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Vettel & Co. grab a sensational 7th-place

KNAUSpublished at 26.06.2019 at 09:00
A fantastic result!

The KNAUS Mercedes AMG GT3 crossed the finish line in 7th place* in the overall ranking.

7th-place finish in the “green hell”

Jandelsbrunn (Germany). Fabian Vettel (20) and his team have done it: after 155 rounds, the KNAUS Mercedes AMG GT3 crossed the finish line in 7th place* in the overall ranking at the ADAC TOTAL 24‐hour race on the Nürburgring – a fantastic result on the world’s most demanding course!

The younger brother of the Formula‐1 star Sebastian Vettel was overjoyed upon crossing the finish line after completing the 24‐hour race, which is the main highlight of the season: „It is a fantastic feeling to achieve such a great finish in my first 24‐hour race. And then on the legendary „Nordschleife‟ along with grand‐prix course! That was the ultimate challenge for the team, the drivers and the car. And I’ve never raced at night either. I would like to thank my fellow drivers and the entire GetSpeed Performance Team. Everyone did such an amazing job. I had set my own modest goal of finishing the race, that’s why this result is more than I could have imagined!”

KNAUS is the main sponsor of the GetSpeed Performance team, which began the iconic long‐distance race in the Eifel with three 550‐hp Mercedes AMG GT3. The race was held from 20–23 June 2019. Along with his teammates Luca Ludwig (30),  Philip Ellis (26, Great Britain) and Jules Szymkowiak (23, The Netherlands), Vettel had already delivered a convincing performance during the qualifying round: the start number 18, painted in the Bavarian state colours of blue and white, included KNAUS wordmarks, logo and brand claims on the vehicle body. The vehicle started the race, which is the highlight of the Nürburgring season, from an excellent 14th slot. During the free training on Thursday, the car was still ranked 33rd, but the team saw drastic improvement.

As a gesture of his good sportsmanship, Vettel congratulated the winning team. „The Audi Sport Team Phoenix driving the R8 LMS (Pierre Kaffer, Frank Stippler, Frédéric Vervisch and Dries Vanthoor) fully deserved to win. The team displayed incredible consistency throughout the entire race weekend. Congratulations!‟ Just like Vettel and his team, the winners were also not fazed by the numerous accidents that occurred on the track.

By the way: Knaus Tabbert motorhomes and caravans are not just a familiar part of the scenery in the visitors’ parking lot at the „green hell‟ as well as other racetracks, but also in the paddock. Fabian Vettel travels to the race track in his comfortable L!VE WAVE 650 MX. „And in between my races, I look forward to the comfortable bed in my KNAUS,‟ says the 20‐year‐old Vettel, who originally hails from Heppenheim. „Particularly after a gruelling 24‐hour race, getting rest and relaxation in the KNAUS L!VE WAVE 650 MX is perfect. And, of course, I’d love to take a longer holiday with my Knaus when I get the chance!”

*preliminary results

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