Innovation at Knaus Tabbert

Our vision: Making future travel simpler, safer and more independent.

Research & development

New ideas and developments create the foundation of Knaus Tabbert’s success. In our innovation centre, we bundle our expertise with the goal of constantly developing our technologies and implementing them as a standard. The numerous awards we have received for our vehicles verify this successful strategy. Some of these awards include the European Innovation Award for the KNAUS Deseo, or the safety prize of the German Camping Club for the TABBERT Vivaldi series.

FoldXpand rear construction

Maximising space inwards, compactness outwards: two topics that constantly occupy us in the design of our vehicles, but which at first glance do not always work together. But we have found a way: In the revolutionary FoldXpand rear design which is being used for the first time in the VAN TI, the taillight carrier forms a completely flat surface with the rear wall. Thus, a completely new automotive rear end is created which maximises living space inwards by almost 10 cm without taking up even a millimetre more space outwards.

Independent power supply

The new 48 volt system by Bosch Engineering and Knaus Tabbert allows you to get more out of your holiday. Campers are given a higher flexibility and independence in supplying their caravan with energy when travelling and at their holiday destination. The intelligent 48 volt system was developed by the engineering service provider Bosch Engineering in cooperation with Knaus Tabbert. The wholly owned Bosch subsidiary benefits from Knaus Tabbert’s decades of experience in the industry when it comes to tailoring the special requirements to the caravan.

Recreational vehicle of the future

In our research & development department, there are more than 100 employees who are currently working on topics that will make the recreational vehicle of tomorrow even more intelligent, more environmentally friendly, safer and lighter. In addition, we have more than 170 trademark rights, usage patents, design rights and technical patents in our key markets.

Lightweight construction

In lightweight construction technology, innovative materials and construction methods enable an optimal combination of features, weight and efficiency. After all: The less the construction weighs, the more equipment can be integrated into the recreational vehicle without endangering the permissible total weight in accordance with license classes. In addition, weight‐reduced caravans are an important prerequisite for the use of electric cars. 

With our lightweight construction, fibre‐reinforced frame technology and a special lightweight axle, we pave the way for a cleaner and more efficient generation of recreational vehicles.

RevolutionCube and COLDMELT technology

For the RevolutionCube we use a completely new, extremely lightweight, robust and highly resistant material that has heretofore never been used in the caravanning industry: expanded polypropylene. COLDMELT Technology*: with ultrasonic energy, COLDMELT® dowels are high‐strength bonded to the lightweight base material. Despite using lightweight material such as multi‐core plates, this connecting technology enables us to attain the highest degree of strength and stability – just extra lightweight.


Our frame technology enables unprecedented flexibility in both layout and room design. The high‐strength, glass‐fibre foam composite frame, which ensures a self‐supporting structure, allows ultra lightweight construction with increased crash safety properties. We already rely on this innovative technology in the models KNAUS TRAVELINO and DESEO.


This extremely lightweight chassis technology is superior to standard caravan axles in many ways. Thanks to its innovative design, weight‐saving production and micro‐galvanising, our PowerAxle has up to 35% less mass than a comparable conventional chassis. It is not only lighter, but also more durable – and thanks to its torsion‐strong axle tube and optimally damped independent wheel suspension, it offers unprecedented driving comfort.

Detail innovations

Knaus Tabbert places great importance on customer‐oriented detail innovations. Examples of this are the service hatch for central operation of the most important supply systems, or the possibility of transporting a motorcycle in a motorhome or caravan. These features also make the mobile holiday experience as easy as possible for first‐timers.

* The connection technology is based on the patented WoodWelding® technology developed by WoodWelding SA and is sub‐licensed by Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG.