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KNAUS TABBERT is targeting annual growth of 16-18% and expects to double its revenue by 2027

KNAUS TABBERT AGpublished at 16.06.2023 at 11:00
  • Growth drivers: innovations, electrification and effects from product mix
  • Improving earnings quality: EBITDA margin heading for over 10%. 
  • Strong focus on cash flow generation

Jandelsbrunn – At its Capital Markets Day for investors and analysts, KNAUS TABBERT explained its corporate strategy in detail and, for the first time, also announced key figures for its current medium‐term planning for the period 2023–2027. According to this, management is aiming for average annual revenue growth (CAGR) of 16% to 18% for the years 2023–2027 and is heading for the EUR 2 billion mark for revenue towards the end of the plan years. The company also intends to drive the EBITDA margin above the 10% mark in the medium term through economies of scale. 

KNAUS TABBERT is focusing on continuity and still plans to distribute around 50% of net income for the year in accordance with IFRS as a dividend payment.

At the Capital Markets Day, the management also explained the background to the corporate strategy under the slogan „ONE STEP AHEAD“ and, in connection with this, the importance of the future topics of sustainability and electromobility for the company.

The traffic sector contributes to a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. In order to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions, the automotive industry will therefore have to make a substantial contribution. Knaus Tabbert, as a developer and manufacturer of caravans and motor homes, is facing up to this responsibility and is already working intensively on answers to this challenge. The goal is to reduce the direct CO2 emissions of the vehicles on the way to their destination through technical innovations. In this regard, Knaus Tabbert can already point to important successes. As early as 2021, Knaus Tabbert presented the study for a motorhome with hybrid drive at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Another project is the development of an e‐caravan. An e‐caravan is a caravan that has its own energy supply (battery) and its own drive (electric motor). The e‐caravan cannot drive itself, but it can support the towing vehicle and thus extend the range of the towing vehicle. In this way, Knaus Tabbert is making an important contribution to the future viability of the company and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The first functioning prototypes already exist for both projects.

KNAUS TABBERT is working intensively to further accelerate its own sustainability activities. The focus here is on the topics of circular economy and CO2 reduction. This is as much about the responsible use of material resources as it is about minimizing waste, emissions and energy consumption. By switching to CO2‐neutral technologies, Knaus Tabbert intends to further reduce its CO2 footprint. A large part of the required thermal energy is already generated sustainably at the Jandelsbrunn and Mottgers sites through the use of wood waste. The share of renewable thermal energy from the use of wood waste as well as wood chips was 76% in 2022. The Group aims to increase this share to 90% by 2030. By 2030, Knaus Tabbert also aims to generate at least 10% of the electrical energy used at the Group’s sites itself.

Wolfgang Speck, CEO of KNAUS TABBERT AG, on the current strategy: „In the last two years we have made KNAUS TABBERT even more powerful and flexible and have created a solid basis for sustainable growth, not only through the consistent implementation of our multi‐brand strategy for chassis. Our aim is to continue on this successful course. We are investing in our future and plan to continue growing profitably in the coming years. In addition, our focus is entirely on the future issues of sustainability and electromobility: here we want to be among the pioneers in our industry in the future.“ 

About the Knaus Tabbert AG

Knaus Tabbert AG is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in Jandelsbrunn, Germany. Its other locations can be found in Mottgers and Schlüsselfeld in Germany and in Nagyoroszi in Hungary.

The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2YN504) since September 2020. In the year 2023 it generated sales of 1.44 billion euros with its KNAUS, TABBERT, T@B, WEINSBERG, MORELO brands and the RENT AND TRAVEL rental service, had over 4000 employees and produced more than 30,000 leisure vehicles.


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