Time for @campzeit - the TABBERT community on Instagram

Discover the TABBERT community on Instagram: On his profile @campzeit, Tobi shares stories of his travels, gives tips on how to prepare quick camping dishes and provides a good dose of wanderlust with his photos. If you love Sweden, romantic pictures, practical tips and heartfelt interaction, you should definitely visit @campzeit. If you want to share your content with us and the TABBERT community, feel free to use the hashtag #tabbertmoments and create a link to TABBERT.

For Tobi, the Instagram app is like a photo album – the perfect place to share travel pics with your friends and family and to access all your memories from one place. He soon began to realise that content relating to his TABBERT DA VINCI 540 DM was growing at a rapid pace. As a result, he decided to set up a profile dedicated to this topic – @campzeit was born.

Tobi soon discovered that micro travel blogs are in tune with the times and offer a wonderful opportunity to meet like‐minded people. Not only does his profile have more than 1,000 interested followers, his posts are also being actively commented on and liked. „Our community is very friendly and welcoming. We always communicate with each other on an equal footing. As TABBERT owners, we naturally all have one product in common that unites us."

Tips for delicious camping recipes

"They create a special feeling of exclusivity,‟ Tobi comments on his experiences on Instagram. Offering his followers content that goes beyond mere images is what he enjoys most: tips, experiences and suggestions that can also help others and therefore create added value.

The Omnia camper oven, for instance, frequently crops up in Tobi’s feed. This is a baking attachment specifically for (gas) cookers, allowing you to effortlessly prepare fresh bread and delicious oven dishes. On Tobi’s profile, golden baked rolls and sweet treats will make your mouth water. Every now and then, he also shares the recipe.

A question for @campzeit: How did you get into camping?

I have been camping for many years now. Initially, a tent was just a means to an end for me, allowing me to sit around a campfire with friends, stay up the whole night and eventually get some sleep. Later, when we had cars, we slept in our own vehicles with thick blankets, even in winter. We wanted to hang out together and always enjoyed the outdoors. Camping just seemed an obvious choice.

After many years of abstinence, I felt the need to go camping again. In 2016, my wife and I were staying in a holiday flat in Italy and I felt absolutely trapped there. I was bothered by the same old things – I just wanted to go out and explore the country and get to see something. We then decided to spend our honeymoon the way we had wanted to spend our holiday.

Close to nature, quiet and never in the same place. We quickly decided to buy a T4 and fully converted it into a camper.

With new additions to our family (two‐legged and four‐legged), the T4 became too small for us. As we can only go camping for 4–6 weeks a year, we opted for a caravan. This is how we ended up with our TABBERT.