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The novelties of the CMT Stuttgart 2023

KNAUS TABBERT AGpublished at 13.01.2023 at 10:00


  • Concept cars: A new twist on flexibility – the TOURER CUV and TOURER CUVISION establish a new vehicle category.
  • KNAUS and VW – a strong team: The TOURER VAN and TOURER VAN VANSATION on VW T6.1.
  • K‐SIGN – Customisation from the factory for KNAUS TOURER models
  • KNAUS E.POWER DRIVE Strictly electric – electric heating and air conditioning. Quiet running and economical – new range extender motor
  • Maximum living comfort and exceptional driving dynamics: the VAN TI PLUS and VAN TI PLUS PLATINUM SELECTION now on the VW Crafter.
  • A sure‐fire success: the AZUR combines comfort and functionality in a unique design.


  • 100% new, 100% WEINSBERG: The X‐Cursion Van and X‐Cursion Van EDITION [PEPPER] on a VW T6.1 chassis.
  • Successful models rebootet: CaraSuite and CaraLoft on Ford Transit chassis.
  • OWN – Custom design for X‐CURSION and PEPPER MB models
  • True success stories… to be continued: CaraBus and CaraTour now also available on a Ford Transit chassis.


  • Strong character, unique, different: The PEP PANTIGA establishes a new mobility dimension.
  • New look on the web: The new TABBERT website.


  • Timeless, iconic, T@B: The modern yet retro classic caravan is heading into the 2023 model year as a success.


  • Rent a vehicle, get in, and enjoy your holiday: Currently over 3,000 partner travel agencies, 180 rental stations and 2,200 vehicles.
  • New benefits: Three rental systems for commercial rental companies.



A completely new category of vehicle is celebrating in Stuttgart. Based on the VW T6.1, KNAUS is completely redefining the class of CUV (Caravanning Utility Vehicle) and combining the best of two worlds. The Tourer CUV Studies offers many benefits with its variable roof: „Entrenched‟ in driving mode, agile and compact as an urban class vehicle, the caravan is pleasingly small as a result, meaning that there is less resistance against the airstream. This reduces consumption and protects the environment. This solution also makes it possible to navigate many underground car parks. By contrast, when arriving at its destination, the Tourer CUV reveals its full height of 1.90 m at the push of a button, thanks to the unique and flexible lifting roof construction, which is electrically operated by remote control and offers around 70 cm of extra height.

With a total length of almost 5.9 metres, like the 500 MQ, the Tourer CUV provides up to four beds. However, a fully equipped kitchen with two‐flame cooker, sink and 90‐litre compressor fridge and an open bath must not be missed. The washroom contains another highlight: the shower cabin is also equipped with a lifting roof. This means: when lowered, the top side forms part of the bed construction in the rear. In the top position, there is a good 1.90 metres’ standing height under the shower. And the storage space on offer is just as remarkable. The spacious rear garage can hold 150 kg and can easily be loaded and unloaded via two large doors, the right one measuring approx. 1.1 x 0.720 m and the left one 1.1 x 0.55 m. The gas locker is also easy to load with the five‐kilogram bottle. It only supplies the two‐flame cooker, as heating is provided via Combi 4 diesel heating, which is installed under the rear area. The basis of the Tourer CUV – also available as 500 LT with opposite seats – is the VW 6.1, with 110 HP in the entry‐level engine and standard six‐speed manual gearbox. However, stronger engines and a seven‐level dual‐clutch transmission are also available as an option.

And from the word go, the Tourer CUV has also existed as a highly attractive CUVISION special model in Ascot grey, with standard 150 HP motor and seven‐level dual‐clutch transmission, comprehensive standard equipment such as 17‐inch tyres on alloy metal wheels, LED headlights, climate control system in the cab, seat heating in the front, along with a heatable windscreen and a navigation entertainment system with inductive charger for smartphones. The KNAUS CUVISION also possesses a full TV Package with bracket and antenna, via a rear‐view camera. A 70 x 50 cm roof hood over the transversal bed in the rear, and the innovative slide bed in the front, allow air and light into the vehicle. The CUVISION also includes side awning. Always on board: the folding/expanding rear so typical of KNAUS, along with the integrated and striking rear light support.

The Tourer CUVISION is even ahead of the game when it comes to safety systems. Emergency brake assistant, distance‐controlled cruise control, fatigue recognition and multicollision brakes are all on offer, to keep up with the times. And the start/stop system with brake energy recovery also protects the environment.



KNAUS and Volkswagen establish a new partnership in the motorhome segment: the new TOURER VAN. The newly developed semi‐integrated vehicle based on the VW T6.1 makes a great first impression with its sporty, striking exterior in the unmistakable KNAUS design. This is matched by the modern, inviting interior of the TOURER VAN with open lines of sight, well thought‐out storage space, light wood and stylish accents in SAMOA. The new semi‐integrated vehicle is available in two layouts: 500 MQ and 500 LT. Thanks to the FoldXPand rear construction, a compact exterior length delivers a gain in interior length. With an interior width of 200 cm, a height of 276 cm and a length of 588 cm, the TOURER VAN is spacious and manageable at the same time.

Both layouts have a spacious kitchen with 90‐litre compressor fridge, sink and two‐burner hob, as well as diesel heating and boiler. A 5 kg gas cylinder provides generous reserves for cooking. A practical sliding bed above the driver’s cab can be ordered on request, so that a total of up to four people can sleep in the TOURER VAN. The 500 MQ also has a truly special feature. With a few simple hand movements – supported by an innovative mechanism with gas spring and belt strap – the bathroom can easily be adapted to the current usage situation. If it is not needed, you can push the height‐adjustable shower down so that it is at the level of the adjacent rear double bed; the mattress then rests on top of the shower. This creates extra space while the shower is not in use. When the shower is pushed into the upper position, it becomes a fully‐functional shower cubicle with a folding wall and full standing height of 1.90 metres. Whether in sleep or shower mode – the toilet is accessible and usable at all times. Another impressive feature of the 500 MQ is its fully functional rear garage and two separate sleeping areas: the double bed in the rear and the optional sliding bed in the front. In the 500 LT there is a spacious garage, a large floor storage compartment that can also be reached via the garage, as well as further compartments and cupboards for holiday equipment of all kinds. The comfortable swivelling bathroom makes the most of the space by combining two different areas of use: the washbasin on one side can be swivelled over the toilet with a flick of the wrist. This creates a self‐contained shower area with smooth walls on the other side. The shower shelves integrated into the side wall are fully usable in both areas. Another standout feature is the very spacious face‐to‐face seating group: instead of one, the 500 LT has two bench seats arranged lengthways that comfortably seat four people. If the driver’s seat and front passenger seat are also turned to face the living area, a total of six people can sit at the table, which can also be widened if necessary. So you can easily invite guests to join you for a meal. What’s more, this seating group can be converted into a spacious double bed.

Right from the start, the TOURER VAN can also be ordered as a special VANSATION model. The wide range of equipment includes far more fittings than those available in the usual VANSATION model, for example: cab and side panels in Ascot Grey, 17“ VW alloy wheels, LED main headlights including LED daytime running lights, „Light Assist“ main beam control and fog lights including cornering lights, heated windscreen washer nozzles, tyre pressure display, 7‐speed DSG automatic transmission, Naviceiver VW Streaming & Internet including rear view camera, smartphone interface with inductive charging function, ACC distance control including Front Assist with city emergency braking function, front bumper painted in body colour, electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, second garage door, insect protection door, awning light, awning in anthracite, panoramic vent window, insulated and heated waste water tank, multifunction display in colour, drowsiness detection, multifunction leather steering wheel, height‐adjustable Genuine VW seats with double armrests and lumbar support, heated seats for driver and front passenger, ambient lighting, Smart TV and the special model VANSATION WINTER WHITE upholstery.

Compared to the standard model with corresponding fittings, the TOURER VAN VANSATION offers enormous savings.

K-SIGN: Customisation from the factory for KNAUS TOURER models

Large‐scale production and customisation do not have to be polar opposites any more. Wellknown sub‐brands of significant automobile manufacturers have proven this for many years. Now KNAUS motorhomes can also be individually refined and finished directly from the factory. With K‐SIGN, all TOURER models can now be personalised to the highest level, according to your wishes. The sporty and harmonious design, which consistently gives the appearance of a cast product, is particularly eye‐catching for K‐SIGN. A striking radiator grille conveys a sense of power and resolve, and fittingly, the aerodynamically styled front apron is a key feature of the individual faces of the TOURER models from K‐SIGN. The final visual touch is the styling of the K‐SIGN models with powerfully‐designed 18‐inch aluminium wheels, given a high‐sheen finish to create a visual contrast.


Further development of the KNAUS E. POWER DRIVE vehicle study remains on schedule. The first fully electric motorhome from Knaus Tabbert has completed an extensive test program over recent months. During the tests, the electric motorhome was driven to its technical limits on performance test benches. The individual components were coordinated and tested for everyday use on closed test routes and subjected to both stop‐and‐go and continuous operation. Further development steps were completed in parallel with this, including the implementation of the control software. Knaus Tabbert is working on the future of caravanning in collaboration with HWA AG – a leading and experienced development partner in the fields of motorsport and engineering.

Because: Many customers want their future mobility solutions to be modern and clean – making the E. POWER DRIVE study the logical step towards creating an electric recreational vehicle: The e‐drive motor – which delivers an output of up to 180 kW – drives the front wheels and gives the vehicle a range of 90 km in purely electric mode. The e‐motor is also able to recuperate energy in overrun mode, harvesting electricity from the inertia, and is fed by the 35 kW high‐voltage battery‐installed beneath the vehicle’s floor. Once a defined battery threshold is reached, the range extender – which is permanently coupled to a generator – automatically kicks in when driving, eliminating the need for inconvenient and time‐consuming charging stops. The primary task of the REX is to charge the traction battery, but it can also supply power directly to the drive motor. The range extender simultaneously supplies power to the vehicle’s habitation area.

New under study: A threecylinder in‐line engine can now be found under the bonnet. The petrol engine comes from Fiat, has a power output of 51 kW and is permanently coupled to the generator. The specifications indicate a system range of around 600 kilometres for the E. POWER DRIVE. Moreover, the E. POWER DRIVE consistently uses electricity to power the cooker and heater. The heater delivers 3 kW and can also be used as an air conditioning unit. Further extensive development steps and testing remain before launching series production.


Ever since its market launch, the sporty VAN TI PLUS has been thrilling customers with its maximum living comfort and exceptional driving dynamics. For the 2023 model year, it has undergone some improvements and changes. It now has a new base vehicle, the VW Crafter, which perfectly matches the „PLUS“ of the VAN TI PLUS: modern assistance systems, all‐wheel drive on request, 140 hp and 6‐speed manual transmission, optionally 177 hp and 8‐speed automatic transmission – the new chassis forms an attractive unit with the VAN TI PLUS, which delights with a PLUS in safety and driving dynamics. Thanks to the innovative FoldXPand rear end, the vehicle becomes shorter while maintaining the same spacious living area.

Both 650 MEG and 700 LF layouts are now also available with extensive PLATINUM equipment, which offers a great price advantage compared to the standard model with corresponding equipment: e. g. chassis in metallic INDIUM GREY paint, original VW 17“ alloy wheels, front bumper painted in the colour of the vehicle, manual air conditioning, multi‐function steering wheel, swivelling driver’s cab seats in KNAUS Wohnwelt design, cruise control with speed limiter, drowsiness detection, electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, „Discover Media“ navigation system including „Streaming & Internet“ with four speakers, digital radio reception, rear view camera, PREMIUM cabin door, insect screen door, bed widening to the sunbathing area, bed widening in the foot area for 700 LF (F‐bed), ACTIVE ROCK upholstery, digital Truma CP‐Plus heating control panel, bluuwater water filter system, ambient lighting, 32“ smart TV, awning and EXCLUSIVE cab darkening.



It was already the KNAUS premium class caravan back in the 1980s, standing for top quality and state‐of‐the‐art technology. And so there can be no other model to give its name to the new premium series in trend‐setting frame technology: AZUR.

The new AZUR combines functionality, cosiness and innovative technology. Its frame consists of 22 fibre frame parts glued together by a robot. The self‐supporting high‐strength frame not only ensures the best stability and durability, but also flexibility in layout and room design. Its UV‐resistant and „self‐healing“ surface easily absorbs pressure marks and dents. If a mishap occurs and the frame is scratched (without material removal) due to contact with a tree or branch, the scratch will disappear again following exposure to heat – for example in the sun. Thanks to the high layer density of the frame, scratches (material removal) can be easily removed by grinding and polishing. Along the frame, the caravan has a circumferential awning rail integrated into the surface. The integrated and homogeneously illuminated contour lighting in the side wall makes the new AZUR an eye‐catcher at every campsite. Thanks to the innovative FoldXPand technology not only in the rear but also in the front, the length of the interior is used perfectly. The rear and front panels as well as the frame are white, the side panels Campovolo grey. The discreet decals with fine lines pick up on the dynamic KNAUS swing. Black KNAUS emblems, standard frame windows with privacy glazing and 17“ KNAUS alloy wheels in polished black accentuate the modern look and feel.

The interior design of the AZUR focuses on cosiness and high‐quality materials as well as functional solutions. The interior is more reminiscent of a modern, inviting loft flat than a caravan. Dark, cross‐grained wood, grey and light surfaces, large windows, fabric covering of the entire roof area as well as all walls, a comfortable seating area that is more like a couch – the new AZUR offers a delightfully cosy interior with a genuine feel‐good factor. During the development of the new caravan, great importance was attached to a holistic lighting concept. Not only the natural brightness through the windows, but also the lighting in LED technology more than skilfully sets the scene for the AZUR: the joint bands of all the furniture are illuminated, the straight lines of the entire interior are underlined with light and the line of the furniture, which is deliberately set off from the ceiling in favour of the straight contours, is emphasised by a special light band. This was developed especially for KNAUS and consists of several light segments that switch on and off effectively in the style of a „running light“ and thus gradually brighten or darken the living space.

Another special feature in the interior: the Smart Wall. These are sculpturally designed fabric‐covered surfaces integrated into the wall that can be folded open to use the storage space behind them, for setting up a coffee machine, for example. There is also storage space behind the cushions of the seating group – so every available space is used effectively. Cupboards and storage boxes are back‐ventilated for a particularly pleasant air quality and consistent room temperature. This also prevents the formation of possible condensation. All flaps and drawers have a convenient soft‐close function. In addition, the furniture is slanted, similar to the KNAUS motorhomes. This creates a greater sense of space and optimised lines of sight, and also increases the lying surface of the bed and storage space. The spacious kitchen has a three‐burner hob and a 133‐litre fridge with automatic energy selection. The sleeping area, which can be separated from the rest of the living room by means of a room divider, is equipped with modern reading lamps as well as storage compartments. And the bathroom also blows you away with its unique design, less reminiscent of a caravan than of your own bathroom at home.

The AZUR not only delights you with its cosiness and functionality – its very extensive range of standard equipment also leaves nothing to be desired. These include e. g. a jockey wheel with integrated drawbar load indicator, the PREMIUM cabin door with multiple locking, windows including blackout pleated blind, umbrella holder and multifunctional bag in KNAUS design, an insect screen door, GRP roof with reduced hail sensitivity, aluminium smooth sheeting at the front and rear, a wide LED awning light, the KNAUS CATEYE evolution rear lights with exclusive night signature and dynamic indicator lights in LED technology, a third brake light in exclusive KNAUS design across the entire width of the vehicle and the bluuwater water filter.

For model year 2023, the new AZUR can be ordered in four different layouts of the popular compact body length 500: 500 FU with U‐seating area and queen‐size bed, 460 EU, 500 EU and 540 UE with single beds and U seating area.

CUV (Caravaning Utility Vehicle – new vehicle category)


Combining the best of both worlds: the Urban Class and the compact semi‐integrated or panel van. KNAUS presents a „game changer“ and establishes a new vehicle category with the TOURER CUV based on the VW T6.1. CUV stands for Caravaning Utility Vehicle. Its key features are its compact dimensions while driving, space for a comfortable seating area, a fully functional bathroom and great headroom in camping mode.

The TOURER CUV – at under 3,500 kg ideal for class B driving licence holders – stands for flexibility with full camping suitability. With seating for four while driving, four sleeping places and generous storage space, it is equally a perfect family vehicle. The TOURER CUV is suitable for city use, manoeuvring through narrow streets and finding a parking space are no problem. And despite its compact dimensions, it offers an interior headroom of two metres in camping mode. This is possible thanks to the innovative elevating roof concept. In compact driving mode, the interior height is 150 cm. The length of the TOURER CUV is 588 cm, the interior width 190 cm. The FoldXPand rear creates extra interior length. With shower facilities, fixed bathroom including toilet, full kitchen and refrigerator as well as diesel heating and boiler, camping enthusiasts will find it is in no way inferior to a motorhome or camper van (panel van). Its compact exterior dimensions and the resulting manageability offer comfortable cruising speeds; important assistance systems and an extremely stable body ensure a high level of safety. The so‐called „Bridge Light“ between the KNAUS CATEYE evolution tail lights – a continuous light band – makes the vehicle even more visible and gives the new CUVs a high recognition value.

Like the TOURER VAN, the new TOURER CUV is available in the 500 MQ (with height‐adjustable shower, full rear garage and rear double bed) and 500 LT (with swivelling bathroom, garage, floor storage and fixed seating group that can be converted into a double bed) layouts. The elevating roof has two additional sleeping places as an option – the optional sliding bed with its sophisticated mechanism lies partly on top of the driver’s cab and is partly pulled out to the rear.

Right from the start, the TOURER CUV can also be ordered as the extensively equipped special model TOURER CUVISION. The equipment includes, for example: 17“ VW alloy wheels, front bumper painted in body colour, electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, LED main headlights including LED daytime running lights, „Light Assist“ main beam control and fog lights including cornering lights, insect protection door, awning light, awning, heated windscreen washer nozzles, insulated and heated waste water tank, tyre pressure display, ACC distance control including Front Assist with city emergency braking function, multifunction display in colour, drowsiness detection, Naviceiver VW Streaming & Internet including rear view camera, smartphone interface with inductive charging function, multifunction leather steering wheel, height‐adjustable original VW seats with double armrests and lumbar support as well as heated seats for driver and front passenger.

Compared to the standard model with corresponding equipment, the TOURER CUVISION offers enormous savings.



X‐Cursion VAN and X‐Cursion VAN EDITION [PEPPER]

The X‐Cursion Van is 100% new and 100% WEINSBERG. The sleek, semi‐integrated motorhome is the first WEINSBERG vehicle to be built on the VW T6.1 chassis. The new base vehicle is the perfect match for the authentic, price‐conscious WEINSBERG brand and its unparalleled standards of function and design. The T6.1 provides the vehicle with a new „face“ that blends in seamlessly with the look that is characteristic of WEINSBERG, creating a striking, modern ensemble. The cosy, stylish interior of the X‐Cursion Van featuring wood and warm tones is also very fitting.

The new X‐Cursion Van is available in two different layouts: the 500 LT features a practical swivelling bathroom, i. e. the washbasin is positioned on one side and can be swivelled into position above the toilet. In one simple step, a shower area with smooth walls is created on the other side. Shelves have been incorporated into the side wall, so full use can be made of them whether taking a shower or having a wash. By making the most efficient use of the space, the swivelling bathroom combines two different areas in one. Another feature that sets apart the 500 LT is the fixed seating area. The vehicle has not just one, but two benches, which are positioned lengthwise. If necessary, the table between the benches can be extended. When the cab seats are turned around, the table can easily accommodate a total of six people – perfect for inviting over guests or neighbouring campers. What’s more, the seating area can be transformed into a large double bed in no time at all. With the sliding bed above the cab, which can be ordered as an optional extra, a total of up to four people can sleep in the 500 LT. There is plenty of room for all of your holiday clothes and gear in the 60 x 90 cm garage, the many storage compartments and cabinets, as well as the underfloor storage compartment, which can also be accessed via the garage.

The 500 MQ boasts a full‐sized rear garage and a large double bed at the rear. A sliding bed at the front can also be ordered as an optional extra for this layout, so it also has room for up to 4 people to sleep in two separate sleeping areas. The feature that sets apart the 500 MQ is the innovative height‐adjustable shower. When not needed, it can be lowered to the same height as the adjacent bed in a few simple steps – with the help of a pneumatic spring – and the mattress then rests on top of the shower. This creates extra room and storage space. When the shower is raised to its top position, a full‐sized shower cubicle is created just like the one at home in your own bathroom – with a folding door and a full headroom of 1.90 metres. The mattress is shaped in such a way that the corresponding mattress part can be easily moved aside whenever the shower is in use. The toilet can be used at any time, whether someone is sleeping or showering. Both X‐Cursion Van layouts feature a spacious kitchen with a sink, a two‐burner hob and a 90‐litre Thetford compressor refrigerator. As the boiler and heating system are diesel‐powered, gas is only required for the hob, so a 5‐kg gas cylinder is all that you will need. With an interior width of 200 cm, a total vehicle height of 285 cm and length of 588 cm, the new semi‐integrated motorhome is spacious yet compact. 

Right from the start, the X‐Cursion Van is also available as a [PEPPER] special model that is jam‐packed with features – far more features than usually come with [PEPPER] models. This includes a 150 hp engine, 7‐speed DSG automatic transmission, Ascot Grey paint finish for the sidewall and cab, bumpers painted in the same colour as the vehicle, electric wing mirrors, 17“ VW alloy wheels, LED main headlights including LED daytime running light, „Light Assist“ main beam control system and fog lights including cornering lights, an insect screen door, awning light, anthracite awning, panoramic vent window, second garage door, heated windscreen washer jets, tyre pressure indicator, ACC adaptive cruise control including Front Assist with City Emergency Braking function, a colour multifunction display, drowsiness detection, Naviceiver VW Streaming & Internet including reversing camera, multifunction leather steering wheel, insulated and heated waste water tank, height‐adjustable original VW seats with twin armrests and lumbar support, heated driver and passenger seats, low‐maintenance and hard‐wearing Active Line MALABAR fabric, 24“ smart TV, ambient lighting as well as a smartphone interface featuring inductive charging.

Compared to the standard model and the features that it includes, the price of the X‐Cursion Van EDITION [PEPPER], which can vary from country to country, represents excellent value for money.

CaraLoft and CaraSuite – two new motorhomes on Ford Transit chassis

The WEINSBERG programme is expanded, meaning greater choice for customers. The CaraLoft and CaraSuite models are now available on the basis of the Ford Transit. The base versions of both these semi‐integrated models already offer a comprehensive equipment package. In addition to an on‐board computer, cruise control, air conditioning, central locking and a DAB radio with hands‐free system are also on board as standard. Moreover, there are many practical storage compartments and plenty of stowage space in the driver’s cab too. These new vehicles also set the benchmark for current state‐of‐the‐art technologies. The 2.0‐litre Eco Blue diesel produces 130 hp and drives the 16‐inch front wheels via a six‐speed manual gearbox. A 155‐hp powertrain with six‐speed automatic transmission is also available as an option. ESP, including crosswind assist, traction control and hill hold control are additional features. A camera‐based emergency braking system, lane assist with drowsiness detection and automatic high beam assist are available as further options. Another highlight of the new WEINSBERG motorhomes is that further customisation is very easy thanks to the wide range of packages on offer. Whether you need additional sockets, TV with satellite system, GPS tracker to guard against vehicle theft, a navigation system or the styling package with 16‐inch aluminium rims and the chassis in metallic magnetic grey – there’s practically no wish that remains unfulfilled. The CaraLoft, at just under seven metres in length, is the 650 MF. Its special feature is the French bed located at rear right, which leaves the line of sight from front to rear unobstructed and conveys an impression of generous space. Another practical feature is that the full bathroom is located right next to the double bed in the rear. The significant difference on the CaraSuite is that it features an additional fold‐down bed above the dinette. Two layouts are available: the 6.99‐metre 650 MEG and the 7.42‐metre 700 MEG. In addition to the central fold‐down bed, both versions still have single longitudinal beds in the rear and they can be recognised externally by the distinctive „wave‟ in the roof. The double fold‐down bed is accessed via a ladder, which is otherwise stowed on the bathroom door. Another highlight in the kitchen area includes the folding worktop extension, which is now completely level when in use. Moreover, the new two burner cooker is cast as a single unit with the sink, making cleaning the gas cooker much easier.

OWN - Custom design for X-CURSION and PEPPER MB models

Individuality will play an even greater part in future for WEINSBERG. The popular manufacturer of leisure vehicles is offering the new OWN finishing line under the motto of "personal style by WEINSBERG‟. Customisation offers are now available for both versions of the CaraCompact [PEPPER] model for Mercedes‐Benz, and also for the new X‐CURSION for Volkswagen Bulli 6.1. The entire front of the OWN model radiates powerful dynamics. This is the result of the new radiator grille combined with the optimised bug apron. In addition, high‐sheen metal wheels in an 18‐inch format also add a dynamic accent to the overall image of the vehicle. In the case of Pepper MB motorhomes, the ventilation grids can also be further refined with fins from the world of motor sports.

Camper Vans

CaraBus and CaraTour

The WEINSBERG CaraBus and CaraTour camper vans are true success stories. And the new season brings a breath of fresh air, helping to make the two models even more of a success: CaraBus and CaraTour are now also available on a Ford Transit chassis. This combination is the perfect marriage – even more headroom (205 cm), plenty of generous storage space, a huge transverse bed and unbeatable value for money.

CaraBus and CaraTour – each available as 550 MQ and 600 MQ – are available in three fresh exterior colours, which blend in perfectly with the distinctive WEINSBERG design. Inside, the camper vans feature a light wood (CaraBus) and modern CPL aluminium finish (CaraTour). The transverse bed at the rear can be easily reached via a step. Thanks to specially developed side panels, the bed is a remarkable 193 cm in length. On request, the length of the bed can even be extended to 203 cm with the help of a lateral extension in the sleeping area. Thanks to the indirectly heated shower tray and large, ergonomic washbasin, the spacious bathroom also feels luxurious.

Open lines of sight create a tremendous feeling of spaciousness, which is also helped by the unique design of the kitchen: the energy‐efficient compressor refrigerator with freezer compartment is positioned out of sight in the entrance area, so it can be easily accessed from both inside and outside. Amateur cooks are also sure to love the new combined hob and sink unit from Dometic, which includes a two‐burner hob with electric ignition and a split glass cover. Ample storage space can be found next to the hob and in the recesses in the kitchen splashback. There is also plenty of room in the spacious and beautifully crafted overhead storage cabinets, as well as in the garage. Although the Ford chassis is streamlined and highly manoeuvrable, the garage area offers plenty of storage space – compared to the CaraBus and CaraTour on a Fiat chassis, it’s even taller and wider. Thanks to the improved insulation to prevent thermal bridging, the interior is always a pleasant temperature. WEINSBERG camper vans are also perfect for winter camping trips thanks to the standard diesel heating system. 

Other highlights in the new Ford camper vans include the innovative insect screen door, the fully‐covered toilet shaft that is typical of WEINSBERG, the height‐adjustable TV, as well as a modern, open wardrobe at the rear.

CaraBus and CaraTour on a Ford Transit chassis with front‐wheel drive and 3.5 t gross vehicle weight – with ample leeway for the payload – are available with a 130 hp engine and 6‐speed manual transmission. A 155 hp (Heavy Duty) or 170 hp engine and a 6‐speed automatic transmission can also be selected as options. The vehicle is 280 cm in height and either 553 cm or 598 cm in length depending on the layout.

The new base vehicle also comes with intelligent assistance systems, such as ESP, ABS, electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), emergency braking assistance including emergency stop signal and traction control (TCS) as standard. If desired, numerous other systems are also available, such as drowsiness detection, cruise control or lane assist systems. The wing mirrors with integrated indicators are electrically adjustable and heated as standard. The standard halogen headlights with daytime running lights ensure perfectly visibility. The Ford Easy‐Fuel capless system, which prevents you from putting the wrong fuel into the vehicle, the rear bumper with a wide step tread, as well as sturdy lashing eyelets recessed flush into the 50‐mm thick base plate, also come as standard. The innovative WEINSBERG pop‐up roof, which has been specially developed for the Ford vehicles for the new model year, can be ordered as an optional extra. The pop‐up roof is white as standard, but is also available in the same colour as the vehicle on request.



“Lasts a lifetime“ – is the promise TABBERT makes. It applies not only to the high quality materials and solid craftsmanship used, but also to trendy design and integrated state‐of‐the‐art technology. The customer and the environment in which he lives are the focus of every development step. This means that all caravanning fans will find their ideal caravan at TABBERT – one that fully meets their travel expectations. And that preferably lasts a lifetime. With the market launch of the new PEP PANTIGA, the TABBERT development team has therefore created a new mobility dimension.

While it’s true that a TABBERT PEP already existed, you’ll be hard pressed to find any similarities. The only thing it has in common with the 2023 PANTIGA is that it broke ranks with the past and deliberately gained a different appearance to the other TABBERT models, which evolved consistently from their predecessors. The new PEP PANTIGA was developed completely in‐house. The aim was to achieve a combination of trendy design and modern technology combined with an intelligent interior configuration tailored to a young and active style of holiday. PANTIGA – the name is synonymous with adventure and places that are waiting to be discovered: „Pan“ („all“) describes a model which claims to lead the pack, while „tiger“ promises elegance and strength.

The exterior of the PEP PANTIGA is restrained and at the same time strikingly tone‐in‐tone: The white glitter effect graphic decals stand out prominently against the matt white background. The most outstanding feature of the PANTIGA, not only visually, are the large saloon windows on both sides at the rear. They also create a spacious atmosphere inside and even partly determine the furnishing concept. The rear of the vehicle is characterised by the fenders, between which a window in the style of a light strip is mounted (on the 390 WD and 550 E). In keeping with its appearance, the PEP PANTIGA comes with striking 15“ aluminium rims in white. To facilitate quick access from outside, the water tank and power connection have been combined in a service module. Furthermore, the new PANTIGA is equipped with the Dyonic chassis made of high‐strength steel as standard. The innovative design with recesses in the beams saves weight while simultaneously improving stability. The chassis was jointly developed by Knaus Tabbert and Knott, a well‐known company in the industry, which also supplied the rubber torsion axles and electronic stabilisation system (ETS). The chassis can optionally be equipped with a trailer control, jockey wheel with integrated nose weight indicator and a spare wheel mounted under the floor.

The interior of the PEP PANTIGA impresses with a completely new caravan design. It features two high windows on the sides in place of wall cupboards. This not only floods the living area with more light for greater brightness, but also gives it a friendlier and even more spacious feeling. The matt white wall units at the rear and in the kitchen remain visually inconspicuous thanks to their linear, handle‐free design. The impression created by the comfortable, modern seating is also more apartment rather than caravan. Three upholstery combinations in warm sunset colours, cool grey tones or fabric and imitation leather deliver an individual character. Well thought‐out details – such as convenience roller shades, a table with a wooden edge and fabric‐covered wall elements – lend the PANTIGA a relaxed, feel‐good character in combination with the embedded light panels and matching ceiling light. The standard portable induction hob in the kitchen drawer is user‐oriented and extremely practical. A glass cover hides the sink and a waste separating system is available on request for the lower drawer. The 230V and USB connections in the living area are cleverly concealed inside the storage compartments. The compartments themselves are discreetly integrated into the appropriately carved‐out interior walls.

The PEP PANTIGA is available in three layouts designed for different target groups: The compact 390 WD is designed for active holidays with spontaneous location changes. It features a combined living and sleeping area for two people and has a fold‐down bed instead of fixed ones, which offers far more space to move around during the day. It is virtually iconic in terms of the on‐the‐move PANTIGA lifestyle. Both manoeuvrable as well as convertible – with its comfortable bench sofas which can be quickly and easily converted into a spacious and comfortable 204 x 156 cm bed. The popular 550 E single‐bed layout scores with a proper shower, thanks to its tip‐up wash basin unit. Daylight from both sides – and optionally through a panoramic roof light – floods into the light and airy forward sleeping area. The overhead lockers at the sides are matched to the flowing shape of the front to create plenty of storage space. Six spotlights cast the brand‐typical TABBERT diamond pattern onto the wall. Practically thought out: For optimum the storage space utilisation, pull‐out boxes with handles are available for the under‐bed drawers in the 550 E and 550 K. Sufficient space still remains underneath to fit a folding table and chairs or other accessories. The 550 K is best for travelling with children, because it has bunk beds that can be quickly and easily converted into another bench seat. Folding down the upper bed turns it into a backrest. 

The ONE‐NIGHT‐STAND option with battery docking station and high‐performance Power X‐Change exchangeable battery from Einhell offers a further degree of independence. This option delivers enough electrical power for the caravan to be self‐sufficient for up to one night. Thanks to the Power X‐Change‐System, the battery can also be used at home, e. g. for a wide range of Einhell garden machines or tools.

The new TABBERT website

In line with the new TABBERT signature design with its recurring diamond pattern, the new TABBERT website is also even more brand‐oriented. In addition, the site’s functionality follows user behaviour. In the style of a one‐pager, users jump from the home page directly to their areas of personal interest. Models, competencies, news and innovations as well as the brand history – the page leads from one subject area to the next without ever ending at a dead end. Animated elements and video clips as subsections of a subject convey basic information in an entertaining interplay between technical facts and a real holiday feeling.


The iconic „bubble caravan“ is a timeless classic – with its teardrop shape and retro design, the features are the only thing left to improve about the T@B caravan, which is heading into the 2023 model year as a success. The cult caravan stands for a way of life, fun and the spirit of adventure. In addition to a huge fan base, it even has its very own superhero (T@BMAN). Whether you prefer things bright and colourful or plain and simple, the T@B leaves nothing to be desired as its design can be customised – it’s available in the four styles BASIC, MEXICAN SUNSET, METROPOLIS (as layout 320 and 400 in each case) and OFFROAD (320), as well as with five different upholstery colours. Featuring a double bed, cosy seating area, kitchen and bluuwater water filter, the T@B has everything a camper’s heart desires – it feels much larger inside than it appears from outside, proving that true greatness comes from within. The caravan can be further tailored to different needs with the help of optional extras. If you’re looking for something special, then look no further.


Numbers, data, facts

Simple, fast and uncomplicated motorhome or caravan rental, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned camper – RENT AND TRAVEL has the right vehicle and offer for everyone. It is not without reason that the innovative brand has become one of the most successful motorhome rental portals in Germany. Over 3,000 partner travel agencies throughout Germany, more than 2,200 motorhomes, camper vans and caravans from the KNAUS, WEINSBERG, TABBERT and T@B brands at some 180 rental stations in Germany, Sweden and Italy – impressive figures that show how RENT AND TRAVEL is further progressing along its Europe‐wide road to success.

RENT AND TRAVEL addresses three different target groups: Rental customers, prospective buyers and commercial rental companies. This is how RENT AND TRAVEL is inspiring new customers to choose caravanning as a holiday form, turn them into rental customers and bind them to Knaus Tabbert and its vehicle brands. Prospective buyers are given comprehensive advice on how to find the right vehicle for them.

On the website (also in English and Italian), interested parties can find detailed and clear information about camping holidays and also rent their desired vehicle directly. Of course, our partner travel agencies will also help you decide on the right vehicle to rent. The experts at the rental stations will then provide comprehensive instructions on all functions directly at the vehicle at the time of pick‐up. 

With the proprietary RENT AND TRAVEL app, customers have direct access to their booking details, online check‐in, practical checklists and instructional videos on their rental vehicle’s functions.

New: Three rental systems for commercial rental companies

According to GfK, Germany’s largest market research institute, 14.2 million Germans over the age of 18 can imagine taking a caravanning holiday in the next five years. That’s almost a quarter of German adults – and an enormous potential to win new customers. The rental sector is one of Knaus Tabbert AG’s strategic success factors and has therefore been the subject of intensive development and expansion. Because: Renting is the precursor to purchasing, enabling a practical test drive and bringing newcomers to camping into contact with KNAUS, TABBERT, WEINSBERG and T@B at an early stage. Renting facilitates participation in the sharing trend and forces visibility in road traffic and on the camp site. Knaus Tabbert’s rental expertise comprises three pillars: the KT rental software, the KT rental company programme and the RENT AND TRAVEL rental brand. The holistic, comprehensive rental ecosystem reaches out to three different target groups – new rental customers, prospective buyers and commercial rental companies. The three rental systems enable Knaus Tabbert to acquire new customers, turn them into renters, bind them to the company’s brands and support them until they ultimately become buyers. The company’s proprietary rental software and the rental programme provide commercial rental companies with support, offering both a comprehensive service and performance package for their everyday rental businesses and assistance in the development and expansion of their rental businesses.

About the Knaus Tabbert AG

Knaus Tabbert AG is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in Jandelsbrunn, Germany. Its other locations can be found in Mottgers and Schlüsselfeld in Germany and in Nagyoroszi in Hungary.

The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2YN504) since September 2020. In the year 2023 it generated sales of 1.44 billion euros with its KNAUS, TABBERT, T@B, WEINSBERG, MORELO brands and the RENT AND TRAVEL rental service, had over 4000 employees and produced more than 30,000 leisure vehicles.


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