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published on 26.11.2018 at 12:30 pm

New model overview at CMT 2019

New door for Knaus Tabbert vehicles

For model year 2019, the largest portion of the Knaus Tabbert GmbH vehicles will get a new door featuring numerous improvements and unique selling points that make our products even more high‐quality. The door is – depending on the vehicle model – either 600 or 700 mm wide and is defined by an optimal locking behaviour that is based on a model from the automotive industry: Each door model comes with the following standard features: foldable clothes hooks, a lovingly designed textile carrying bag, interior trim in leather optic, an umbrella holder, a wide window in „privacy black‟ shade, as well as coming‐home illumination.


Improvements and a new evolutionary design are being included in the 2019 models: The bonnet and radiator grille have been plastically redesigned with striking edges and optimised proportions. The new film graphic with chrome applications as well as the side window shades with „SUN I‟ branding, provide the recreational vehicle with a modern and unique design. This is supported through optionally available new KNAUS aluminium rims. Even more travel comfort and, in particular, safety is offered through the blind‐spot warning system in the rear‐view mirror. The three‐axle SUN I also has a standard electrical discharge valve with optional wastewater valve camera. The Series 10 Dometic refrigerator with double‐sided latches (in the 3‐axle vehicle) can be opened to both the left and the right.


Even the front of the SKY I is undergoing an evolutionary transformation through the redesign of the radiator grille and bonnet. In addition, the radiator grill is optionally adorned with chrome trim. The side window panel available in a special model similar to the SUN I can be ordered separately upon request. The rear view mirror with dead‐spot warning system can also be ordered upon request. The 650 LEG is receiving a new floorplan layout: Beginning in model year 2019, customers can be seated in another side seat space. Not only the front, but also the rear of the vehicle has been redesigned: The new tail light moulding that – in combination with the KNAUS CAT EYE evolution tail lights – provides the back of the vehicle a distinctive, clear design.


On the basis of the MAN TGE, the VAN TI PLUS is introduced as a newly designed model available in two layouts (650 MEG and 700 LF).  The series model is equipped with front‐wheel drive. If requested, the VAN TI PLUS can also be fitted with rear‐wheel drive. Even all‐wheel drive is available; if desired, ex works with full functionality for rough terrain. This way, it is not a very costly retrofit solution. The VAN TI PLUS can be equipped with an 8‐step automatic transmission. A crucial additional safety feature is created through the emergency braking and hill‐assist function as well as of course both ESP and ABS as standard features. Furthermore, numerous additional assistance systems are possible to ensure the highest level of driving comfort. Thanks to a well‐conceived, innovative solution, the 700 LF can be optionally equipped with four instead of two seats for driving operations: With just a few, simple turns, the seating group can be converted into two comfortable travel seats – with a secured three‐point belt and sitting position in direction of travel. These seats that are both integrated into the seating group – one on the driver’s side, one of the passenger’s side – only have an adjustable backrest as well as a leg rest for comfortable sitting, even on long journeys. In the conception of the seating group, KNAUS placed a lot of value on creating a cosy and comfortable lounge for all living situations, without making compromises to the driving condition. In the interior of the VAN TI PLUS – through a distinctive design and the use of high‐quality furniture – the vehicle exudes a cosy and modern feeling. The exterior of the vehicle makes a nice statement through its KNAUS CAT EYE rear tail lights featuring the „swiping‟ LED blinker. The innovative base model offers previously unknown driving comfort and impresses with perfect insulation properties. The aluminium‐on‐aluminium sidewalls of the robust structure are truly unique in this vehicle class and ensure optimal insulation. 


For the new model year, it is now also available as a fully‐equipped SILVER SELECTION special model with new exterior and interior design. In comparison to the series model with corresponding equipment, SPORT SILVER SELECTION has an enormous price advantage. With a total of 15 floorplans, the special model meets all individual demands. The 650 UDF comes equipped with a sky roof that helps ensure a light‐flooded interior. In the evening, you can lay back and enjoy an unobstructed view of the stars. The 500 QDK and 580 QS were also optimised: The new optional 3‐bed bunk bed in the rear can quickly be converted into a small seat bench or, if required, also a small transport garage.


For the new model year, the iconic KNAUS SÜDWIND was completely redeveloped and redesigned from both the inside and the outside: The SÜDWIND has a portfolio of 15 entirely newly designed floorplans – from four metres in length to seven metres in length. Front kitchen, rear bath, single beds, children’s bunk beds, double beds and lots more – the new SÜDWIND offers countless possibilities. It is also available as a SCANDINAVIAN SELECTION (exclusively in the Scandinavian countries).  In this version, it also has a new product graphic design and the new rear tail light carrier with the KNAUS CAT EYE evolution tail lights.


“The VW Golf among the motorhomes‟ – those were last year’s headlines published in various news outlets. The CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] remains the most widely sold and successful motorhome in Europe. It rides even more smoothly than before and is available in two tried‐and‐tested and well‐liked floorplans, 600 MEG and 600 MG; it comes standard with 160‐hp engine with ABS, ESP and Hill Holder as well as a REMIS driver’s compartment shading feature and the new KOMFORT cabin door. 


The alcove model series well‐loved by families is available in three layouts – 550 MG, 600 DKG and 700 DG – on a Peugeot chassis. Also on board: The Peugeot Assistance Systems, such as the lane‐departure warning, AEBS (proximity warning device),  intelligent traction control and hill assist. Furthermore, the CaraHome now also has the new door. This makes the family‐friendly, spacious – and at the same time – dynamically elegant motorhome, which can comfortably sleep up to six people, even more attractive.


The family floorplan 500 QDK was optimised: Open lines of sight and the generously proportioned room design define the spacious interior. Special equipment option: the optional multifunctional 3‐bed bunk bed. Using the folding function of the middle bed, the lying space turns into a backrest, creating a small play area. By folding up the lower bed, you can create a large storage area that can be accessed from either the inside or the outside. Furthermore, as an additional option a large garage door is possible so that even bicycles can be transported safely and easily. 

The KNAUS and WEINSBERG CUVs (Caravanning Utility Vehicles)

For the 2019 model year, the KNAUS and WEINSBERG CUVs are now even better – on the exterior in terms of their streamlined appearance, on the interior with their new, modern design, and of course also technically: The placement of the difficult components along the rear axle as well as the positioning of the wastewater tank, which is now 20% thinner, near the rear axle, ensures even better vehicle handling thanks to the low centre of gravity. With their well‐conceived solutions, the CUVs offer 25% more storage space in the rear of the vehicle. The new insulation makes the vehicle completely winter‐proof: The new grooved floor structure nestles along the basic vehicle’s base plate. This way, it offers a total of 370% more support area on the vehicle floor and therefore about 70% more EPS insulation. The heater located centrally underneath the dinette seating section ensures less disruptive noise in the sleeping area as well as for a significantly better distribution of energy and heating throughout the vehicle. The „floating‟ luxurious entry‐way table attached to the wall does not have a cumbersome table leg and therefore ensures unimpeded access to the dinette. If desired, the CUVs can be ordered with air conditioning as well as SAT/TV system. Also new: the spacious bath featuring maximum storage space and even more comfort. Another extra: the space‐saving shower curtain with magnetic attachment (WEINSBERG) as well as the large mirror.


The completely new BOXLIFE is variable like no other – CUV expertise redefined in terms of perfection, space and function. With its wide range of possibilities, it is the most variable vehicle in its class: Whether enjoying an active holiday with e‐bikes or diving equipment, an excursion with the family, a relaxing weekend trip for two or a short trip to the local DIY store – the BOXLIFE is the perfect individual companion for everyone and everything. Not either‐or, but full of spontaneity on holiday as well as in everyday life, because BOXLIFE does everything. Five floorplans (540 MQ, 600 DQ, 600 ME, 600 MQ and 630 ME) with up to six places to sleep meet all customer demands. Furthermore, there is room for two bicycles and, at the same time, lots of storage space for various types of camping and sports equipment. All floorplans have a standard rear lifting bed under which an optional extra bed can be stored. If desired, 600 DQ and 630 ME can also be ordered with a rear lifting bed or also with both options (extra bed and rear lifting bed) so that the motorhome can sleep up to six people. The BOXLIFE impresses with an attractive, modern interior design featuring clear contours and a new, indirect lighting concept. The optimised viewing angles create a unique feeling of space. The fabric sidewall cladding creates a pleasant room climate. Low sitting position as well as overhead storage cupboards and drawers with soft‐close function ensure maximum comfort as well as provide maximum storage space. The full‐carcase construction with dowel technology guarantees the furniture’s highest level of robustness. The exterior with curved foil graphic reflects the varied, dynamic character of the vehicle and gives it a high level of recognisability. The standard diesel heating means the rear vehicle area is more spacious and variable than ever before – and this with unchanged high living comfort. In the easily accessible gas bottle locker, there is space for a 2.7 kg camping gas bottle – more gas is not needed for cooking thanks to the diesel‐powered heating. Practical: Gas bottles of this size are not only available in specialist stores, but also in all DIY stores. The BOXLIFE can also be equipped with numerous optional extras, such as a rear exterior shower, air conditioning, electrical entrance step or bike rack. Unique design, uncompromising equipment, maximal flexibility – more CUV than BOXLIFE is not possible.


Furniture in a new design and contoured shapes as well as indirect LED lighting allow the interior to become pleasant and inviting. The textile sidewall cladding creates a pleasant feel and a better room climate. Numerous storage compartments offer ample storage space. The kitchen has a practical folding worktop extension as well as large drawers that feature soft‐close function and elegant metal joints. Even the exterior of the BOXSTAR has been redesigned: the curved foil graphic reflects the dynamic CUV character at first sight. If requested, the BOXSTAR can be delivered with KNAUS 17‐inch alloy wheels.


In the new model year, the BOXDRIVE on a VW Crafter basis has been transferred from the FIRST EDITIONS to the series model range with optimised features. The rear bed can be easily lifted and, in the transport mode, enables an optimal access to the storage area in the rear of the vehicle. The BOXDRIVE is optionally available with a wardrobe made of fabric. This is attached to the underside of the slatted frame using loops. The intermediate floor of the cabinet can be removed. It is also possible to use the wardrobe as a dog crate. If requested, the BOXDRIVE can be equipped with KNAUS 17‐inch alloy wheels. In addition, the BOXDRIVE offers the most significant and important driver assistance systems.

WEINSBERG CaraTour and CaraBus

50 years CUV at WEINSBERG: The story of the CaraTour and the CaraBus date back to the year 1969. Back then, the first WEINSBERG Caravanning Utility Vehicle was manufactured, which was a compact camper with pop‐top roof on the basis of the Fiat 238. Today, as was the case at that time, the CUV impresses through its well‐conceived interior. The modular furniture concept makes it possible to use the vehicle as a transporter or as a fully equipped motorhome with sink, cooker, seating group, etc.
For the new model year, the current edition of the CUV CaraTour and CaraBus – identical in their floorplans and equipment, but different in their design – offer even more living comfort and storage space. In addition, they have also received a restyled design: The exterior of both vehicles impresses through its striking foil graphic. The EFFECT ULME furniture décor gives the CaraBus a classically fresh touch. With furniture in MALIAKAZIE‐style, the CaraTour has a modern and relaxed appearance. The Comfort Entry table makes taking a seat in the seating group even more comfortable by eliminating the previously annoying table leg. The new bow cabinet has a storage compartment with removable shelves on the left, which allows the mounting of a TV with a max. screen size of 24‟. For most floorplans, a 150‐liter Slim Tower refrigerator is also available. In the rear of the vehicle, the CaraTour and CaraBus offer up to 975 litres of storage space and also have the largest lying surface in their class: The 600 MQ, 600 DQ, 600 K and 600 MQH floorplans offer a lying surface of 152 cm in the shoulder area. The fabric covering of the underside of the storage compartment above the headboard creates a cosy cocoon effect. For the WEINSBERG CUV, an additional, foldable textile wardrobe is available. It can be attached to the underside of the slatted frame and can also be used as a small dog crate using the supplied mesh door. CaraTour and CaraBus are headed into the new model year with seven floorplans each. 540 MQ, 600 MQ, 600 DQ, 600 K, 600 MQH, 600 ME and 630 ME.

KNAUS CUVision and WEINSBERG CUVolution show cars

Two extraordinary show cars offer guests an exciting glimpse into the future of CUVs at Knaus Tabbert. Certainly, the most striking features are the distinctive vehicle fronts of the two CUV concept vehicles: the WEINSBERG CUVolution on Fiat basis is strongly accentuated by the characteristic colour design and large air intakes. 20‟ rims with 255/45 R20 tyres, a lowered chassis, bumpers with skid plates, side skirts in racing look as well as the rear diffuser with tail pipes give the CUVolution a sporty character. The KNAUS CUVision is based on the MAN TGE. The CUVision impresses with its brawny front, which expertly takes up on the design theme of the Xenon headlights. A tendon‐like chrome rail along the vehicle’s sides accentuates the dynamic profiling. The rear of the vehicle is home to the conspicuous KNAUS wordmark. BORBET rims that are close to oversized – 22‟ and featuring five spokes – with 255/R22 tyres also ensure secure traction, even under inclement weather conditions.

TABBERT all models

The TABBERT comfort sleeping system has been optimised with water‐gel mattresses (standard on all French models).  The new equipment items also include a microwave oven in the kitchen (depending on the model),  foldable clothes hooks in the living area, as well as a new high‐quality sidewall decoration in a timelessly elegant colour shade. In the ROSSINI 620 DM, you can easily and quickly convert the children’s bunk bed into a small seating group with a side table. By opening the additional garage door, it is possible to swivel the table to the outside and to use this a counter outside, whereby the garage door serves as a hatch.


New design and new equipment: The large Dometic Series 10 refrigerator with double stop (153‐litre capacity) can be opened on both sides. The Truma combination heating and optional air conditioning enables the perfect temperature to be created at any time of year. Furthermore, the VIVALDI is equipped with the Truma i‐Net System. The new interior design is particularly inviting through its bright colour shades and a unique design language. The energy‐saving LED lighting supports and complements the stylish, elegant design. If required, the bathroom can be equipped with a skylight (280 x 280 mm).  In addition, VIVALDI is available on four new floorplans: 490 TD, 550 DF, 560 EMK and 685 DF. Also in the product range: 460 E, 550 E 2.3, 550 E 2.5, 560 TD and 560 TDL.


Now also available as a comprehensively equipped FIRST EDITION in the well‐recognised 11 floorplans. Quality, design and equipment demonstrate lots of love for detail. As standard features, the FINEST EDITION offers: silver alloy wheels, AL‐KO Big‐Foot heavy duty props, insect protection door, illuminated and dimmable awning strip, awning light with motion sensor – just to name a few of them. In comparison to the series model with corresponding equipment, DA VINCI FINEST EDITION has an enormous price advantage.


For model year 2019, the T@B received a new cooker with cast iron grate in the kitchen, enabling comfortable cooking with almost any pot and pan size. The heating in the T@B has an electrical ignition system, which starts quietly at the push of a button. In addition, in the new model year the floorplan description was adapted. The 320 RS is now 320, and the 400 TD is now 400. In order to focus the colour kits, the Basic, Mexican Sunset and Metropolis models are now available in the 320– and 400 floorplans at a corresponding base price; the off‐road is available as 320.


Are you embarking on a camping trip, but have no experience travelling with a motorhome or camper van? RENT AND TRAVEL can help: Simply visit one of the more than 350 partner travel agencies in Germany and let them assist you. Professional advice is also offered by any of the approx. 120 rental stations offering more than 1,450 rental vehicles of the KNAUS and WEINSBERG brands. You can find out more by visiting us at www. rentandtravel. de and – if you like – book your vehicle directly with us. Not only numerous cooperation partners such as Top Camping Austria, Landvergnügen and Yes We Camp contribute to the success, but also the so‐called road teams, which are travel throughout Germany in „branded‟ vehicles and appear at city festivals, Sunday shopping days, and similar events. RENT AND TRAVEL is pursuing the goal of becoming the number one rental brand for new customers in Europe. And the first step towards international expansion was successful in both Great Britain and Sweden: RENT AND TRAVEL customers can also book rental vehicles in Great Britain and Sweden through the partner travel agencies in Germany. In 2019, Italy and Iceland can also be booked through RENT AND TRAVEL.

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