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published on 12.01.2018 at 12:30 pm

The new models at CMT 2018

The key to future success is the willingness to pursue continuous innovation. For several years now, Knaus Tabbert has relentlessly worked towards achieving this.
Also in a strategic sense: during the past year, Morelo Reisemobilbau GmbH was integrated into Knaus Tabbert GmbH as a subsidiary company. The company, based in Schlüsselfeld (Germany),  is a manufacturer of world‐class motorhomes. Even after the merger, the company will continue to operate independently under the proven leadership of Jochen Reimann and Reinhard Löhner, its successful management team.
And also in terms of our staff: on 1 January 2018, Marc Hundsdorf was named Chief Financial Officer, a position newly created at Knaus Tabbert GmbH. The 49‐year‐old Hundsdorf holds a graduate degree in business engineering and has decades of experience working in various managerial functions within the automotive industry. Mr Hundsdorf was born in Munich and, as a member of the Executive Management Board, he supports the Knaus Tabbert management team in the implementation of the company’s sustainable and ambitioned growth strategy. Wolfgang Speck, CEO of Knaus Tabbert GmbH states: „I am very excited to welcome Marc Hundsdorf to our team. We are quite fortunate to have hired an experienced manager who possesses an extensive automotive background. He will provide the company with important impulses.‟ 
Gerd Adamietzki as CSO and Werner Vaterl as COO will both remain on the company’s Executive Management Board and will retain their current tasks and responsibilities.

Unlike any other company in the industry, the Jandelsbrunn‐based company has continuously used fresh ideas to introduce completely new approaches – at a relatively high rate. And very successfully, too: in 2017, we increased vehicle production by 20,823 and achieved growth of 25 per cent over the 2016 fiscal year. The sales revenue of Knaus Tabbert GmbH also increased: over  €590 million in fiscal year 2017 – a growth rate of 25 per cent over 2016. 
For the 2018 model year, Knaus Tabbert GmbH will remain true to the philosophy behind our success. We are again increasing our quality standards and are now offering a ten‐year water ingress warranty on all of our new vehicles
After our Mottgers plant was expanded in 2013/14 and a new multi‐line was constructed in the Hungarian plant in 2015/16, the company will be investing more than  €33 million in our main facility in 2017/2018. Under the slogan „Jandelsbrunn 5.0‟, we are making the largest single investment at the location since the company’s founding. Apart from a research and development centre with integrated prototype construction, the investment plan also includes an expansion in the vehicle delivery and after‐sales areas, and the expansion of the manufacturing expertise in lightweight construction and FRAME technology, and three new production lines. 
The goal: investing in the future. That means we are investing in technologies, research, manufacturing, customer service, infrastructure and, of course, in our employees. In particular, „Jandelsbrunn 5.0‟ represents an investment in people. Because: employees are our most important capital – and as the company continues to grow, so does our highly motivated team.

The willingness to pursue continuous innovation – this is proven by Knaus Tabbert, especially at the 50th CMT. The highlights of the anniversary trade fair in Stuttgart include:


  • Energetic, young, modern and active – that is L!VE: With TRAVELLER, TI and WAVE, KNAUS presents a new entry‐level model series in the motorhome sector.
    Pure dynamics: the „wave rider‟ SKY WAVE shows its three layouts as well as a new interior and exterior.
    Luxury on wheels: our SUN I liner with numerous options.
    Better than gold: the special editions VAN I, VAN TI and BOXSTAR as the Platinum Selection.
    With swivel: KNAUS presents the new, unique CUV (Caravanning Utility Vehicle) BOXDRIVE on the basis of the VW Crafter.
    Caravan revolution: the new DESEO completely redefines the caravan.
    An excellent idea: the TRAVELINO Skyview Concept, with large „dimmable‟ front window.


  • The „to go‟ suite: CaraSuite – a spacious motorhome with a standard lifting bed.
  • Very bestseller: WEINSBERG CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] – improved features.
  • Take the CaraBus: the family‐friendly CUV has six layouts, and is available as the special model EDITION [FIRE].
  • All seasons: whether in the summertime or in snow or ice – the new year‐round caravan CaraOne 740 EDITION [ICE] awaits you with lots of exciting features.


  • „Solid‟ TABBERT quality with premium equipment: VIVALDI FINEST EDITION – several standard extras.
  • Grand opera: The ROSSINI’s new look, the PUCCINI with a new layout.


  • A modern classic: the T@B has been refined for 2018.


  • A care‐free holiday for all: over 300 partner travel agencies and over 1,200 rental vehicles.

The conclusion is clear: everything is in motion at Knaus Tabbert. The goal remains: we not only want to meet the expectations of our customers, but want to exceed them. A dedicated team works on this every day. This way, Knaus Tabbert continues to build the motorhomes, caravans and CUVs of the future.

And above all, the Caravanning Utility Vehicle (CUV) – the name says it all – is synonymous with new, promising concepts. Imagine you are looking for options for a spontaneous weekend trip – visiting a city, heading to the countryside with friends, celebrating Carnival in Köln – your possibilities are endless. A CUV is the perfect accessory for active leisure time. The improved camper van mainly appeals to a young, price‐sensitive target market, and is the perfect second car and everyday vehicle. For less than  €34,000, the CaraTour by WEINSBERG provides an introduction to the CUV sector. 
Spacious on the inside and compact on the outside, a developed campervan can be driven safely down tight and winding roads, and can also be parked in small spaces without any trouble. Once the necessities have been packed, simply climb in and set off on a short or longer trip – CUV spontaneity and freedom characterise holidays of the future.

Our CUVs


  • CaraTour: Sporty and modern, with a focus on the essentials and equipped with thoughtful details: from  €33,990
  • CaraBus: Practical, manoeuvrable, streamlined, and lots of storage space: from  €38,670
  • CaraBus EDITION [FIRE] Special model with several extras: from  €42,899


  • BOXLIFE: Stylish, spacious, comfortable – no compromises: from  €41,770
  • BOXSTAR: Perfect companion – comfortable, compact yet large: from  €43,370
  • BOXSTAR Platinum Selection: Fully equipped special model: from  €45,390
  • BOXDRIVE: Unique – the new CUV on the basis of a VW Crafter: from  €79,990

Just as future‐oriented as the CUVs: our revolutionary caravans. The mission: to find whole new ways of revolutionising caravan construction. We have succeeded with the innovation leaders TRAVELINO and DESEO by KNAUS: adaptable, state‐of‐the‐art, especially stable due to innovative chassis and fibre frame technology – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Mission goes on.




KNAUS quality begins in the motorhome – and at attractive prices. L!VE – the new entry‐level model series. The three models – TRAVELLER, TI and WAVE are synonymous with innovation, quality and a modern atmosphere. Simultaneously, they offer a cosy and stylish holiday home – with the best use of space, good equipment and a high‐quality interior. And all of this is available at a sensationally low price‐to‐performance ratio in the basic model.
The L!VE TRAVELLER has three layouts (550 DB, 600 DKG, 650 DG),  and must offer attractive conditions – however, we don’t cut any corners, we only cut the base price: the 550 DB can accommodate six people while travelling, and sleeps four people. In the large 145 litre refrigerator, there is room for everything that a cooking enthusiast needs; and in the practical kitchen with worktop extensions, you can practice your skills to perfection. Two wardrobes allow you to bring an extensive wardrobe along. Other luggage can be stored in the practical rear garage. Just like the other layouts, the 550 DB has a double dinette with room for four people, a spacious swivel bath, and a comfortable double bed in an alcove, with sufficient head room. The bunk beds in the rear of the 600 DKG offer room for two children, and the 650 DG even contains a double transversal bed. Both of these layouts sleep up to six people. With a permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes, and with a strongly customer‐oriented special features package which includes a sun blind, a bike rack, CD/radio, information brochure and self‐explanatory operating stickers, the L! VE TRAVELLER is the perfect rental vehicle for young families.
The partly‐integrated L!VE TI starts the model year 2018 with three layouts (590 MF, 650 MEG, 700 MEG).  It is also available at a more than fair price‐performance ratio, and almost fully equipped: Four people can travel in the 590 MF, and two people can sleep in the French double bed at the rear. It also has a shower and WC with separate washbasin, as well as an extendable table, with room for four people. Just like the other layouts, it has a spacious kitchen with a 142 litre refrigerator, and a rear garage. The 650 MEG has up to three beds, and the 700 MEG has up to four. The single beds at the back are also optionally available in an ergonomic low‐bed design.
The L!VE WAVE will be introduced to the market with four layouts (650 MG, 650 MX, 700 MEG, 700 MX).  The entry‐level model has high‐quality equipment, and despite the price, no compromises have been made – quite the contrary. Up to six persons can sleep comfortably in the 650 MG. The rear is equipped with a traversal double bed and a wardrobe. Just like the other three layouts, it features a spacious bath, an extendable table where up to ten people can sit, a large kitchen, a 142‐litre refrigerator as well as a standard lifting bed at the front. When travelling, the vehicle can carry up to four people, thanks to the safe seat bench with seatbelts. In the 650 MX and 700 MX, the spacious, optionally height‐adjustable queen‐size bed invites you to dream and relax. At the rear of the 700 MEG, there are single beds, which are also available as low beds.


The successful „surfer‟ SKY WAVE presents three layouts (650 MF, 650 MEG, 700 MEG) and a modern, lighter interior and exterior for 2018. Along with the black‐blue stickers, the aerodynamic roof underscores the energetic wave form. Lots of light shines through the large panoramic roof; at night, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the stars. Ambient lighting, and new materials and colour schemes give the living space a timeless feel. The comfortable seating area is illuminated by the lights around the perfectly integrated lifting bed on an evening. The SKY WAVE has a floor with high‐quality XPS insulation, as well as an easily‐accessible battery compartment, which can also take a second accumulator.
For the new model year, the 650 MF and 700 MEG have been optimised to achieve the best space usage. The 700 MEG has the patented 3D open bathroom, and the shower and WC are separate. With the 650 MEG, an entirely new layout has been created – as well as a veritable space miracle with up to four seats (to be used when travelling) and five beds.


Whether it has 2 or 3 axles, the SUN I always offers pure luxury. Standard features include the patented KNAUS 3D open bathroom with separate WC and shower, a huge panorama windscreen, daytime running lights with light strip, as well as a CI bus system with central control panel, and much more. There are also numerous ways to personalise the vehicle. Options include a pilot seat, a TV device which can be remotely and electronically lifted out of a seat armrest, genuine leather upholstery, or spacious storage cupboards instead of a lifting bed.


Lightweight and attractive automotive design – the fully‐integrated VAN I is now even more attractive: new for model year 2018 is the VAN I Platinum Selection featuring comprehensive standard equipment. The basis of this special model is the Fiat Ducato, which is available in three layouts: 550 MD, 600 MG, 650 MEG. The new Platinum Selection has many useful extras for campers, such as: electrically adjustable and heated external mirrors, height‐adjustable front seats, Truma iNet system, blinds, insect protection door, air conditioning in the cab, rear view camera, 16‐inch wheels, radio all‐in‐one navigation system with DAB +, and camping software including antenna and so much more. In the 650 MEG, the twin beds can be joined to form a comfy double bed. Compared to the series model and similar equipment, customers have a significant price advantage. Nevertheless, the VAN I Platinum Selection does not compromise on features such as quality: high‐quality materials, stylish interior, standard lifting bed, rear garage, great sense of space – and all at a price which is as slim at the vehicle itself (only 2.20 m outside width).


The VAN TI is just like the VAN I: it has also been significantly upgraded to start the new model year as the VAN TI Platinum Selection. With even more extensive features, and with two layouts (550 MD, 650 MEG) comes a new special model on a Peugeot basis. The semi‐integrated vehicle can be driven safely and comfortably on narrow, winding roads, thanks to its compact size. At the same time, it is spacious, and has ample storage space – not least in the rear garage. Quality, design and equipment show great attention to detail. The platinum section offers: automatic climate control system with active filter, flat‐screen TV with bracket, Oyster Vision 65 Twin antenna system, blinds, duo control CS with gas filter for two gas cylinders, Seitz windows, rotating cab seats, insect protection door, radio, all‐on‐one navigations system with DAB and camping software, including antenna and front and side window installations – to name but a few key points. In the 650 MEG, it is also possible to combine the single beds into a transversal bed. Compared to the series model with the same equipment, the VAN TI Platinum Selection has a huge price advantage.

Caravaning Utility Vehicles


There is also a special model for model year 2018 in terms of CUVs: the BOXSTAR Platinum Selection – even more successful and more extensively equipped than the classic BOXSTAR. In comes standard in metallic colours such as silver, deep red, white gold, lagoon blue, black, iron grey, as well as three plain colours. There are also four layouts available: 540 ROAD 2 BE, 540 ROAD, 600 LIFETIME 2 BE, 600 LIFETIME. The Platinum Selection features a height‐adjustable passenger seat, awnings, rear view camera, reading lights and manual air conditioning in the cab, electric step, 15‐inch alloy wheels, radio all‐in‐one navigation system with DAB+, camping software including antenna and three‐year map update, radio preparation in the lounge, passenger airbag and much more. The list price of this attractively designed special model is well below a comparably equipped series model – the many practical extras bring the largest model a savings of almost €10,000.


Tried‐and‐tested Volkswagen quality with lots of features plus the innovative power and speed of KNAUS – for model year 2018, there is a whole new category, the CUV BOXDRIVE on the basis of the latest Volkswagen Crafter. In order to underscore the exclusivity and dimensions of the new BOXDRIVE series vehicle, it is initially only available as a FIRST EDITION, i. e. limited to just 150 units. 
The BOXDRIVE drives into a new dimension of the CUV world. This vehicle combines functionality and driving pleasure like no other. High‐quality furniture, highly dynamic suspension and a whole host of innovative driver assistance systems make it unique in its segment. There is a whole new standard in terms of quality, safety, and comfort.

Just some of the standard equipment highlights of the BOXDRIVE:

  • EURO 6 chassis incl. particulate filter and AdBlue
  • Fuel tank with 75‐litre volume; AdBlue approx. 18 litres
  • LED main headlight with LED daytime running lights
  • Cross Wind Assist
  • Hill Climb Assist
  • Electronic stabilisation programme and ABS
  • Driver assistance package 3:
    • Rear view camera
    • Ambient Traffic Monitoring system („Front Assist‟) with city emergency brake function
    • Lane Departure Warning system („Lane Assist‟) incl. blind spot sensor with Park Assist
    • Dynamic Light Assist
    • Daytime running lights with headlights system, „Leaving home‟ function and manual „Coming home‟ function
    • Automatic Distance Control system ACC up to 160 km/h, incl. Speed Limitation Device
    • „Trailer Assist‟, „Park Assist‟ and Park Pilot with active side protection
  • Fatigue Recognition
  • Automatic Road Sign Detection
  • Cruise Control System
  • Metallic paint
  • Digital radio reception (DAB+)
  • „Discover Media‟ satnav system with 8‟ touchscreen
  • Driver and front passenger airbags with airbag deactivation on the passenger side
  • „Air Care Climatronic‟ air conditioning system
  • Heated seats, left and right; can be regulated separately
  • Towing hitch, removable and lockable (incl. trailer stabilisation)
  • Exclusive „FIRST EDITION‟ signet

The BOXDRIVE can sleep three and accommodate four during travel, and has a permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes. 
Furniture with a full‐body construction ensures stability and soundness. Furniture hinges featuring spring reinforcements and soft‐close functions, as well as the kitchen drawers with push‐to‐open and ball bearing‐mounted full extension, ensure pleasant and practical handling. The ceiling high wardrobe with an adjustable intermediate shelves always offers sufficient storage space. With sliding insect protection doors, cold bridge‐free insulation, closed‐cell polyethylene foam on the side walls and ceiling, sandwich‐design floor panels and fabric‐lined side wall cladding, the BOXDRIVE FIRST EDITION is the perfect holiday home in both summer and winter.
The CUV compressor refrigerator (90‐litre) operates with a night lowering system for reduced power consumption and noise reduction. A few more highlights: 2‐flame cooker with partitioned glass cover, sink unit with chopping board cover, diesel heating with boiler (Truma Combi 6 D),  AGM board battery (95 Ah),  operating panel with 4.3‟ touchscreen (for verification of light, heating, battery charge levels, etc.),  three 12‐volt and three 230‐volt electrical outlets, partial dimmable lighting, swivelling cassette toilette as well as integrated external shower in the back.

Naturally, the BOXDRIVE offers several comforts, including:

  • Upholstery design „Memphis‟ with ergonomic form
  • Dinette seating bench extension through side pull‐out and three‐step lounge function – even during your journey
  • Floating dinette table (can be rotated out) with double table top
  • Variable open bathroom with shower unit
  • Bifunctional washbasin (position 1: hand washbasin, position 2: ergonomic washstand)
  • Two‐layer cold foam mattress
  • New type of folding bed function
  • Extendable steps for easy bed access
  • Centrally located and easily accessible device and supply installations
  • Kitchen countertop with fold‐down extension
  • Rigging rails for load securing
  • LED luggage compartment illumination incl. apron lighting when rear door is open



The revolutionary new definition of the caravan – that is the DESEO. With the genes of „The Mission‟, it is a step up from the TRAVELINO. The construction in fibre frame technology on the basis of a lightweight chassis ensures the highest degree of stability and the best utilisation possibilities. It is the perfect symbiosis created between a comfortable caravan, in an unobtrusively reduced design, and a lavish transporter. Two fully‐sized motorcycles can be transported with the DESEO. An optional double‐rail system is available for this. The tailgate stretches across the entire width of the vehicle, and allows easy and comfortable loading and unloading. Outdoor enthusiasts, fans of motor sports, as well as active campers will all get their money’s worth with the variably designed and truly flexible DESEO. 
DESEO – that’s Spanish for „I wish‟. The name says it all: unique functionality and durability at a very fair price‐performance ratio – as anyone could wish for.

The highlights of the DESEO at a glance:

  • Transport of two motorcycles or one quad/cart
  • FibreFrame
    • Design variant with coloured frame and high‐quality aluminium rims in KNAUS Design
    • Exterior ambience: Integration of the vehicle illumination into the fibre frame
  • Single‐piece tailgate
    • Folds upwards, frameless across vehicle’s width
    • Integrated Wigo rear tent possible for expanding the living area
    • Effect illumination: KNAUS logo projection
  • WC/shower
    • One‐piece wash basin with attachment fitting
    • Shower curtain
    • Bench toilette
    • Service module with toilet cleaning access through the gas bottle lockers
    • Water tank: 45 litres → easy to fill through the gas bottle lockers
    • Power supply socket also in the gas bottle lockers
  • Exterior
    • Completely designed with LED technology
    • Tail light with blink line „swiping‟ function
    • Sculptural effect lighting integrated in the side wall, along the contours of the vehicle
  • Interior: full LED technology, ambient lighting
  • Variability: Living/transport
    • Lightweight frame construction of the furniture
    • Flexible living space (bed conversion for 2 people)
    • Seats up to 5 people
    • Integrated lifting bed for additional sleeping accommodation
    • Practical extension for a coffee machine
    • Smartly designed organisation box in the kitchen area


Lie on the bed and relax as you gaze into the distance. Make the room dark and private for sleeping, or just darken it slightly so you won’t be blinded by the sun – all of this is possible in the Concept TRAVELINO Skyview. Thanks to the infinitely „dimmable‟ electrochromic glass of the large Skyview front window: depending on the set voltage, the liquid crystals of the glass align themselves, allowing more or less light into the interior of the KNAUS Concept TRAVELINO. This sophisticated idea is currently a concept – but it is also conceivable for several other vehicles made by Knaus Tabbert GmbH.




Good news from WEINSBERG: there is a new addition to the motorhome range – the CaraSuite. This suite on wheels from the CaraLoft series has four layouts (650 MF, 650 MG, 700 ME, 700 MX),  and a standard lifting bed. It offers room for five people when travelling, and can accommodate five overnight guests – even up to six in the 650 MF. The spacious structure of the CaraSuite creates a generous spatial impression. With perfectly used storage space, the variable dinette, bathroom/WC with separate shower (except in the 650 MF),  a spacious kitchenette which has an exquisite and robust design, the CaraSuite combines all your travelling needs. Its interior is bright, thanks to its numerous LED light spots and the large skylight.


The CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] – Germany’s best‐selling and most successful motorhome – has been made even better for model year 2018, with two layouts (600 MEG, 600 MG),  16‐inch aluminium wheel rims, and radio all‐in‐one navigation system with DAB+, including camping software, antenna and three‐year map updates. Awnings, rear view camera, complete Oyster 65 Premium Twin antenna system incl. 21.5‟ LED TV, and an insulated and heated waste water tank are just a few of the other features. The Truma iNet system ensures comfortable operation of the heating and air‐conditioning systems. A significant plus in high‐quality equipment for more than a fair price – it’s a true WEINSBERG.

Caravaning Utility Vehicles (formerly known as camper vans)

CaraBus and CaraBus EDITION [FIRE]

The family‐friendly CaraBus CUV enters the new model year with six layouts. The five already existing models (541 MQ, 601 MQ, 601 K, 601 MQH, 631 ME) will be complemented with the new 601 DQ – aside from the 601 K and the 601 MQH an additional family layout with sleeping accommodations for up to five people, generous storage space, and an improved lifting bed. It offers all the comfort features of the CaraBus, e. g. a large fresh water tank, LED lighting and furniture in a full‐body construction. 
And much more is included in the new special model CaraBus EDITION [FIRE]. It has four layouts (541 MQ, 601 K, 601 MQ, 631 ME) and boasts many extras – manual air conditioning and rotating pilot’s seat in the cab, space for a satellite dish and solar panels, CP Plus control panel and Truma iNet system, awning, insect curtain door, rain gutter above the sliding door with LED lighting, 90 litre compressor refrigerator (except for 541 MQ),  DAB radio with DAB antenna, blinds on the rear wing doors, and much more. The special model yields great savings. It is priced well below the series model with corresponding equipment.


CaraOne 740 EDITION [ICE]

Camping during winter? Why not! The CaraOne 740 EDITION [ICE] is best for that. Thanks to its insulation with XPS foam and ALDE hot water and underfloor heating, the new year‐round caravan from WEINSBERG always provides pleasant warmth in its large, cosy interior. It is absolutely winter‐proof. And suitable for winter sport activities: the caravan includes a shoe compartment for winter boots, and a ski rack. Due to its outstanding rolling characteristics, the tandem axle model is safe on the road. 
The EDITION [ICE] has two layouts: 740 UDF and 740 UWF. The UDF sleeps up to eight people, and is therefore suitable for holidays with the extended family, or a group of friends. The UWF sleeps up to four people, and with its „lounge layout‟, it is a first in caravan construction: on a proper couch, you can comfortably watch TV in front of the „fireplace‟. The CaraOne 740 EDITION [ICE] is truly comfortable, both in summer and winter. The insulation regulates both cold and heat.



There is really nothing better – but TABBERT goes one step beyond: for the model year 2018, the bestseller VIVALDI is also available as the VIVALDI FINEST EDITION, i. e. a major plus in high‐quality equipment at an equally great price advantage. Eight layouts (460 E 2.3, 480 TD 2.3, 550 E 2.3, 550 E 2.5, 560 DM 2.5, 560 TD 2.5, 560 TDL 2.5, 685 DF 2.5) will meet all of your travelling needs. Two‐tone, elegant furnishings and atmospheric lighting highlight the tasteful and refined character of the interior. The extensive range of features in the FINEST EDITION include: alloy metal wheels, radio, radio distribution in the lounge and bedroom, underfloor heating, Truma MonoControl CS including gas filter, TABBERT comfort sleep system, insect protection door, lit and dimmable awning strip. Large windows and skylights let fresh air and light in.


Sporty and modern yet steeped in tradition – that can only be the ROSSINI: it drives into the new model year with an updated appearance. Curved decals and fenders made of high‐quality plastic give the exterior a noble look. Inside, four new upholstery materials as well as new furniture decoration create an exclusive room and living feeling. The ROSSINI is available with seven floor plans: in addition to the existing four, (450 E 2.3, 490 DM 2.3, 540 E 2.3, 620 DM 2.5),  there are three new layouts: 450 TD 2.3, 490 TD 2.3, 520 DM 2.3. 
In order to add an additional wardrobe and a larger seating area, the 480 TD will be replaced by the 490 TD 2.3, which is 16 cm longer. The 450 TD 2.3 has a standard U‐shaped seating area. A new family layout is added to the range, in the form of the 520 DM 2.3. The spacious kitchen with a 148‐litre refrigerator, the division of the sleeping areas for parents (double bed) and children (bunk beds),  and the separation of the shower and wash basin are all ideal for families.


Chrome‐plated fender inlays at the front, elegantly reduced exterior design, high‐quality interior equipment – these are just some of the features of TABBERT luxury class in the PUCCINI. For the new model year, the PUCCINI offers eight layouts: 550 E 2.3, 560 E 2.5, 560 TD 2.5, 655 D 2.5, 655 TD 2.5, 685 DF 2.5, 750 HTD 2.5 as well as the new 490 TD 2.3, which replaces the 480 TD. An extra 16 cm of length makes room for a larger seating area and an additional wardrobe. Both items noticeably increase the usefulness of the TABBERT PUCCINI.


A „bubble car‟ with an award‐winning design. Late last year, T@B was honoured by the British „Caravan and Motorhome Club‟ as part of the Lightweight Leisure Trailer Awards. As a timeless, iconic classic, the T@B has a kind of final design – the details of which can only get better. For the model year 2018, the popular drop‐shaped retro caravan has the following refinements:

  • New seating area design
  • Anti‐tip bar at the back
  • New fabric blinds
  • Deep sink
  • Extending table


Are you going away in your motorhome, but feel unsure because you have never camped before? RENT AND TRAVEL is the right place for you. The idea: to help people who are new to camping, from the selection of the right hire vehicle, to the introduction to the vehicle, to the planning of the route – and to work with travel agencies. RENT AND TRAVEL works together with Best‐Reisen and several other owner‐managed travel agencies. In the meantime, more than 300 partner travel agencies throughout Germany are making it as easy as possible for customers to get into camping. First‐time campers also receive professional support from over 100 rental stations throughout Germany, which provide more than 1,200 rental motorhomes from the KNAUS and WEINSBERG brands. Anyone who is interested can find out more on the RENT AND TRAVEL website (www. rentandtravel. de) and hire a vehicle from there directly.
RENT AND TRAVEL is a unique, ambitious brand which focusses on new customer acquisition. Since it was founded in 2016, the network of partner travel agencies and rental stations, as well as the customer base, has expanded constantly. The so‐called road teams also contribute to this success, and attract great interest when they take „branded‟ vehicles to city festivals, Sunday shopping events, etc. in Germany. RENT AND TRAVEL also works with strategic cooperation partners such as „Premium Camps‟, „Top Camping Austria‟, „Ferienstrassen. info‟, „Landvergnügen‟ and „Yes we Camp‟.
In the future, the travel agency network will not only be expanded in Germany, but also in Europe. RENT AND TRAVEL is thereby aiming to become the number one rental brand for new customers.

About Knaus Tabbert

Knaus Tabbert AG is a leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles in Europe with headquarters in Jandelsbrunn, Lower Bavaria. It also has locations in Mottgers and Schlüsselfeld in Germany, and in Nagyoroszi in Hungary. The company has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2YN504) since September 2020. With its brands KNAUS, TABBERT, T@B, WEINSBERG, MORELO and its caravanning rental service RENT AND TRAVEL, the company generated revenues of nearly 800 million euros and produced more than 24,000 recreational vehicles with a workforce of approximately 3,000 in 2020.
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