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Annual press conference 2020

KNAUS TABBERT AGpublished at 21.07.2020 at 12:00

New products for model year 2021

Düsseldorf/Jandelsbrunn. Accepting challenges, continuously making technologies and design even better, revolutionising the future of caravanning – Knaus Tabbert is taking the next decisive steps forward.

It is also doing so very deliberately in these unprecedented times. The first half of 2020 has presented everyone with major challenges – but: There is currently no form of holiday that is safer and has more potential than caravanning.

The scale of this potential was already demonstrated during the first quarter of 2020, which yet again has been extraordinarily successful for Knaus Tabbert GmbH. The year‐on‐year increase in Q1 turnover was in the double‐digit range. The number of vehicle registrations in Germany, the company’s most important market, provides evidence of further potential with motorhomes increasing by 29 percent across the sector in May alone.

The share of Knaus Tabbert GmbH in this extremely positive result is also significant, which underlines the secure long‐term financial position of the Jandelsbrunn‐based company. Consequently, Knaus Tabbert did not need to seek state or federal support – even during the crisis. Caravanning has long since taken its place in the mainstream of society.
For this reason, Knaus Tabbert is looking ahead extremely positively and is showing innovative power, unique, future‐oriented design and strong technologies at this year’s annual press conference: The highly qualified team at the Jandelsbrunn, Mottgers, Schlüsselfeld and Nagyoroszi locations continues to inspire in model year 2021 with fresh ideas and innovative new developments – and bring the future of caravanning within reach, true to the motto „We move‟.  

The leisure vehicle of the future is Knaus Tabbert – as the new motorhomes, CUVs and caravans in Düsseldorf clearly show. The highlights of model year 2021 include:


  • A great sense of space: Panorama roof windows for the CUVs by KNAUS and WEINSBERG.
  • Cosy bedroom on the roof: KNAUS and WEINSBERG CUVs with innovative pop‐up roof.
  • Dynamic, comfortable, safe: KNAUS BOXDRIVE on MAN TGE.
  • A fresh look: The CaraTour from WEINSBERG with a new interior.


  • 60 years of KNAUS: for a special birthday: SÜDWIND, BOXSTAR and SKY WAVE as anniversary special models to mark 60 YEARS KNAUS.
  • Sheer luxury: The SUN I with a new design – even more sporty, striking, elegant.
  • L!VE is life: a new, large floor plan 900 LEG – L!VE I now also available as a three‐axle vehicle.
  • VANSATION – Sensation: The VAN TI is a completely new development, also available as an extensively equipped special model VANSATION.
  • Not only for Scandinavia: The SCANDINAVIAN SELECTION with many optimizations, now also in Great Britain as the NORTH STAR SELECTION.


  • Proven and now even better: CaraLoft and CaraSuite with LFI roof hood and other revisions.
  • Ease off the gas: The new CaraCito featuring a unique design is the first WEINSBERG caravan to dispense with gas cylinders.


  • Newcomer to the world of luxury: The ROSSINI with a new exterior, also available as a lavishly equipped FINEST EDITION.
  • TABBERT Tradition with modern elegance: The new DA VINCI has no equal.


  • Timeless, iconic, retro: The T@B continues into the new model year on a steep success curve.


  • Rent a vehicle, get in, and enjoy your holiday: Currently over 170 rental stations and 1,900 rental caravans, mobile homes and CUVs.
  • Always at hand: all details about vehicle rental, information about travel countries, emergency numbers – the new RENT AND TRAVEL customer app.

CUVs (Caravaning Utility Vehicles)

KNAUS and WEINSBERG – two strong brands that stand for CUV expertise perfected. Two brands that will therefore go one better in 2021: The CUVs from KNAUS and WEINSBERG enter the new model year even better and more innovative.
In the KNAUS BOXSTAR and BOXLIFE as well as in the WEINSBERG CaraBus and CaraTour, the large panorama window in the front (for vehicles with H2 roof height) creates a great feeling of space if desired, while at the same time allowing plenty of light to enter the interior and a clear view of the stars at night. One special feature: The new panorama window can of course also be opened and therefore has an insect screen in addition to the blackout blind.
The new innovative Pop‐Up Roof in the BOXSTAR, BOXLIFE and the WEINSBERG CUVs (with L2H2, L4H2 and L5H2 chassis) offers a big plus in terms of space. As an absolute novelty in the industry, it is built using compact, extremely stable LFI technology (long fibre injection). To create optimal air and light conditions, the integrated lift‐tilt roof hood is located right above the entrance area when the roof is closed. In addition, the new pop‐up roof is aerodynamically optimised for low air resistance on the road. Creating additional space in the vehicle is very simple: Hang a ladder in the front, put the roof up easily by hand – and the cosy bedroom on the upper floor of the CUV is ready. A homely interior with ambient lighting and integrated reading lights, heating vents and a large comfortable mattress (2 x 1.35 m) provide a cosy atmosphere. The closed substructure of the Pop‐Up Roof, which has ventilation channels for the mattress, increases the stiffness and load‐bearing capacity of the roof. The mattress itself is even better ventilated with an additional fabric to efficiently prevent moisture formation. For those who want to watch a film or read an e‐book in bed, there are USB sockets for charging tablets, mobile phones, etc. The devices can then be stowed away in the integrated shelves. If you like to lie in the fresh air, a mosquito net protects you from uninvited visitors. In addition to this convertible function, there is also a shade. Before continuing the journey, the pop‐up roof is simply folded back by hand using a sling and then lies flat on the CUV, thus saving space. In the 600 and 630 floor plans, in addition to the integrated lift‐tilt roof hood, an additional roof window in the rear or a roof air‐conditioning system is possible. In order to retain the silhouette of the CUV, the frame of the pop‐up roof has been extended to match the length of the vehicle. The newly developed awning bracket including rain gutter fits perfectly to the frame, both visually and practically.


For the KNAUS CUVs, the 2021 model year brings even more innovations: The BOXDRIVE features a new chassis and – like the VAN TI PLUS motorhome – is now available on a MAN TGE. The advantages are obvious: Numerous assistance systems, such as emergency braking and hill‐start assist, ESP, ABS and fatigue detection, offer a high level of safety and comfort. The BOXDRIVE is still available as an 680 ME and with new equipment packages.


The WEINSBERG CaraTour also gets a new, sporty cool look in the interior: Inspired by the „50 Years Limited Edition‟,  with which the anniversary of the WEINSBERG CUVs was celebrated in 2019, the interior of the CaraTour from 2021 onwards captivates with elegant light silver‐grey tones with anthracite accentsHard‐wearing CPL surfaces match the sporty, dynamic vehicle character. The new living world also clearly distinguishes the CaraTour from the CaraBus, which is still available with the EFFECT ULME furniture décor.
Both CUV series, CaraBus and CaraTour, are now also available with a new upholstery variant in imitation leather.


For the new model year, the motorhomes from KNAUS have received various optimizations: The VAN I PLATINUM SELECTION now features dipped and main beam lights in LED technology. SKY WAVE and SKY TI can be ordered with a 27‟ television set on request. The 17‟ KNAUS alloy wheels on motorhomes and CUVs have been upgraded with all‐season tyres. Since the rims are also resistant to salt water and therefore also ideally suited for winter use, their utility value increases enormously. This means that no second set of wheels is needed, the vehicle can be used all year round with the same tyres.
The variable caravan DESEO has been given a facelift – or rather a „backlift‟ – which makes its rear look even more striking, thanks to full‐LED lights among other things. The tailgate, which takes up the entire width of the vehicle, is also technically optimised. A fly screen for the large rear opening can be ordered as an option.
The insect protection door available for all KNAUS vehicles is now even more sturdy and user‐friendly. It is forgiving of any misuse and, if it jumps out of the guide rail as a result, can be easily reset to its original position with a single movement.

60 years of KNAUS – Anniversary models

He would have been 100 years old this year: Helmut Knaus had a vision – free holiday happiness for everyone – and founded the successful KNAUS brand 60 years ago. These two significant birthdays must be duly celebrated – with three special anniversary models:
In 1962, two years after the foundation of KNAUS, the first SÜDWIND came onto the market – and has been the caravan icon par excellence ever since. The new anniversary model SÜDWIND 60 YEARS KNAUS not only comes with extensive SÜDWIND equipment, but also features upholstery (optionally also with ActiveLINE fabrics) and a decoration package decorated with „60 YEARS‟ embroidery. On the exterior, the 60 YEARS KNAUS sticker on the side wall references the historical vehicle decals of the first KNAUS caravans.
A popular single‐bed layout extends the range of floor plans of the special and standard SÜDWIND versions: The 500 EU is compact with a usable length of just over five metres and at the same time offers plenty of space inside: a total of four sleeping places on the single beds in the front and the converted U‐shaped seating area in the rear, numerous stowage compartments and shelves, a spacious bathroom and kitchen.
With up to six sleeping berths, SKY WAVE is the ideal motorhome for families, while at the same time being agile and aerodynamic thanks to its undulating roof structure – as a real all‐rounder, it occupies a central position in the range of anniversary models. The SKY WAVE 60 YEARS KNAUS comes with a chassis in striking storm blue metallic. The special stickers in elegant shades of grey is complemented by the 60 YEARS KNAUS sticker on the side wall. These are matched with COOL GREY upholstery featuring blue seams and – just like the decoration package – 60 YEARS KNAUS embroidery.
It is almost exactly 15 years since KNAUS launched the first CUV on the market. Consequently, the BOXSTAR is also celebrating a small anniversary: The BOXSTAR 60 YEARS KNAUS – naturally also available with the new panoramic roof window or innovative pop‐up roof – impresses with its extravagant exterior: The exterior colour storm blue metallic, the dark window area with the curved KNAUS heartbeat and swallows in silver as well as 60 YEARS KNAUS stickers make it a real eye‐catcher. The seat cushions in CASUAL SILVER with blue seams and the decoration package are also decorated with 60 YEARS KNAUS embroidery for the anniversary BOXSTAR.



Perfect down to the last detail, luxury paired with sporty elegance – it doesn’t get any better than this. Even so: The new SUN I enters the new model year with even higher quality and even better functionality.
The redesigned front with six full‐LED headlights in a unique U‐shape gives the luxury liner from KNAUS an unmistakable face. At the same time, the new headlights ensure excellent visibility and recognition. Sporty, striking features with chrome and carbon‐look elements underline the dynamic character of the vehicle and give it a high recognition factor.
The interior of the new SUN I also radiates luxury at first glance: Heated double floor with a yacht look, striking natural matt wood décor with a unique feel, furniture handles in black chrome, a dark kitchen worktop and dining table, lighting integrated into walls and furniture, which picks up the KNAUS swing in flowing filigree lines while emphasising the unique design language of the SUN I – the living room embodies timeless elegance. At the same time, it is extremely cosy and inviting, not least because of the comfortable, premium‐quality upholstery of the seating areas, which radiate elegance and luxury at first glance and are available in various elegant colours – also in genuine leather – and perfectly match the luxurious feel‐good character of the new SUN I. The spacious kitchen offers plenty of space for cooking as well as practical storage possibilities for all manner of utensils. The 177 litre refrigerator can be opened on both sides thanks to the double stop. In the large rear sleeping area for two people, designed in light grey tones, a lot of luggage can be stowed in wardrobes, storage compartments and on open shelves. The lift bed in the front provides generous sleeping space for two further passengers. The elegant bathroom with separate toilet room radiates with genuine wellness flair.
The new SUN I will be available from 2021 as a 3‐axle vehicle on the 900 LEG and 900 LX floor plans.

L!VE series

Energetic, young, modern, active – that is L!VE, the entry‐level motorhome series from KNAUS. The L!VE models stand for innovation, quality as well as modern ambience and offer a comfortable and stylish temporary home – with optimum use of space, good equipment and a high‐quality interior, at a sensationally attractive price‐performance ratio.
For the new model year, L!VE I, TI and WAVE are given a new, fresh, even more homely look with the MATARA TEAK furniture décor, the SAMOA heel décor and three standard upholstered living areas. Optional active fabrics and a real leather version can also be ordered. There is also a 27‟ television available on request. The extended ambient lighting provides even better, atmospheric and pleasing light.
All the floor plans of the fully integrated L!VE I now feature the 700 mm wide body door, offering even more comfort. They are also available with optional ALDE hot water underfloor heating. What’s more: In addition to the 650 MEG and 700 MEG, the L!VE I features a new 3‐axle floor plan: the 900 LEG on a 5‐ton chassis.
Like no other fully integrated vehicle, it shows that luxury does not necessarily have to be expensive, but that space is the epitome of luxury: There is a wonderful feeling of space in the interior – the 900 LEG impresses with two single beds in the rear, a lift‐up bed with 150 cm width in the front, extremely large L‐shaped seating area with plenty of room to invite guests, plenty of storage space, spacious wardrobes and a large washroom with separate shower and utensil cupboard.


A large, spacious bathroom, twin beds over two metres long on both sides, a large and comfortable seating area, a wide body door, easily accessible gas cylinder box – all this is possible in motorhome construction, and each vehicle can offer several of these advantages. However, only boasts all these features at once: the new VAN TI. For the 2021 model year, it has been completely redeveloped – with a focus on functionality, premium quality, exclusive design and innovative technology. The result is a semi‐integrated motorhome that is larger on the inside than on the outside. Almost ten centimetres more space inside without increasing the vehicle’s external length – with the FoldXpand manufacturing process, KNAUS has established a technology that makes the seemingly impossible possible: The new combination rear lamp carrier forms a flat surface with the rear wall – thus creating a completely new automotive rear end in motorhome construction – with a space‐saving interior.
Automotive, high‐quality materials are characteristic for the entire vehicle, for example, in the front area with its own lighting that blends seamlessly with the living space. The interior of the two floor plans (550 MF and 650 MEG) is dominated by bright, friendly tones: Furniture with cross‐laminated wood and light offset décor is matched by curtains in a discreet pattern as well as the seating group upholstery made of various materials (imitation leather or microfibre and structured fabric) in contrasting colours. Optional active fabrics and a real leather version can also be ordered. One special feature: The narrow belt trestle is covered by the upholstery and thus „invisible‟ – not only a great advantage optically, but also structurally: The resulting space saving means that the seating area in the new VAN TI is twelve centimetres larger. Backrest upholstery with significantly more volume and an ergonomically curved lumbar support guarantees the highest level of seating comfort. The 650 MEG floor plan optionally includes a narrow lateral seat leg as well as a free‐standing table for even greater comfort; a side seat provides an extra space at the dining table. The kitchen with worktop extension offers plenty of space for keen cooks, and the 650 MEG even has a compartment that perfectly fits a coffee machine – including a capsule holder. And the swivel‐wall bathroom in the larger of the two floor plans has also been thought out in detail: When not in use, the shower column is hidden behind the pivoting wall, creating generous space in front of the washbasin. The combination function of the large shower has been designed to be intuitively understood and operated – without complicated folding and closing mechanisms. A wide cupboard can store towels and numerous utensils. A canopy provides pleasant indirect light. The bathroom is closed with an elegant and space‐saving sliding door. Even in the shorter 550 MF floor plan featuring a bathroom with a separate washbasin, French bed and large wardrobe, there is a great sense of space with open lines of sight.
The roof guard of the new VAN TI with integrated insulation is made of fibre‐reinforced polyurethane as standard. These LFI components (Long‐Fibre‐Injection) are lighter, odourless, extremely stable and resistant, both at extremely high and low temperatures.
Further unique detail in the exterior: In the longitudinally arranged gas box, the two gas cylinders can be placed next to each other and can thus be changed easily and conveniently. The placement of the vehicle’s electrical system in the rear garage also increases operating comfort: Everything important is easily accessible there and facilitates maintenance.
Another new addition to the model year 2021: the lavishly equipped special model VAN TI VANSATION. The VANSATION equipment includes the special model upholstery WINTER WHITE with modern black‐and‐white contrasts, a 27‟ television, head‐up display, rear view camera incl. wiring, cruise control, DAB+ radio, all‐in‐one navigation system with camping software, Truma iNet system, Truma CP‐Plus digital heating control panel, LED daytime driving lights, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, BWT water filter and 16‟ alloy wheels.
Both VAN TI and VAN TI VANSATION enter the new model year on a Fiat Ducato base.



Spacious, comprehensive winter insulation, flexible, ideally equipped – the caravan that makes not only Scandinavian hearts beat faster: The SCANDINAVIAN SELECTION will also be available in Great Britain from 2021, where it will replace the STARCLASS as the NORTH STAR SELECTION. Thanks to the new MATARA TEAK furniture décor and the offset décor in high‐gloss white, the interior has a modern Nordic touch and is at the same time cosy, bright and friendly. Detailed improvements in furniture construction, the 600‐mm‐wide PREMIUM body door with window and the optimised the seating area upholstery make the SCANDINAVIAN SELECTION and NORTH STAR SELECTION even more spacious and comfortable than before. Three new upholstered living areas in elegant shades of white, black and grey perfectly match the Nordic look. An active fabric can also be ordered on request. The new 177‐litre refrigerator offers space for many supplies without taking up valuable storage space. ALDE underfloor heating designed to Swedish standards defies even extreme cold and always provides pleasant warmth in the living area. Also new: 17‟ aluminium rims in the exclusive KNAUS design, front polished in black are fitted as standard. The caravan enters the new model year on the proven floor plans 580 UF, 590 UE, 590 UK, 650 UDF and 750 UFK.


2021 brings a lot of new features not only for WEINSBERG vehicles, but also for the website: The WEINSBERG website ( has undergone an extensive relaunch. Optimized for mobile devices, carefully structured with numerous illustrations, animations and short films – the website with its modern design and new functions invites you to browse and provides comprehensive information.
Also new in model year 2021: The control panel in the motorhomes clearly displays all fill levels and is now even more intuitive thanks to the use of rotary/push switches. Also available on request for all motorhomes is the practical Thule bicycle fastening system, which allows bicycles to be securely fixed in the rear garage. CaraHome and CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] are now running on a Fiat Ducato chassis. The CaraHome has also gained an optional steplessly opening rear window and a new wood finish that gives its interior an elegant touch. The special equipment of the CaraCore was upgraded with an ALDE hot water underfloor heating system. Furthermore, garage doors and service flaps are also feature central locking in combination with the optional EXCLUSIVE body door (700 mm). The equipment on all WEINSBERG vehicles is now expanded to include the new MEDKIT with many helpful medicines in case of emergencies during the holiday trip. All 17‟ aluminium rims in the characteristic WEINSBERG design are fitted with all‐season tyres (motorhomes and CUVs).


CaraLoft and CaraSuite

Compact but comfortable, packed with features, modern design and well thought‐out details – these are the strengths of CaraLoft and CaraSuite. For the new model year, the two semi‐integrated models receive an LFI roof hood with a contemporary design that underlines the dynamic character of the vehicle. LFI – a special feature in this price class – stands for Long‐Fibre Injection. In this case, the roof hood with integrated insulation is made of fibre‐reinforced polyurethane, making it light and at the same time very stable – even at extreme temperatures.
Both vehicles have the same body box (2.94 m exterior height, 2.18 m interior width),  which creates a generous feeling of space and plenty of storage space in the CaraLoft. The CaraSuite offers a fold‐down bed in the front as standard, with optional overhead storage cupboards available instead. Both CaraLoft and CaraSuite will also be equipped with an ALDE hot water heating system and will each be available in three floor plans for the new model year (CaraLoft: 600 MF, 650 ME, 650 MF, CaraSuite: 650 MF, 650 MG, 700 ME).



Without gas, with a unique design – with the new CaraCito WEINSBERG is breaking completely new ground. Because the first caravan from WEINSBERG that does without gas cylinders is special in many ways: The standard equipment consists exclusively of electrical appliances, including a 230‐volt glass ceramic hob and a 60‐litre compressor refrigerator (12/230 volts). In addition, the CaraCito has a combined heating and air conditioning system with demand‐optimised recirculation air control, which ensures a pleasant temperature in the living area at all times of the year. For those who prefer gas systems, the new CaraCito can also be specified with this option: In this case, the caravan has a two‐flame gas cooker as well as the Truma‐S gas heating system including a recirculation air system.
In the interior, the design and quality standards of WEINSBERG are visible at first glance: solid, functional furniture construction with a modern design, overhead storage cupboards with handle‐less, straight fronts in light wood décor, bathroom with washbasin, toilet and shelves with lots of storage space (optional shower extension is also possible), three upholstery variants in brown, blue or grey shades with WEINSBERG embroidery as standard, deep stainless steel sink and cutlery drawer in the kitchen, kitchen worktop and table top with striking décor in a Mediterranean style. Skylights and windows (kitchen windows with roller blinds) flood the cosy interior with light.
Thanks to the comfortable EvoPore HRC mattresses, upholstery and furniture in a high‐quality finish and a new body door, the new CaraCito is available from just 10,990 euros – including air conditioning with heating. Just as unique as its equipment and design is therefore its price/performance ratio, which also makes the CaraCito attractive for young style‐conscious campers, families and generally a target group with clearly defined budgets. Naturally, it can be upgraded and customised with various options and packages. The range of floor plans (390 QD, 450 FU, 470 EU, 470 QDK, 500 QDK) also covers all bases: In addition to single and double bed layouts and floor plans with a French bed, the CaraCito is also available with additional bunk beds for families.
The exterior appeals with clear design: As a contrast to the white sheet metal on the side walls and roof, the aluminium side skirts and the wheel arches are in anthracite. The spacious gas cylinder box offers plenty of storage space or, if desired, room for two 11 kg gas cylinders.


2021 is the year of TABBERT. In an evolutionary development process, a completely new design language was created for the exterior, which makes the high design standards of the TABBERT caravans visible at first glance and carries the strong, luxurious vehicle character to the outside with a striking, extravagant appearance. The TABBERT strengths were rethought, new technologies were used, the innovative TABBERT roof was newly developed – and the result? Completely new standards in caravanning, the history of luxury caravanning is rewritten in Elegance Flow Design.
The roof nose in the front and rear is even more prominent thanks to a new cover and almost looks like a spoiler. The characteristic TABBERT swooping element of the exterior graphics is expanded and reinterpreted: Together with two wide lines above and below the side windows, a flowing, harmonious overall image is created, to which the new rear light moulding also contributes. Depending on the model series, the exterior design is even more elegant with a belt strip and front and rear fenders as standard. It can also be optionally upgraded in this way. Marker lights in the apron skirt frame the vehicle with homogeneous light and ensure increased safety and visibility. Thanks to gas cylinder holders with a floor rail and an insertion aid for the crank supports, the TABBERT caravans offer even more operating convenience. ROSSINI, DA VINCI, VIVALDI, PUCCINI as well as BOTTESINI, BELLINI and BELLISSIMO now have multi‐LED lights with fog light and wiping indicator. Thanks to failure sensors, any malfunction of the lighting system is immediately reported to the driver. The manoeuvring handles at the rear of the VIVALDI and PUCCINI come with an elegant chrome finish.
For a generous payload, some 400 and 500 floor plans of the PUCCINIVIVALDI and DA VINCI can be ordered with an optional two‐ton chassis. The PUCCINI 550 E is available from the new model year with a width of 2.5 m and a slim 2.3 m. The ATC anti‐skid system is now included as standard in the CELLINI SLIDE‐OUT.
Special extra: At ROSSINIDA VINCIVIVALDIPUCCINI and CELLINI there is a voucher that can be used to order MEDKIT free of charge – an exclusive set of pharmacy‐supplied medicines that no caravan pharmacy should be without: e.g. anti‐allergy medicines, pain gel, wound spray and painkillers.
To protect against theft, all TABBERT caravans are equipped with a GPS tracker, which is also available from model year 2021 with lifetime license for an unlimited, EU‐wide tracking function.


An introduction to the premium range – the ROSSINI is the entry model into the TABBERT premium world. For the new model year it features – in addition to the new TABBERT exterior – new furniture décor and new upholstered living areas (fabric and imitation leather) in natural beige, brown and grey shades, which give it an even more exclusive feel and add further nuances to the luxurious atmosphere. The 32‐mm‐thick roof with an aluminium top layer is optionally available in GRP. A new package makes the ROSSINI even safer if desired: The safety package includes the anti‐skid system ATC, the safety lock AL‐KO Safety Compact and a gas detector.
In addition, the ROSSINI can also be ordered as an elegant FINEST EDITION from 2021. Modern, sporty yet aware of its heritage, it remains true to the core ROSSINI values but goes a step further with its extensive equipment: 17‟ light alloy wheels in silver, side walls in smooth sheet metal, silver belt strip, TABBERT drawbar cover, GRP roof, insect protection door, illuminated dimmable awning strip, illuminated entrance step, TABBERT comfort sleeping system with flexible plate frame and breathable water gel mattress, special model upholstery as fabric and imitation leather version, swivel arm for flat‐screen TV with 230 V and TV connection, ambient lighting and Truma MonoControl CS incl. gas filter. The FINEST EDITION offers an enormous price advantage compared to the standard model with corresponding equipment.


TABBERT tradition with timeless elegance, a perfect symbiosis of comfort and practicality, safety and design – welcome to the new DA VINCI. Like no other vehicle in the upper middle class, it embodies contemporary mainstream style – striking a balance between modern values, technologies and tradition. Even lighter and more economical, with an exclusive design, the DA VINCI enters model year 2021 with a completely new appearance: The new TABBERT roof made of GRP is slightly thinner at 48 mm and therefore lighter than before – with equally good insulation and sound properties in hail and rain. This is achieved by a redistribution of material thickness. In addition, the GRP is „loosely‟ applied so that it optimally absorbs the sound of rainfall. For comparison: The new TABBERT roof with 48 mm is about 16 to 17 mm thicker than the average caravan roof in the industry (31/32 mm).
With optional design packages, the new TABBERT exterior can be made even more luxurious and unique: e.g. with side walls in smooth sheet metal, frame windows in the side wall, awning strip with LED lighting and a wide PREMIUM body door.
In the interior, the new DA VINCI inspires with its soft, elegant shapes. The furniture décor made of natural‐looking light wood immediately radiates cosiness – paired with modern elegance. The new fabric and imitation leather upholstery in natural shades – beige, brown, grey – which are reminiscent of sand, earth and stone, complement this perfectly. The lighting integrated into the furniture emphasizes the open, bright and friendly character of the interior. The handles of the kitchen drawers and cupboards are marked with the TABBERT emblem. The folding worktop extension is perfectly designed to fit a coffee or espresso machine. A true oasis of wellness has been created in the spacious bathroom area with its ample storage.
Four new layouts complete the range of floor plans: The 390 QD is roomier than its predecessor 380 TD, yet compact, light and suitable for small towing vehicles. The 495 HE has single beds in the rear and a spacious seating area with a hanging table in the front. The new 500 KD with cots is a perfect family floor plan with up to six sleeping places. The 560 HTD impresses with a large rear bathroom. More floor plans: 460 E, 490 TD, 540 E and 700 KD.
With the new Safety Package, the DA VINCI can be made even safer if desired. It includes the anti‐skid system ATC, the safety lock AL‐KO Safety Compact and a gas detector.
The optional new Ambient package for the DA VINCI includes an awning light with motion detector, an illuminated entrance step, ambient lighting, indirect lighting in the bed and TV area and a paper roll holder on the kitchen rear wall.


The „tear‐drop caravan‟ with its own superhero (T@BMAN) – the T@B as a timeless, cult classic with its retro style exudes a sense of finality in its design, which can only be enhanced in details. The drop‐shaped caravan is available in four styles BASIC, MEXICAN SUNSET, METROPOLIS and OFFROAD as well as with five different upholstery colours. This means it can be designed individually – whether you prefer it to be colourful or simple. It can be further adapted with optional packages to meet different needs. The new MEDKIT is now also available: The package includes a small caravan pharmacy with helpful medicines such as painkillers or wound spray. With a double bed, comfortable seating area, kitchen and BWT water filter, the T@B has everything a camper’s heart desires. On the 320 and 400 floor plans, it continues on a steep success curve into the new model year 2021.


Numbers, data, facts

Rent a vehicle, get in, enjoy your holiday – the principle of RENT AND TRAVEL is very simple. Since its foundation, the innovative rental brand has focused on winning new customers and getting them excited about caravanning. After all, many customers would prefer not to part with their rented vehicle at all after their holiday – and thus turn from rental customers to new purchase customers. Over 380 partner travel agencies in Germany advise novice and experienced camping enthusiasts on a wide range of topics, such as choosing the most suitable rental vehicle and route planning. At about 170 rental stations throughout Germany, there are more than 1,900 motorhomes, CUVs and caravans from the brands KNAUS, WEINSBERG, TABBERT and T@B available for collection. Vehicles can also be rented in Sweden and Italy: Rental stations are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kristinehamn, Norrköping and Lulea as well as in Venice, Milan, Modena and Bologna. RENT AND TRAVEL well on its way to becoming the number one rental brand for new customers in Europe.
The website is now also available in English and Italian. That is because the on‐line presence, where vehicles can also be easily rented, is becoming increasingly important: The website’s organic visibility has increased significantly since the foundation of RENT AND TRAVEL in 2017. Currently, half a million search queries are generated every month.
As a result, the site ranks among the top 3 motorhome rental portals in Germany today. And it’s no surprise: www. rentandtravel. de brings together all the information about camping holidays and presents it clearly – from an overview of the various vehicle categories and step‐by‐step instructions on vehicle rental all the way to parking and camping tips from cooperation partners such as „Top Camping Austria‟,  „Yes we camp!‟ or „Premium Camps‟.  It is also possible to get direct advice from the RENT AND TRAVEL experts – by written request and by telephone. The website is not only optimised for mobile use and adapts to every device, but also to the respective user: The booking system is structured differently depending on whether a new customer, an experienced tenant or a prospective buyer is visiting the site. What’s more: Travellers with flexible schedules can benefit from last‐minute offers – either on‐line or in the travel agency: Vehicles that are still available for a few days between two booked periods can be booked at short notice during these „interim periods‟ at an attractive offer price.
Another important instrument for addressing customers: the RENT AND TRAVEL road teams. As brand ambassadors, they travel in a vehicle to events, city festivals, open for business Sundays and similar events and are available to answer questions from all interested parties. So far, the road teams have visited over 650 events. Starting from the new season, they will also train the partner travel agencies as required.


To push the digitalization of the brand even further, the new RENT AND TRAVEL app will be available starting in the autumn. As well as catering to existing customers, it also appeals to travel enthusiasts who are looking for initial information and inspiration on the subject of camping holidays. Consequently, it offers great added value before, during and after the vehicle rental: The app contains the complete booking section including all special offers as well as the on‐line check‐in including an individual user area where customers can manage and change their reservations and bookings, make an appointment for a vehicle handover or book insurance. Various check‐lists as well as a packing list provide assistance in preparing for the holiday. If you forget something while on the road, the new app helps you with the operating instructions and introductory videos for the rented vehicle. In the event of a breakdown or accident, the application provides support with emergency numbers and instructions on the correct procedure to follow.
Which speed limits apply in which countries? Which special rules have to be observed where? The RENT AND TRAVEL app has got you covered here as well and provides a clear summary of country‐specific regulations on your travel route. An area for comprehensive holiday inspiration will be added in the future – with insider tips on special cafés and restaurants as well as spectacular viewing points, recommended routes, camping sites or pitches.
Customers receive notices and reminders via push notifications. The customer and rental company can communicate directly with each other using the message function. The ability to scan QR codes is also integrated into the application. This gives customers direct access to booking routes, vehicle details or more detailed information if they are interested in buying.
After the rental, before the rental or perhaps even before the purchase – customers can report their experiences in the evaluation function and issue star ratings for both the rental company and the vehicle as well as the entire RENT AND TRAVEL rental portal.
The new app will be available as a free download for the popular operating systems iOS and Android.

About the Knaus Tabbert AG

Knaus Tabbert AG is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in Jandelsbrunn, Germany. Its other locations can be found in Mottgers and Schlüsselfeld in Germany and in Nagyoroszi in Hungary.

The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2YN504) since September 2020. In the year 2023 it generated sales of 1.44 billion euros with its KNAUS, TABBERT, T@B, WEINSBERG, MORELO brands and the RENT AND TRAVEL rental service, had over 4000 employees and produced more than 30,000 leisure vehicles.


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