year 2020

KNAUS TABBERT AGpublished at 30.08.2019 at 13:00

New products for model year 2020

Düsseldorf/Jandelsbrunn (Germany). New approaches, future‐oriented technologies and a unique design – coupled with a focus on the customer – make Knaus Tabbert a highly successful innovation driver in the industry.

Shaping markets requires courage, strength to innovate, and constant motivation – and success is usually your reward. In 2018, Knaus Tabbert, which is headquartered in Lower Bavaria, once again achieved double‐digit percentage growth in terms of both sales and volume. It was another record year. The best in the history of the company, in fact. In 2018, over 23,600 caravans, motorhomes and CUVs rolled off the state‐of‐the‐art production lines in Jandelsbrunn, Mottgers, Schlüsselfeld and Nagyoroszi. Only a motivated, qualified Knaus Tabbert team can make this remarkable growth possible. This has now been the case for five years.

In model year 2020, Knaus Tabbert impresses with innovative new developments and fresh ideas – all in‐line with the aim of the Knaus Tabbert team to continuously improve. On a large scale, that begins with two exciting show cars (KNAUS L!VE I and WEINSBERG The CORE) and includes numerous innovative details. In the coming model year 2020, for instance, all motorhomes and CUVs will be equipped as standard with a charging converter, with which the battery of the vehicle can be charged more quickly and safely. Plus, all vehicles will be fitted with a space‐saving BWT water filter system, to ensure a supply of clean, pleasant‐tasting and bacteria‐free water. From 2020, the innovative e. hit rear carrier – with detachable trailer couplings will be available on request. It is attached directly to the chassis and automatically swings out from underneath the bumper at the touch of a button. The media package also includes a head‐up display. The transparent screen, which is directly in the driver’s field of view, is a major plus for road safety. The voice control feature in TABBERT CELLINI makes it possible to operate various functions in the caravan by voice command. The relevant interface is optionally available as a factory‐installed feature. Moreover, Knaus Tabbert is working with Bosch Engineering to completely redefine „freedom‟ with an intelligent 48 V on‐board power system. This means an independent power supply in the caravan, and longer self‐sufficient caravanning experience – with all imaginable comfort. Innovation does not stop at good service. From now on, all KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes can be serviced, attended and repaired at twelve MAN service stations.

Great innovations and new, future‐oriented and innovative motorhomes, CUVs and caravans will also be on displayed by the Lower Bavarian company at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. The highlights of model year 2020 include:


  • Completes the L!VE family: the new L!VE I – Fully integrated at an entry‐level price.
  • Elegant: the successful SKY TI is now available as the fully equipped PLATINUM SELECTION.
  • Extravagant and futuristic: the SPORT&FUN is now available as the BLACK SELECTION in black and silver‐grey.
  • Bigger on the inside than on the outside: the BOXSTAR with new, spacious high‐roof layout.


  • The new addition to the family: the CaraCore, the first fully‐integrated WEINSBERG model, offers the highest degree of comfort in the mid‐size vehicle class.
  • Classic models: CaraCompact and CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] in new designs.
  • WEINSBERG classics: the CaraOne with a fresh new look, now also with a lifting bed.
  • 1969 – 2019: WEINSBERG celebrates a special anniversary – 50 years of WEINSBERG CUVs.
  • True CUV expertise: CaraBus and CaraTour with a new layout for athletic types.


  • More innovative, refined and modern than ever before: PUCCINI sets new standards in the superior class.
  • Pure luxury on wheels: CELLINI re‐defines the high‐end standard.


  • Iconic, cool, T@B: the modern retro classic continues to improve as it successfully enters model year 2020.


  • Striking: the KNAUS L!VE I and WEINSBERG The CORE show cars are truly eye‐catching, and show what the exterior design of a motorhome can look like.


  • Vodafone connects: KNAUS motorhome with GigaCube on tour.


  • Holiday with the caravan: there are currently more than 160 rental stations and 1900 vehicles. New for the 2020 season: hire caravans.
  • Innovative, unique booking system: Caravan hire made simple.

Fully charged

According to ADAC statistics, the number one cause of road traffic breakdowns is a faulty or empty battery. That is the last thing that anyone needs when setting off on holiday. From model year 2020, all Knaus Tabbert motorhomes and CUVs will be fitted with a high‐performance charger as standard. This will enable the vehicle’s battery to be charged more safely and quickly.

A clean machine – purified water in all Knaus Tabbert models

Water is the elixir of life, but it is not always available in the right quality. Chlorine, lime, heavy metal particles, suspended particles – several kinds of residues can be detected in local tap water. Water, which is stored in containers and pipes for a long time, does not remain fresh. Worst of all, heat causes a film to form in the water tank, which provides an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms and germs. Even on the campsite, nobody can be entirely sure that hygienic, clean water is always available. In Knaus Tabbert vehicles, worrying about the drinking water quality is a thing of the past. From model year 2020, all vehicles will be fitted with a space‐saving BWT water filter system (Best Water Technology) as standard, to ensure a supply of clean, germ‐free water. The water is filtered, and the taste is made more pleasant. Even coffee and tea taste better. In the 2020 models – and in all previous Knaus Tabbert vehicle designs – the BWT water filter system can easily be expanded with a retrofitting kit.

Integrated “e.hit” rear carrier for KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes

This is not just a rear carrier. In the new model year, the new and innovative e.hit rear carrier for KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes is available on request. It has a double pivot arm for bikes and transport boxes, and a removable trailer coupling. The e.hit is attached directly to the chassis, and automatically swings out from underneath the bumper within 25 seconds at the touch of a button. The „e.base‟ is a removable accessory base with retractable LED taillights and indicators for increased safety, which fits onto the rear carrier. The electrical system is automatically connected to the vehicle. The e.carry bike carrier and/or the transport box can be attached to the accessory base in just a few simple steps. Thanks to the e.base, accessories do not need to have their own tail lights, and the electrical connection to the vehicle does not have to be configured manually. The e.carry offers room for two bikes, and has a maximum loading capacity of 83 kg. A bike carrier for two additional bikes can also be added to the system, reducing the maximum loading capacity to 74 kg. If the 320‐litre transport box is attached to the vehicle, as opposed to the bike carrier, the maximum loading capacity is 72 kg. The is made of sturdy plastic and weather‐resistant, multi‐layer folding top fabric. All e.hit accessories are also lockable, and their contents are protected against theft.

Head-up display for KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes and CUVs

The practical and stylish head‐up display – which is included in the optional media package – is a special new item of equipment for model year 2020, and a unique feature of KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes and CUVs. The transparent screen shows navigation instructions, the current and permitted speed, and traffic signs directly in the driver’s field of view. As the name suggests, it keeps an eye on the direction of travel, and gives a „heads‐up‟. This is a major plus for road safety. And at the same time, the head‐up display integrated in the dashboard looks extremely good – function and design are innovatively combined.

“Hello CELLINI” – Smart TABBERT with voice control

“I’m cold‟, „Switch on the kitchen light‟ – these are just two commands that the TABBERT CELLINI will be able to understand from model year 2020 onwards. It can dock with the smarthome world of the camper. On request, the caravan is available with an interface for voice control using Apple, Amazon Echo and Android devices. Voice control can be used to operate various functions of the caravan – from lighting to heating and air conditioning, to battery information and the water level. Even complete lighting programmes in the bedroom, living room and kitchen can be saved under „Good night‟, „Good morning‟ or other commands.

Thrilling: 48 V electrical system – Knaus Tabbert and Bosch Engineering are working together on the caravan of the future

Knaus Tabbert and Bosch Engineering GmbH, a 100% Bosch subsidiary, are working together on an all‐new energy concept for motorhomes, to redefine the meaning of „freedom‟ in the context of caravanning. The innovative 48 V electrical system offers an independent power supply for the caravan, and generates, saves and provides electricity, therefore enabling a higher level of self‐sufficient caravanning, maximum mobility, and all comfort. A modular, multi‐component system with electric motors on the axes makes it possible, regardless of the towing vehicle, to convert braking energy into electrical energy (recuperation*). This is stored in li‐ion batteries, and can be used in the caravan to power devices such as the fridge, air conditioning and the coffee machine. The manoeuvring function is also integrated in the system, so that the caravan can be easily and comfortably positioned on the campsite.

The collaboration with Bosch Engineering enables the continuation of MISSION TEC, which was founded by Knaus Tabbert five years ago. The 48 V system, which is especially for recreational vehicles, significantly improves the self‐sufficiency of motorhomes. It is considered to be a key technology for e‐mobility, and is also conceivable for motorhomes. Without an external power source – completely independent of the towing vehicle or shore power. Experience much greater freedom than before without having to forego any comforts of home. More specifically, this means: watching TV for two hours per day, six hours of light, listening to the radio for two hours, making a cup of coffee. With the current state of the art (without an external power supply), the energy of a 12 V system is sufficient for almost one and a half days. A 48 V power system lasts significantly longer – i.e. up to six and a half days – for the same consumers. And even in your absence, „power guzzlers‟ such as air conditioning can be operated and maintained by the 48 V system, so that the caravan will always be at a pleasant temperature in the summer.

Self‐sufficiency, recuperation, sustainability, e‐mobility and digitisation – Knaus Tabbert and Bosch Engineering are working together on the caravan of the future, and to revolutionise recreational vehicles by reaching another MISSION TEC milestone.

* Regenerative braking – Recuperation: Kinetic energy generated during driving is transmitted to the electric motor via a transmission during braking, and stored as electrical energy in the li‐ion batteries.

MAN service stations offer a full service package for all KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes

Even the best motorhome requires maintenance, servicing and repairs from time to time. It helps if there is a service station nearby, as opposed to miles away. Together, Knaus Tabbert and MAN Truck and Bus Service are working to significantly improve the service quality of KNAUS and WEINSBERG customers. There are currently twelve MAN service stations in Germany, which offer maintenance, servicing and repairs for all KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes. There are plans to gradually expand the service network. Highly qualified MAN service station staff carry out extensive work on both the base and the body of the vehicle. The employees of the participating service stations have experience with KNAUS and WEINSBERG superstructures, and have received intensive factory‐based training in the specific characteristics of motorhomes and their technology. See the KNAUS and WEINSBERG websites for information on the new service stations.


KNAUS vehicles begin model year 2020 in even better shape: motorhome models VAN TI PLUS (standard),  SKY TISKY WAVE and L!VE I (optional) include a gas cylinder storage space. This has room for two 11 kg cylinders, which can easily be attached and connected, thanks to the pull‐out mechanism. Starting in the new model year, the garage doors of the four vehicles named above – and those of the SUN I – can be fitted with a central locking system on request. In model year 2020, the L!VE series includes a new rear tail light carrier with KNAUS CATEYE evolution lights, which gives the vehicle an even more distinctive look and a high level of recognisability. The innovative VAN TI PLUS on a MAN TGE base includes 2‐channel air suspension in the rear axle as standard. The SUN I includes LED headlamps (dipped and high‐beam) as standard. VAN I and SUN I have GRAMMER Luxury or Super Luxury seats in the driver’s cabin, with re‐designed backrests and a generous passage area for even more comfort. These seats can also be ordered for the L!VE I on request.

The key to success: just like caravans, motorhomes are much safer in the new model year, thanks to an internal locking system bearing the KNAUS logo. Caravans with children’s beds also have new bunk bed lights with an integrated USB socket.



The L!VE series owes its success to the TI, WAVE and TRAVELLER models. The L!VE family is now complete, thanks to its new arrival: L!VE I sets new standards in the segment of the fully‐integrated motorhome – even more so than a semi‐integrated model with a standard lifting bed. It is therefore the perfect choice for the switch from semi‐integrated to fully‐integrated. Price‐sensitive costing is evidence of KNAUS’ highest design and quality requirements. The progressive and dynamic exterior design, with the distinctive KNAUS pattern in blue, grey and black, and the impressive front reflect the strong character of the vehicle. Even more striking is the optional styling package with chrome strips on the radiator grille, carbon optical elements, lateral window shades with the „L!VE I‟ logotype on them, and black & grey foliation. The standard full LED headlights, in a distinctive U‐shape, underline the appearance and ensure excellent vision and recognisability. At the back, the KNAUS CATEYE evolution tail lights with indicators and three‐dimensional lighting geometry also ensure safety and easy recognition. The L!VE I on a Fiat Ducato base is available with two layouts (650 MEG and 700 MEG) in the new model year. Both have a reliable total weight of 3,500 kg, and impress with sophisticated details. The new centrally‐locking door of the driver’s cabin has a storage net, a parking ticket holder, and a coin tray. The interior is dominated not least by the large panoramic windscreen, which provides a first‐class sense of space. The spacious L!VE I offers plenty of headroom and storage space, and four seats (for use when travelling).  Due to the lifting bed that comes as standard, it sleeps up to six people. In the generous seating area, which has a side seating bench and an extendable table, there is enough room to eat with the whole family or visitors. An L‐shaped seating group (instead of the central sitting group) with a height‐adjustable single‐leg lifting table is available on request. Cross‐laminated wood and accents such as white furniture fronts with matt‐silver handles give the interior a modern, refined and cosy character. Energy‐efficient LED lighting immerses the interior in a pleasant light. Ceiling‐mounted cabinets with a soft‐close function, spacious wardrobes, EvoPoreHRC mattresses, a three‐flame cooker, and a large 142‐litre Thetford fridge with AES function (automatic energy selection) are also included in the L!VE I as standard. A 177 litre, 700 MEG Dometic fridge is optional. Both layouts are also available with GRAMMER seats, ALDE heating, and a gas cylinder storage space on request. Dynamic, functional, modern, and at the same time elegant and inviting – the new L!VE I more than honours the typical L!VE characteristics – active, vibrant, comfortable, cosy. The fully‐integrated model is available for EUR 59,990 and offers a unique price‐performance ratio.


In model year 2020, the successful SKY TI is now available as a fully equipped PLATINUM SELECTION special model. The redesigned interior of the special model makes the living space cosier and inviting. The partly‐integrated model is also available with a gas cylinder storage space, which enables the simple, secure connection of two 11 kg cylinders. With its side seat to the right, the 650 MEG layout offers more room in the seating area.

The standard equipment of the PLATINUM SELECTION includes: rotatable seats in the driver’s cab, a height‐adjustable passenger seat, passenger airbag, air conditioning in the driver’s cab, an insect protection door, upholstery with „PLATINUM SELECTION‟ embroidery, a COSY HOME package with decorative cushions and pillows, bed linen and a table runner, ambient lighting, an electric entrance step, TRUMA iNet system, cruise control, a DAB+ radio, an all‐in‐one navigation system with camping software and three‐year map update, a head‐up display, electrically adjustable and heated external mirrors, and so much more. Unlike the series model featuring similar equipment, the PLATINUM SELECTION offers a considerable price advantage for customers.



The extreme athlete of the caravan world – that is the SPORT&FUN. For the new model year, the SPORT is now also available as the stylish, extravagant BLACK SELECTION. As the name suggests, this edition model replaces the green and blue design with high quality black and silver‐grey. The exterior of the BLACK SELECTION has a striking, very elegant appearance thanks to the carbon look of the film graphics, and the brushed stainless steel. The external attachments also have a carbon look. The roof rails and the rear ladder are also black. The KNAUS logo also includes the emblem of the BLACK SELECTION – the familiar swallows on a black background. With the carbon look, KNAUS 17‟ aluminium wheel rims and dimmed taillights, the extravagant model is automatically reminiscent of a racing car. A special feature of the new caravan: it includes an AL‐KO VARIO X chassis as standard. As a logical further development of the TRAVELINO chassis, it marks the next step in chassis design. The VARIO X chassis combines bionic weight‐saving measures, with high load‐bearing capacity and stability: a lightweight, bionic construction, which is based on the forms of nature, with the best driving characteristics – a greater load capacity and therefore more comfort and flexibility are therefore possible. The new colour scheme also dominates the interior of the BLACK SELECTION. The special edition GREY STRIPES upholstery in the seating area, and the interior lining of the rear door with vertical stripes in various grey tones, give the interior an elegant appearance. Silver‐grey curtains, dark kitchen work surfaces, furniture fronts with durable CPL ALU (aluminium) decor, matt black handles – and a welcoming, bright look thanks to the large window. The SPORT&FUN BLACK SELECTION gives caravans a new and distinctively futuristic appearance, and is perfect for anyone who values both style and functionality. As an edition model, the SPORT&FUN is also available with the familiar 480 QL layout.

CUVs (Caravaning Utility Vehicles)


Variability, a large amount of storage space, elaborate technology – the BOXSTAR embodies CUV expertise in terms of perfection. The range expands in model year 2020: say hello to the new high roof 600 STREET XL and 600 LIFETIME XL designs. The already great sense of space in the BOXSTAR is made even greater with the high roof – there is a great amount of headroom for tall people, and the rooms are bright thanks to the skylights. There are two separate, spacious bedrooms (one at the front, one at the rear), and four large beds in the 600 LIFETIME XL – a unique feature of this vehicle class. The new ComfortSlide bed at the back can be pushed easily and smoothly into the sleeping position, and has a large reclining surface. Comfortable cold‐foam mattresses, textile sidewall panelling, indirect LED lighting, and numerous storage compartments and cupboards with soft‐close function ensure a high level of living comfort. An open bath is also optionally available. In addition, the new BOXSTAR layouts offer ample space for various items of camping and sports equipment. The new high roof also sets the pace in the industry, through its strong design language. The striking, casual design not only looks good, it is also highly functional. Rainwater can be optimally drained. Another characteristic feature of the new high roof is the sandwich structure with an integrated insulating layer against cold and heat. Despite the high roof, the 600 STREET XL and the 600 LIFETIME XL are very compact and perfect for everyday use. Thanks to the integral construction of the roof, the vehicles have a reduced structure height. That means that structures such as the rear roof hood, the air conditioning or the SAT‐TV system are integrated into the continuation of the roof area, so that the structure is not considerably higher. Flexible, spacious on the inside but compact on the outside – the new BOXSTAR high roof layout impresses as a unique, unrivalled vehicle for families, athletes and adventurers alike.


A lot has happened at WEINSBERG in preparation for the new model year: all vehicles have a new, distinctive look; and with 17‟ aluminium wheel rims (available in anthracite or black matt),  these caravans – just like motorhomes and CUVs – have a refined and modern look, and a high degree of recognition. Also new in the 2020 series: a new, modern key for the cabin door and service hatch, with internal locking system. The new exterior graphic design of the motorhome further highlights the WEINSBERG character – modern, striking, stylish and timeless. On the inside, motorhomes and caravans are enhanced by exclusive WEINSBERG furniture handles and durable, lightweight and extremely comfortable EvoPoreHRC mattresses as standard. The new rear tailgate characterises the exterior of the WEINSBERG caravans and motorhomes, and makes them recognisable from a distance. The full‐LED rear lighting of the motorhomes ensures a greater degree of safety and a longer lifespan. The exterior of each caravan also has a new, characteristic WEINSBERG cut, thanks to the new TREND door and construction with modified front radius. The stylish CaraTwo shines, thanks to its new exterior: the revised front section results in harmonious, and at the same time striking, lines – rounded off by the new unmistakable WEINSBERG film graphics, which highlight both the brand name and series name in a 3D effect. These innovations also feature in the CaraOne EDITION [ICE], which has firmly established itself on the market since its introduction in model year 2018, and now has the new more compact name CaraOne [ICE]. This caravan for all seasons is part of the WEINSBERG family.



“Your holiday!‟ is WEINSBERG’s slogan – i. e. this is the right vehicle for anyone, whether they are young or young at heart, a caravan aficionado, or an adventure seeker. A new member of the fleet completes the well‐rounded product portfolio: the CaraCore, WEINSBERG’s first fully‐integrated motorhome, is synonymous with the highest level of comfort in the mid‐size vehicle segment – perfect WEINSBERG quality and design. That is noticeable at first sight – a progressive design for a perfect exterior and an impressive design; front and rear in characteristic style. Strong contrasts in headlamp edging and radiator grille, a white‐framed windscreen which is visually elongated vertically and horizontally, as well as clear lines and surfaces give the CaraCore an unmistakeable look.

The tight film graphics, the COMFORT body door and an integrated guard on the side panel also add to the distinctive design. Optional styling packages can make the vehicle even more striking – with 17‟ aluminium wheel rims, and numerous accents and inlays for the sidewalls, which also ensure a higher degree of safety in combination with the standard full LED lighting. A gas cylinder storage space is also available on request. Three layouts for the CaraCore on a Fiat Ducato base are available for the new model year: 650 MF, 650 MEG and 700 MEG. The spacious interior impresses with its open viewing axis and a great sense of space. The large windows let the light flood into the bright, welcoming interior. Cross‐laminated wood in combination with light furniture fronts and rounded edges dominate the modern yet cosy interior design. The ceiling‐mounted cabinets above the seating group and kitchen are characterised by the new, brand‐specific „Signature Element‟. The energy‐saving LED design ensures the perfect interior and ambient lighting. There is room for four people in the CaraCore in driving mode; and thanks to the standard lifting bed at the front, it sleeps up to five people. A practical travel companion for families. The bed length of over two metres, high‐quality EvoPoreHRC mattresses, drawers with soft‐close function, 24‟ LED TV, and an interior width of 2.18 metres ensure a high level of comfort in every way. The kitchen is equipped with a large 142‐litre fridge with AES function (automatic energy selection) and a three‐flame cooker as standard. The 700 MEG CaraCore layout offers the largest open bath in its class. The 650 MF has a comfortable bench toilet. The fully‐integrated design is available with ALDE heating on request. Carefully considered detail in the driver’s cab: the cab door has a pleasant soft‐touch surface and electric window regulators, as well as a ticket holder, a practical storage net, and a bottle holder. Functional, stylish, modern, authentic, and with lots of storage space: the new CaraCore, costing from EUR 55,490, is a typical WEINSBERG design – and the perfect vehicle for anyone who values the best quality and design at an unbeatable price‐performance ratio.

CaraCompact and CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER]

The CaraCompact and the fully‐equipped special model EDITION [PEPPER] equals success on wheels. For model year 2020, WEINSBERG has made its series and special models even better, with new exterior and interior designs. The newly designed roof hood, the new rear bumper and the window stickers add a modern touch, and highlight the dynamic character of the vehicles. The roof hood, with integrated insulation, is produced as standard with fibre‐reinforced polyurethane. This so‐called LFI technology (long‐fibre injection) was previously impractical for models of this price class, and is therefore unique. LFI components are lighter, odourless, extremely robust and resilient, both in extremely high and freezing temperatures. A striking detail at the rear: the full LED lighting, which ensures increased safety. Series and special models are available with an optional, practical gas cylinder storage space. The interior boasts a modern yet cosy atmosphere. Ambient lighting, ceiling cabinets with brand‐specific signature elements, cross‐laminated wood, homogeneous and matching furniture, and a large panoramic skylight (130 x 45 cm) which is available on request, the unique interior designs of the CaraCompact – especially that of the EDITION [PEPPER] – impress. The new MALABAR upholstery makes the seating area in the special model truly eye‐catching, with dark‐brown imitation leather, combined with beige material and decorative stitching. Copper‐coloured cushions, bedding and table runners add stylish accents. The colour scheme also features in the shiny copper handles of the ceiling cabinets. Simple but striking patterns on the kitchen worktops and on the back wall behind the bed give the interior of the EDITION [PEPPER] a certain je ne sais quoi, and a very special atmosphere. The layouts of the series and special models have also been optimised for the new model year. The 600 MG is replaced by the 600 MF, which has a more refined appearance, a large French bed (measuring over two metres in length),  and a bathroom with a bench toilet. The bed in the 600 MEG design is over two metres long, and the bathroom has a modern pull‐out wash basin. Drawers with soft‐close function, a large 142‐litre fridge with AES function, and a 24‟ LED TV complete the furnishings of the vehicle. By the way: The CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER], with comprehensive standard equipment and a unique price‐performance ratio, has been Europe’s most successful motorhome for several years.



Sleek, aerodynamic and well thought‐out from the front to the back – despite its young age, the CaraOne is already among the WEINSBERG classics. For model year 2020, it is better and more stylish than before, with a newly‐designed exterior and interior, and two new layouts. The re‐designed front section and the new rear tail light carrier make the caravan even more striking. The new film graphics in anthracite and champagne also contribute to this, as they emphasise the brand and series logotype and highlight the stylish character of the CaraOne. Depending on the layout, caravans on an AL‐KO chassis have a large wraparound windshield at the front. In the modern interior, bright furniture fronts, cross‐laminated wood, high‐quality materials and new upholstery and fabrics create contrasts and a harmonious environment – matching the furniture and the ambient lighting. In short: the atmosphere has a feel‐good factor to it. The kitchen, with its three‐flame cooker and large 133‐litre fridge with AES function and freezer compartment (depending on the layout),  will warm the heart of every aspiring chef. There is plenty of storage space, not just in the spacious bathroom – which has a towel rack and a shower curtain with inflatable tubing – but in the whole vehicle. The CaraOne layouts range is expanded for the new model year, with the new 390 PUH and 540 EUH. A special feature: the large lifting bed for two people, above the round seating group at the rear. The compact 390 PUH, which has a usable length of four meters, also impresses with its 2.09 metre interior height, spacious front kitchen, wraparound windshield and 142‐litre refrigerator. As the 540 EUH is designed for the family, the single beds at the front provide two more sleeping spaces. An optional 32‟ TV is available in both of the new layouts.

CUVs (Caravaning Utility Vehicles)

Jubiläum: 50 Jahre WEINSBERG CUVs

A maximum level of living comfort on the basis of a utility vehicle minus any cumbersome structures – the fundamental concept of the CUV has always been well‐loved. And in 1969, the first WEINSBERG Caravanning Utility Vehicle – a compact camper with pop‐top roof on the basis of the Fiat 238 – offered precisely that. The grandfather of CUVs measured 4.60 metres long and was not only incredibly roomy, but also more flexibly constructed than even some of today’s models. It included a sink, refrigerator and rear seating group – which could be converted into a large twin bed – meaning it was essentially a fully equipped motorhome. However, all of the furniture could be removed in only a few steps, thereby enabling the CUV to also be used as a small transport vehicle with an astounding 6.5 m3 of loading volume. The vehicle, which was manufactured by the former „Karosseriewerke Weinsberg‟ and later was available as 238 E in the new Cosmos version, was extremely successful and subsequently led to an increase in caravan production. From that moment forward, WEINSBERG Motorhomes played an increasingly prominent role in both the domestic and international markets. Further models followed across an extensive range of basis vehicles, such as Fiat, VW, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel and Mercedes‐Benz, upon which the first WEINSBERG Orbiter was built.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the Fiat Ducato ultimately replaced the 238. It established the basis for the iconic CUV, Cosmos, which was available with a pop‐up flat roof (Type FD) or with an insulated high roof (Type HD).  The HD luxury version also featured an on‐board washroom. In 1992 the motorhome division of Karosseriewerke Weinsberg was sold to Tabbert Industrie AG, which ceased production of the Cosmos and changed the model range. However, after the incorporation of the Knaus Tabbert Group GmbH ten years later, the WEINSBERG brand changed owners and the Cosmos – as an all‐wheel drive model based on the Fiat Ducato – experienced a rebirth in 2003: either as a 551 K with bunk beds in the rear and compressor refrigerator or as 551 MQ with twin beds in the rear. A short time later, the X‐Cursion was introduced. It was a camper van with a tilt‐up roof and was based on the Renault Traffic, albeit without all‐wheel drive but with an affordable sticker price of EUR 30,000.

Finally in 2008/2009, in the newly formed Knaus Tabbert GmbH, the WEINSBERG brand was realigned – successfully in every imaginable way, even with the CUVs: all of the company’s experience as well as 50 years of CUV expertise of the traditional brand have been poured into the current CaraBus and CaraTour models. By the way: an example of the original 69 model has been successfully restored in Jandelsbrunn.

CaraBus und CaraTour 630 MEG [OUTLAW]

Sporty and modern, equipped with elaborate details – including true WEINSBERG CUV expertise – that is what CaraBus and CaraTour represent. With the new 630 MEG [OUTLAW], the range of layouts expands even further for model year 2020. The first CUV in the range with fixed rear garage has a loading capacity of 215 x 150 x 144 cm – i.e. 4500 litres – and is in a league of its own. There is space in the more than generously sized garage for sports equipment of all kinds. Even a motorbike or quad bike can be transported in the CaraBus or CaraTour 630 MEG [OUTLAW]. To prevent the unpleasant smell of petrol from entering the living space, the hold is elaborately, and almost hermetically, sealed. The sidewalls and furiture of the garage have a durable, impervious CPL coating. There are also standard practical lashing rails for securing various items of sports equipment and travel essentials. Despite the focus on all things sporty and practical, the living comfort in the new 630 MEG [OUTLAW] floorplan is uncompromised – there is a spacious kitchen with a two‐ring hob and compressor refrigerator, a spacious CUV bathroom, plenty of storage space, diesel heating as standard, a comfortable bench seat, and a „floating‟ Comfort Entry table without a cumbersome table leg. What’s more: the fixed bed above the rear garage has an ample sleeping surface, measuring 197 x 175 cm. Sleep above, load below – the [OUTLAW] is ideal for athletes. The new WEINSBERG CUV 630 MEG is not just the ultimate leisure companion for everyone, but also ideal for artisans, fitters and other professionals who are regularly out and about and have to transport a lot of equipment. The practical [OUTLAW] is a true universal genius.


For 60 years, TABBERT models of the highest quality and with great attention to detail have been constructed at the plant in Mottgers. Premium caravans in the 2020 series have numerous optimisations, including a new outside lock and internal locking system. There are additional sockets in the seating area. Thanks to the optional city water connection, which is now underneath the vehicle floor, it is possible to securely connect the caravan to the public water supply – water therefore no longer has to be taken to the vehicle. If the framed windows option is selected, the caravan will now also be equipped with a large, curtained front window. On request, most models can be ordered with 17‟ aluminium wheel rims in either crystal‐silver or white sheen, which highlight the refined appearance and premium character of TABBERT vehicles. In the new model year, the VIVALDI 685 DF includes a practical linen cupboard, instead of a wardrobe, which makes the spacious kitchen 30 cm wider, meaning that it offers more work space.


The re‐designed PUCCINI sets new standards in the superior class – it is more innovative, refined and modern than ever before. The two‐tone furniture fronts perfectly accentuate the dark cross‐laminated wood used in the exquisite interior. A special design feature: the new, unique lighting concept. Along with the indirect lounge lighting, illuminated panels in the entrance area, bathroom and kitchen immerse the interior in a pleasant, warm light. The lighting panels are truly eye‐catching, as their rhombic pattern incorporates the characteristic element of the familiar TABBERT emblem. The same pattern can also be seen on the reading lamps. The exclusive lighting design and the selection of fine materials give the interior a new feel, and a new dimension of well‐being in the superior class. Several practical storage and stowage compartments, as well as numerous sockets, a large 177 litre fridge with twin connector (depending on the layout),  the TRUMA iNet system and the Combi 6 heating also contribute to this. In the new model year, the single beds are now 93 cm wide. The revised floorplan portfolio for 2020 is clearly arranged yet versatile. The 550 E, 560 TD, 685 DF and 750 HTD layouts – complemented by the new 655 EL layout with single beds and a large seating group – sleep up to four people, and have a generous amount of living space in different structural lengths.


The best caravan in the luxury class, incomparable, with a refined character, for stylish campers with a passion for the extraordinary – that is the CELLINI. From model year 2020, it has a new automotive, futuristic exterior design. The large, dark‐glazed window, which covers almost the entire width stern, dominates the striking rear view, and the shunting bar bears an illuminated 3D CELLINI logotype. The front has also been „edged‟ and contributes to the impressive appearance of the CELLINI. In the newly‐designed interior, the CELLINI models show that they are at the absolute top end of the luxury range. Dark wood with stainless steel accents, as well as the highest quality materials, give the living room area a very elegant appearance. The new lighting concept also makes a strong contribution to this: in the entrance area and in the bathroom, illuminated panels with rhombic patterns provide pleasant lighting. The rhombic design of the TABBERT emblem also features on the reading lamps. The wall in the sleeping area is adorned with a number of small lights, the rays of which create a subtle rhombic pattern. Other interior innovations: thanks to the unique ceiling cabinet construction with integrated LED ambient lighting, neither the handles nor the snappers are visible, thus resulting in homogeneous furniture surfaces. The light shades of the new PURPLE STONE (fabric),  IVORY LEAF (imitation leather) and CREAM NATURE (genuine leather) upholstery are a slick contrast to the dark wood. If the genuine leather design is selected, the U‐shaped seating group is equipped with adjustable headrests, and a small integrated table with cup holders, a plug, and a USB port. In addition, the degree of hardness of the seats can be optionally pneumatically adjusted. The CELLINI has Combi 6 heating and a TRUMA iNet system as standard. An interface enabling voice control through Apple, Amazon Echo and Android devices is available on request. This makes it possible to operate functions such as lighting, heating and air conditioning by voice command. The CELLINI is available as a 655 DF and a 750 HTD SLIDE‐OUT in the new model year.


Timeless, iconic, and with its own superhero (T@BMAN) – the T@B is a modern classic. Things can only get better in terms of its details, and the steep success curve remains unswerving in model year 2020. The drop‐shaped caravan, with its retro design, has a large fanbase and is especially popular with younger customers. The iconic motorhome is available in four styles – BASIC, MEXICAN SUNSET, METROPOLIS (with a 320 or 400 layout design) and OFFROAD (320).  There are also five different upholstery colours to choose from. If you are looking for something special, you can’t go wrong with the customisable T@B. Because the vehicle looks bigger on the inside than on the outside, it leaves nothing to be desired. A double bed, a cosy seating area, a kitchen, a BWT water filter – the iconic retro caravan offers everything that a happy camper needs, and more.


KNAUS and WEINSBERG will showcase two notable accomplishments in Düsseldorf. The two show cars – L!VE I and The CORE – are the metaphorical icing on the cake, and show what is creatively possible in motorhome construction. That’s how the KNAUS L!VE I presents itself, with liquid chrome‐blue accents – such as the unmistakable KNAUS swallows or the „L!VE I‟ logotype on the lateral window shades – on a black matt background, which really sets off the distinctive design. The dark colour scheme gives the vehicle a dynamic, casual look. The look of the WEINSBERG The CORE is characterised by a progressive design with copper‐coloured applications, e.g. on the side wall protectors. Light and dark contrasts, combined with the design elements, set strong accents and ensure a striking appearance. The distinctive fronts of the two Fiat‐based designs also make the vehicles highly recognisable. Full LED headlamps in a unique U‐shape in L! VE I; chrome strips on the radiator grille, eye‐catching air inlets. The CORE also impresses with full LED headlamps, as well as an eye‐catching windscreen, which has been visually enlarged at the top and bottom. The unique show cars are an appetiser for further models in the range, and will be true showstoppers at Knaus Tabbert’s stand in Hall 4.


The KNAUS VAN TI is the brand ambassador of a promotional tour with a mission: to provide a fast Internet connection on the road. The Vodafone GigaCube has a capacity of up to 200 MB per second, and is perfect for use in a motorhome or caravan. The KNAUS vehicle in Vodafone red is on the road in Germany, visiting markets and campsites, and introducing the fast WLAN router to interested customers (  At the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, a GigaCube in the TABBERT CELLINI provided the Internet connection required for voice control. Selected press test vehicles are also equipped with the router, for a faster Internet connection on the road.


“Holidays with the caravan‟ – the slogan of RENT AND TRAVEL sums it up perfectly: rent a motorhome. All aboard for an enjoyable holiday! More than 360 partner travel agencies in Germany offer both novices and regular campers advice on everything – from choosing the right rental vehicle, to determining a route. At around 160 rental stations throughout Germany, over 1900 KNAUS and WEINSBERG vehicles are ready and waiting to hit the road. Anyone who is interested can find out more on the RENT AND TRAVEL website (www. rentandtravel. de) and hire a vehicle directly from there. Several best practices of the travel world have been implemented in the development of the online booking platform, which enables easy use by the customer. The platform is structured differently, depending on whether the user is a new customer, a regular renter or a potential buyer. New tool: latecomers can now enjoy last‐minute deals – both online and at the travel agency. Vehicles which are available for a few days between two booked periods can be reserved at short notice during these „between times‟ for an attractive price.

The customer base and the network of partner travel agencies and rental stations have expanded constantly. RENT AND TRAVEL is aiming to become the number one rental brand for new customers – and is well on the way to achieving that. The number of visitors to – and bookings made via – the website has grown tremendously over the past year. The number of rental stations is also steadily increasing. These are not only located in Germany ‐motorhomes can also be rented in Sweden. There are rental stations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kristinehamn, Norrköping and Lulea. Scandinavia isn’t the only popular  camping destination. Rental stations have also been established in the Italian cities of Venice, Milan, Modena and Bologna. Discover Europe on four wheels, embrace the freedom and spontaneity of camping, and satisfy your wanderlust – in short: many customers do not want to say goodbye to their rented KNAUS or WEINSBERG vehicle at the end of their holiday. They therefore switch from being renting customers to purchasing customers.

New for the 2020 rental season: starting this autumn, motorhomes, CUVs and Caravans will be available for hire from RENT AND TRAVEL. A separate RENT AND TRAVEL booking system has been developed for the perfect cooperation between end customers, rental stations and travel agencies. This system has been created especially for the caravan industry, and is unique on the market. NEW: in the future, the system will be available not only to RENT AND TRAVEL partners, but also to all renting customers in the caravan industry as a brand‐independent licensing model. The functions and options offered by the booking system are based on the expertise of RENT AND TRAVEL in all four corners of the vehicle rental world.

About the Knaus Tabbert AG

Knaus Tabbert AG is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in Jandelsbrunn, Germany. Its other locations can be found in Mottgers and Schlüsselfeld in Germany and in Nagyoroszi in Hungary.

The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2YN504) since September 2020. In the year 2023 it generated sales of 1.44 billion euros with its KNAUS, TABBERT, T@B, WEINSBERG, MORELO brands and the RENT AND TRAVEL rental service, had over 4000 employees and produced more than 30,000 leisure vehicles.


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