The new models at the Caravan Salon 2017

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published on 25.08.2017 at 12:30 pm

Our new models

Progress, growth, success – keywords that, in today’s world, mean more than ever before. And for Knaus Tabbert, they hit the mark. For the 2018 model year, we will again be raising our quality standards by increasing the leaf‐proof warranty on our vehicles to 10 years. After the Mottgers plant was expanded in 2013/14 and a new multi‐line was constructed in the Hungarian plant in 2015/16, now more than  €30 million are being invested in the main plant in Jandelsbrunn: Under the slogan „Jandelsbrunn 5.0‟ we are making the largest single investment at the location since the founding of the company. The goal is to significantly expand the capacities: three new production lines, a research and development centre with integrated prototype construction, expansion in the delivery area as well as expansion of the manufacturing expertise in lightweight construction and in FRAME technology. 
However, „Jandelsbrunn 5.0‟ also means an investment in people. Because: employees are the most important capital of Knaus Tabbert. As the company continues to grow, so does our highly motivated team. 
Progress, growth and success – Knaus Tabbert also demonstrated this at this year’s Caravan Salon. The highlights of the event include:


  • Energetic, young, modern and active – that’s L!VE: With WAVE, TI and TRAVELLER, KNAUS presents customers with a new, price‐sensitive motorhome model series.
  • Pure dynamics: The „wave rider‟ SKY WAVE shows its three floor plans as well as a new interior and exterior.
  • With Drive: KNAUS presents the new and unique CUV (Caravanning Utility Vehicle) BOXDRIVE on the basis of the VW Crafter.
  • Better than gold: the special BOXSTAR PLATINUM SELECTION model.
  • Caravan revolution: the new DESEO is redefining the transport‐friendly caravan.
  • Look ahead: The SPORT with a panoramic window in the front.
  • Take it easy: The TRAVELINO is headed for series production.


  • The „to go‟ suite: The spacious motorhome CaraSuite with a lifting bed as a standard option.
  • Very bestseller: WEINSBERG presents the CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] with improved features and options.
  • Family‐friendly, liberal, tolerant – that’s CaraBus: the CUV is now equipped with six layouts and available as a special model EDITION [FIRE].
  • Whether in the summertime or in snow and ice – the new year‐round caravan CaraOne 740 EDITION [ICE] awaits you with lots of exciting features.
  • Very British: CaraOne UK with mirrored layout, new equipment – only available in the UK.


  • „Solid‟ TABBERT quality with premium equipment: The special model VIVALDI FINEST EDITION with lots of extra options available as standard.
  • Even more pep: The design and interior of the PEP in a new colour.
  • Grand opera: The ROSSINI’s new look.
  • French connection: Redesign of the BOTTESINI and BELLINI.


  • Modern classics: The T@B is unchanged as it rolls into the 2018 model year.


  • Lightning‐quick start in your holiday: Over 255 partner travel agencies and over 1,000 rental vehicles.

Our interim conclusion is clear: At Knaus Tabbert, everything is in motion. Our goal remains: In order to not only fulfil but also exceed our customers’ expectations, a highly engaged team tirelessly works on designing the future of motorhomes, CUVs and caravans.


For 2018, the innovative motorhomes made by KNAUS will be even better: Customer use and the increase of the operating comfort are at the forefront of the model care measures. Now in series production for almost all KNAUS motorhomes: the CP Plus heating control. In addition, in the model series packages we combine CP Plus with the Truma iNet Box, which also enables the control of the heating unit or, for example, offers a fill level display of the gas bottles (LevelControl).  For the SUN I and SKY I models, the service flap and rear garage doors can now also be integrated into the main electrical locking system. Furthermore, KNAUS continues to offer a new development of the operating panel for the networked on‐board electronics, which can now also offer the comfort of a multi‐zone climate control unit. The smartCI‐touch has been clearly designed, is lightweight and intuitive to operate. The customer advantage: all relevant vehicle information can be assessed at a glance. The KNAUS smartCI App enables the remote check and the remote control of the vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems.
Another sensible option: the new bicycle rack for tow bar or rear assembly has up to 50 kilograms of load capacity, therefore also making it ideal for the safe transport of Pedelecs or e‐bikes. An additional plus: the rear carriers on motorhomes and caravans are height‐adjustable to enable easier loading and unloading. 
Also new: the Thule Omnistor 5200 awning, which also can be operated electrically (can be retrofitted through an authorised partner).  This and additional features, such as an awning tent attached to the frame as well as an LED illumination, can be retrofitted through an authorised partner.
The VAN I 580 MK and VAN TI 600 MG models will be discontinued for the 2018 model year.



Live – that means vibrant, invigorating, direct, active but also residing and living. Therefore, the name L!VE was not selected by chance, because the new model series could not be more aptly named. The L!VE arrives with three models that are comfortable and cosy as well as dynamic and modern. The fresh and modern exterior stickers underscore the exuberant character of the L!VE: dynamic and aerodynamic as well as stylish and elegant. The highlight of the introductory KNAUS model: despite the price‐sensitive calculation, the vehicle was still equipped with flaps featuring soft‐close function. Its high‐quality interior is defined by exquisite and easy‐to‐clean surfaces, optimal space utilisation and atmospheric lighting.

  • The L!VE TI is available in three different floor plans (590 MF, 650 MEG, 700 MEG) to meet all requirements. It offers up to four beds and a spaciously designed kitchen featuring a 142‐litre refrigerator that will warm the heart of every aspiring chef. With a French double bed located in the rear, the 590 MF has both a shower and a toilet with a separate wash basin. And the table, which can be extended, seats up to four persons. An additional fifth seat is available in the 650 MEG. In the rear of the vehicle, there are two single beds in yacht form. Lots of usable storage space is created due to the closets located underneath the beds and the flexible swivel bath. The 700 MEG is even more spacious. The table seats up to six persons. An additional storage space is created thanks to a third closet located at the foot end of one of the beds. The spacious bathroom is almost like a personal spa. Just like the 650 MEG, it is also available in an ergonomic low‐bed design.
  • The L!VE WAVE will be introduced to the market with four floor plans (650 MG, 700 MEG, 650 MX, 700 MX).  All versions have a few things in common: the spacious baths, the table that can be extended and seats up to 10 people, the large kitchen, the 142‐litre refrigerator as well as the standard lifting bed in the front. Up to six persons can sleep comfortably. The rear of the 650 MG is equipped with a traversal double bed and a wardrobe. In the 650 MX and 700 MX, the spacious, optionally height‐adjustable queen‐sized bed invites you to dream and relax. It is centrally aligned and is therefore easily accessible from either side. To the left and right of the headboard, the two wardrobes offer enough space to accommodate a well‐stocked line of leisure‐time clothing. In the 700 MX, a third closet has been integrated. A total of three closets are also located in the 700 MEG – two of them underneath the single beds, which are also available as low‐bed versions.
  • At attractive conditions and with a very customer‐oriented and special equipment package that includes a sun awning, bicycle rack, CD radio, information brochure and self‐explanatory operating stickers, the L!VE TRAVELLER is not just optimally suited for renting – it is simply the perfect rental vehicle. Renter packages are also available for: SKY TI and WAVE as well as the TI and WAVE the L!VE model series. The TRAVELLER’s three different floor plans (550 DB, 600 DKG, 650 DG) offer the ideal solution for the most varied travel wishes. In alcoves with lots of headroom, you can dream yourself away on the comfortable double bed. The bunk beds in the rear of the 600 DKG offer room for two children and the 650 DG even contains a double transversal bed. All three floor plans feature a double dinette with four seats, a spacious swivel bath and a practical kitchen with counter top extensions. While the 550 DB has two wardrobes and a 145‐litre refrigerator, the other two floor plans are equipped with an even more spacious wardrobe and come standard with a 110‐litre refrigerator (190‐litre also possible).  In addition, the 550 B also offers a practical garage for additional luggage; the garage is even accessible from the vehicle interior.


The successful „wave rider‟ SKY WAVE has a new look in 2018. Both the exterior and the interior of the partially integrated vehicle are now more modern and brighter. Along with the black‐blue stickers, the aerodynamic roof underscores the energetic wave form. Lots of light will shine through the large panoramic window; at night, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the stars. The pearly‐white sparkling interior areas look good, are easy to care for, and have a pleasant feel. With three different floor plans (650 MF, 650 MEG, 700 MEG),  the SKY WAVE leaves nothing to be desired: 650 MF and 700 MEG were optimised to achieve the best room utilisation. For the first time, the 700 MEG features the patented 3D open bathroom. The separate shower leaves room for the separate WC room, which can now be better utilised. With the 650 MEG, an entirely new floor plan has been created – also a veritable space miracle with up to five sleep accommodations and four seats (while driving).  Two single beds in the rear of the vehicle, each with a closet located beneath, swivel bath, kitchen with a 142‐litre refrigerator, three‐flame cooker and counter top extension. As with all SKY WAVE floor plans, the lifting bed is perfectly integrated above the lounge area.

Camper vans


KNAUS and Crafter – two that really understand their trade: After our noteworthy SAINT & SINNER concept vehicle, a new category is introduced for the 2018 model year: The CUV (Caravanning Utility Vehicle) by KNAUS on the basis of the latest VW Crafter. The BOXDRIVE drives into a new dimension of the camper van theme. It combines the premium demand of Volkswagen with the innovative quality demand of KNAUS. High‐quality furniture construction, practical solutions, smart details, the most modern driver assistance and drive systems, as well as a very dynamically tuned chassis turn the KNAUS BOXDRIVE into a comfortable, agile and safe motorhome. This combination surely makes it unique in its class. The KNAUS BOXDRIVE will enrich the camper van market, the new CUV category will define it.


As successful as ever – and now the BOXSTAR will become even more successful. For the 2018 model year it will also be available as the BOXSTAR PLATINUM SELECTION featuring comprehensive series equipment. The special model is available in four layouts: ROAD 2 BE, ROAD, LIFETIME 2 BE and LIFETIME. Depending on the layout, the Platinum Selection is available with a height‐adjustable front passenger seat, a manual air conditioning in the driver’s cabin, an electric step, 15‐inch light alloy wheel, rear‐drive camera, prep for radio/loudspeakers in the living area, cruise control, varnished bumpers and much more. What’s more, the special model is available in the colours metallic „profondo‟ red, golden white or, upon request, in other colours. As opposed to the series model featuring similar equipment, you can achieve a significant price advantage.



The TRAVELINO paved the way, the brand‐new DESEO is practically on the same technological track – yet still overtakes the TRAVELINO. The revolutionary new definition of the caravan is attained with the new DESEO. If the previous model was primarily a transporter that also provided a place to sleep, the new DESEO is a very demanding motorhome with highly practical transport possibilities. Its true qualities are hidden behind the tailgate that extends across the entire width of the vehicle. The tailgate doesn’t just „take on‟ motorcycles, it can even „swallow‟ high‐powered quads.
The DESEO is the perfect symbiosis created by a comfortable caravan in unobtrusively reduced design and a lavish transporter with real recipient qualities. Outdoor enthusiasts, fans of motor sports as well as active campers will all get their money’s worth with the variably designed and truly flexible DESEO. Attractive, clear and timeless design meets functionality and durability. The construction in FRAME technology on the basis of a lightweight chassis ensures the highest degree of stability and the best utilisation possibilities. And all of this is available at a fair price‐to‐performance ratio.

The highlights of the DESEO at a glance:

  • Transport of two motorcycles or one quad/cart
  • FibreFrame
    • Design variant with coloured frame and high‐quality aluminium rims in KNAUS Design.
    • Exterior ambience: Integration of the vehicle illumination into the FibreFrame
  • Single‐piece tailgate
    • folds upwards, frameless across vehicle’s width
    • integrated Wigo rear tent possible for expanding the living area
    • Effect illumination: KNAUS logo projection
  • Underfloor heating (TRUMA Vario Heat) is winterised
  • WC/shower
    • One‐piece wash basin with attachment fitting
    • Shower curtain
    • Bench toilette
    • Service module with toilet cleaning access through the gas bottle lockers
    • Water tank: 45 litres → easy to fill through the gas bottle lockers
    • Power supply socket also in the gas bottle lockers
  • Exterior
    • completely designed with LED technology
    • Tail light with blink line „swiping‟ function
    • Sculptural effect lighting integrated in the side wall, following along the contours of the vehicle
  • Interior: full LED technology, ambient lighting
  • Variability: Living/transport
    • Lightweight frame construction of the furniture
    • Flexible living space (bed conversion for 2 persons)
    • Seats up to five persons
    • Integrated lifting bed for additional sleeping accommodations
    • Practical extension for a coffee machine
    • Smartly designed organisation box in the kitchen area


A true multi‐talented vehicle with an unbeatable price‐performance relationship – that is SPORT. In addition to the existing 15 floor plans, both models – 500 UF and 540 UE – have a large panorama window above the seating group in the front. The large window lets ample light into the refined, brightly furnished interior so that the interior lighting must only be used at night. And in the evening, the window enables an unobstructed view of the stars.


Its motto: Take it easy. Its name: TRAVELINO Its goal: The revolution in caravan construction. The highly modern caravan prompts immediate desire amongst customers. It’s no wonder ‐because it has a lot more to offer than just its lighter weight: The most innovative frame and chassis technologies as well as furniture in cube design make it into a stylish lightweight caravan with a high level of stability. With about 40 per cent less weight than comparable four‐person caravans, it also represents environmental protection and sustainability. In addition, it offers a higher maximum load and therefore provides true customer use. With the lightweight TRAVELINO, even hybrid and electric‐drive vehicles become true „locomotives‟.




CaraSuite is the newest member of the WEINSBERG motorhome family. The suite on wheels from the CaraLoft series comes standard with lifting bed and a true 15 cm more vehicle height and standing height. Due to the spacious redesign, a large spatial impression is created. With its four floor plans (650 MF, 650 MG, 700 ME, 700 MX),  the CaraSuite fulfils all individual travel wishes. These vehicles offer room for five people in driving mode and can accommodate five overnight guests – in the 650 MF even up to six – meaning these vehicles are perfect for a holiday with the entire family or a group of friends. Furthermore, the new CaraSuite is defined by the variable dinette, WC/bath with separate shower (except in the 650 MF),  a spacious kitchenette exquisitely and robustly designed as well as smartly used storage space. Finally, its interior is bright and friendly through its numerous LED light spots and the large roof window.


Never before has a new Knaus Tabbert motorhome enjoyed such a successful start as the CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER]. Ever since first being introduced at the Caravan Salon 2016, over 1,000 orders have been received. That makes the [PEPPER] one of the most successful motorhome model launches ever. For this reason, it also enters the 2018 model year even better than before, albeit with new 16‐inch alloy rims and the easy‐to‐operate, new Pioneer EVO multimedia device in the on‐board navigation system. The Truma iNet ensures comfortable operation of the heating and air‐conditioning systems. A significant plus in high‐quality equipment for more than a fair price – it’s a true WEINSBERG.

Camper vans


Even successful models can become even more successful. At best through continuous improvements. That’s why, beginning with the 2018 model year, the interior of the WEINSBERG camper van will be equipped (as a standard) with more economical and more efficient LED lighting. The beds will receive even more comfortable slatted frames. Sensible even for longer tours: the larger 110‐litre fresh water tank. Overall, these improvements prove the WEINSBERG engineers’ love for detail.


The spacious CaraBus camper van enters the new model year featuring six floor plans. The already existing (541 MQ, 601 MQ, 601 K, 601 MQH, 631 ME) will be complemented with the new 601 DQ – aside from the 601 K and the 601 MQH an additional family floor plan with sleeping accommodations for up to five persons. It features numerous shelf space and storage compartments as well as an improved lifting bed in the front, which still enables enough room to sit comfortably beneath it even if someone is sleeping in it. During the day, the ladder for the lifting bed is stored in the ladder cabinet integrated in the kitchenette. Three standard skylights let fresh air and light into the interior of the 601 DQ. The new floor plan comes standard with a 2.3‐litre, 130‐hp engine on a 3.5‐tonne lightweight chassis and it awaits customers with all of the comfort features of the CaraBus. For big and small alike, the CaraBus leaves nothing to be desired. The 110‐litre water tank (except for the 601 K) enables a large supply of fresh water. Economical LED interior lighting, furniture designed in full carcase construction with robust CPL‐Coating, an extendable comfort seating bench (with the standard seating bench series) in lounge functionality as well as a newly designed living room table and the cosy rear door trim define the ambitious interior. In the 601 K, a space‐saving ladder storage compartment was integrated for the storage of the bunk bed ladder. For the new model year, the CaraBus also has higher quality, more comfortable slatted frames and a two‐flame cooker with electric burner. All switches were standardised and harmonised in terms of colour. The practical service flap with magnetic holder makes the removal of the waste tank easier. The optional WEINSBERG Tour and Smart package now includes the digital control panel CP Plus and the Truma iNet System as a standard. It therefore enables the monitoring and remote control of the Truma heating and air‐conditioning systems using a smartphone or tablet. Optional additional comfort is created in the CaraBus through two new packages. The „Voltage‟ package ensures a pleasant ambient lighting and includes exterior LED lighting in the additional rain gutter. Furthermore, the technical retrofitting is simplified through satellite and solar preparation. In the „Function‟ package, a counter top extension as well as two utensil nets are included in the kitchenette. The swivel table offers room for all guests and the bathroom has two clothes hooks and a foldable garment rail.


Model features numerous extra features such as height‐adjustable and swivel pilot seats with arm rests in the driver’s cabin, 15‐inch light alloy rims, prep for radio as well as for satellite and solar units, extendable table, awning (370 cm),  Truma CP Plus operating panel and iNet system, just to name a few. The list price of the attractively designed special model is significantly lower than that of a series model with all of the optional extras and brings real savings – just truly WEINSBERG.


For the 2018 model year, caravan models from WEINSBERG will receive a laterally stable as well as safe AL‐KO chassis. The improvements are not just technological in nature, but many of them can be found in the interior. New „sand beige‟ furniture surfaces in CPL quality instead of conventional film coating. In the bathroom, an opaque blind is available for the window. CaraOne and CaraTwo can be ordered with the optional counter top extension in the kitchenette. For both models, an attractive awning by Wigo and an awning tent by Thule can be ordered. Up until now, only in Scandinavia, but now also available from us: new in the CaraOne – the 550 UK with a comfortable U‐shaped seating group in the front and family‐friendly children’s bunk beds in the rear. For the 420 QD, a seating bench extension for the dinette provides the possibility for another double bed, in other words four full‐fledged beds. Also always on board: the rear wardrobe and additional storage compartments. The new option „Exterior Designkit‟ makes the CaraTwo more pleasing and underscores the high demands of the WEINSBERG designers.

NEW: CaraOne 740 EDITION [ICE]

Winter in a WEINSBERG? That works best with the service extension CaraOne 740 EDITION [ICE]. The new year‐round caravan unites all of the advantages of the standard CaraOne and excites with its many extra features on the interior and exterior. Thanks to the solid side‐ and floor insulation in XPS foam as well as the very comfortable ALDE warm water and underfloor heating, the [ICE] is absolutely winterised and even at the lowest outside temperatures it ensures a pleasant interior climate. Ideal for winter sports enthusiasts: The caravan has a storage compartment with ski holder as well as a shoe cabinet in which even heavy winter boots can be stored. A true first in caravan construction: The second available floor plan 740 UWF with casual lounge function. „Chilling out‟ on a real couch – and, while doing so, watching TV on a large LCD‐TV and simultaneously not just enjoying cosy temperatures but also visually experiencing them. We have installed a „fireplace‟ in front of the TV. Never before realised in this combination in a WEINSBERG caravan, this floor plan offers true cosy mountain lodge feeling – even in the summertime. Due to the best insulation, the cold stays outside longer in the winter, and the warmth stays outside longer in the summer. Always on board: The relaxing comfort bed with spring mattress – to unwind and dream. And because length runs, the highest qualities in terms of comfort and safety are especially fulfilled even while driving. Due to its aerodynamics and superb rolling characteristics, the tandem axle optimally and safely hugs the road.

CaraOne UK

Our British customers are particularly tickled. With four layouts specifically aligned to the UK market, in the 2018 model year the CaraOne UK will be introduced to Great Britain as a new model series (390 QD, 400 LK, 550 UK, 740 UDF).  With the „mirrored‟ layout and the UK‐specific equipment such as a special trailer hitch, large windows as well as a separate oven plus smoke detector, the new CaraOne UK fulfils the wishes and needs of British caravan fans. All of this is available at attractive prices that are absolutely competitive in the „hard British Pound market‟.


The exterior graphics of all series have been redesigned. For the floor plans, the focus is on the especially successful variants. The upholstery designs have been modernised. For a further individualisation, you can select from „decoration packages‟ that have been aligned to the respective interior and that set individual colour accents.


More is simply more: Therefore, the 480 TD is being replaced by the 490 TD. The result: 16 additional centimetres plus usable length for the customer. And that means a large seating group as well as an additional linen cupboard is possible. Both items noticeably increase the usefulness of the TABBERT PUCCINI.
The floor plans of the 495 HE and 560 UED will be discontinued for the 2018 model year.


The caravan with character – that is the top‐selling model VIVALDI. Beginning with the 2018 model year, the VIVALDI is available with 8 floor plans plus the VIVALDI FINEST EDITION, which includes options that add real value (460 E AB3, 480 TD AB3, 550 E AB3, 550 E AB4, 560 DM AB4, 560 TD AB4, 560 TDL AB4, 685 DF AB4).  More than ever before, this caravan represents not only the tired‐and‐tested TABBERT quality, but also for the highest quality and most comprehensive equipment package: Light alloy rims, insect protection door, illuminated awning trim, underfloor heating, TABBERT comfort sleep system, swivel arm for flatscreen TV are just a few of the equipment features. The FINEST EDITION does not just have numerous strengths in equipment and design, but also a significant price advantage when compared to the VIVALDI containing the same equipment options as in the special model. This means quality becomes even more affordable.


Since the PEP was first presented at the Caravan Salon in 2016, the vehicle has been putting smiles on customers’ faces. This is understandable, since the PEP’s design is so colourful and adventurous. Three floor plans are available: 490 TD, 540 E, 550 DM. Now there is even more pep for the TABBERT PEP. In a new, refreshing colour design and with the well‐known good equipment options. In addition to the PEP Mint, the exterior design of the PEP can now also be selected in PEP Red. The interior upholsteries can be selected in Berry Red to, of course, match the new colour design. The courage to use colour and the knowledge of buying one of the best caravans on the market – those are the decisive arguments for the PEP by TABBERT.


This is where the music plays: The well‐known ROSSINI enters model year 2018 with a new, upgraded appearance featuring eight floor plans (400 LK, 450 E, 450 TD, 490 TD, 490 DM, 520 DM, 540 E, 620 DM),  three of which are family floor plans. The exterior is more modern and sporty – and simultaneously truly traditional: with fenders made from premium plastics and curved stickers in black/grey‐red bi‐colour optic. The caravan’s chassis has all of TABBERT’s safety characteristics, such as AKS, AAA premium brakes and AL‐KO low‐friction chassis. As with the previous model, ROSSINI also has the high‐quality hail‐proof GRP roof. Inside, four new upholstery materials as well as new furniture decoration create an exclusive room and living feeling that ensures good vibes. The multi‐flame cooker is ignited electronically. The Truma iNet system has been integrated into the 620 DM so that the temperature in the caravan can be regulated using a smartphone or tablet as well as optionally display the gas fill level. With the 520 DM a new floor plan – as a reaction to customer wishes to expand the offer for families – is being included in the ROSSININ segment: The arrangement of the room with middle seating group as well as the divided sleeping area for parents (double bed) and children (bunk beds) is optimal for families, as is the large kitchen with 148‐litre refrigerator. Showers and wash basins are separate and therefore prevent stress and „backups‟ in the bathroom. In the wardrobes, everyone’s clothes will have sufficient space. In the new model year, the 450 TD receives an upgrade: A full U‐shaped seating group comes standard. In order to enable an additional wardrobe and a larger round seating area, the 480 TD will be replaced by the 490 TD. The floor plan 655 UDB in the ROSSINI will be discontinued.


Timeless and successful – those are the strengths of the BOTTESINI that is only built for the French market. The interior of the French models, consisting of the floor plans 480 TD, 590DS and 620 SD, were significantly upgraded. A new furniture décor as well as four new upholstery designs create a more exclusive, premium look. The modern concept of the unobstructed viewing angles in the vehicle interior creates a more than spacious room design. BELLINI presents itself new, from the inside and the outside. The Snow White silver design instils even more self‐confidence in the attractive exterior. Curvy lines along the side walls as well as silver trim strips between the LED illuminated awning trim on top and the belt chrome trim on the bottom highlight the high design aesthetics of the Hesse‐based brand from Mottgers. For the BELLINI, the fenders of the new TABBERT front have a premium silver inlay and therefore ensure a true striking, strong appearance. The interior captivates through the new high‐gloss furniture décor, the contrast‐rich curtains as well as a new upholstery design. Contrasting coloured cabinets define the entrance area and kitchen. Aligned to the French market, the kitchen has been designed as a modern sideboard. The indirect ambient lighting is supplemented through LED reading lamps. The caravan is launched with six floor plans, including the new 390FHD (390 FHD, 480 TD, 530 SHTD, 570 SHTD, 620 SD, 655 SHTD).


An unabated success story – celebrated like a true icon by its countless fans, the T@B moves into the new model year undeterred. As a modern classic in a current retro design, the drop‐shaped caravan is particularly appealing to younger customers. The T@B thereby proves that true greatness lies within. Because it appears bigger on the inside than it does on the outside. And the modern interior leaves nothing to be desired. From the full seating group to the double bed and a well‐suited galley, everything that a true camper needs is on board.

For the 2018 model year, the T@B receives the following improvements:

  • Newly designed seating group
  • Anti‐tipper bar in the rear
  • New cloth panel
  • Deeper sink
  • Elongated table rail


The idea is clever and simple – and simply clever: „Meeting‟ caravanning newcomers where they are busy planning their holidays anyway – at a travel agent. With „Best Reisen‟, Knaus Tabbert has found a competent partner for the execution of this idea – a partner with an excellent network of agencies located throughout Germany. Meanwhile 255 partnering travel agencies are working to help new customers make their caravanning holiday as easy and worry‐free as possible. With professional consulting and advice, the partner travel agencies arrange the rental of KNAUS and motorhomes. 
After an excellent start in 2016, the rental brand RENT AND TRAVEL is continuing its success. And this success can be seen online: since November, over 100,000 users have visited our website in order to inform or to rent their vehicle online. RENT AND TRAVEL now has over 85 rental stations and more than 1,000 rental vehicles available throughout Germany. 
RENT AND TRAVEL is a unique brand which focuses on new customer acquisition. This is supported through so‐called „road teams‟: there is one road team in every German Federal State. The team travels in branded vehicles and visits public events, such as Sunday shopping, city festivals and so on. The interest in the branded vehicle has been overwhelming. For the future, RENT AND TRAVEL is pursuing ambitious plans: The travel agency network in Germany will be continuously expanded and the cooperation with strategic cooperation partners such as „Premium Camps‟, „Top Camping Austria‟ as well as „Ferienstrassen. info‟, „Landvergnügen‟ and „Yes We Camp‟ will be expanded. Furthermore, the website will be relaunched in order to guarantee even better service – and not just for newcomers. RENT AND TRAVEL is thereby pursuing the goal of becoming the number one rental brand for new customers in Europe.

About Knaus Tabbert

Knaus Tabbert AG is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe with headquarters in Jandelsbrunn, Lower Bavaria. It also has locations in Mottgers and Schlüsselfeld in Germany, and in Nagyoroszi in Hungary. The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2YN504) since September 2020. With its brands KNAUS, TABBERT, T@B, WEINSBERG, MORELO and its caravanning rental service RENT AND TRAVEL, the company generated revenues of nearly 800 million euros and produced more than 24,000 recreational vehicles with a workforce of approximately 3,000 in 2020.
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