Caravan Salon 2022: Major interest in innovations

  • Knaus Tabbert AG at Caravan Salon 2022 – satisfied dealers, plenty of orders and sales for retail partners
  • The consistently developed multi‐brand strategy by Knaus Tabbert met with much approval from interested parties and buyers
  • Innovations such as the new KNAUS TOURER CUV and frame technology attracted multiple visitors
  • In three halls, the six brands from Knaus Tabbert offered visitors to the trade fair a surprisingly wide range of new products and models

Düsseldorf/Jandelsbrunn, 5 September 2022. Caravan Salon 2022 came to a close on Sunday afternoon with very positive results: With over 235,000 visitors, the organiser reported an outstanding result, and also emphasised the excellent mood among visitors, such as exhibitors. Halls 1, 4 and 5 were particularly popular destinations for the visitors: all six brands by Knaus Tabbert displayed their innovations there.

After ten days at the trade fair, Gerd Adamietzki, CSO at Knaus Tabbert, can confirm the initial positive impressions made: „We are more than satisfied with this Caravan Salon. Our expectations were exceeded. In particular, the multi‐brand strategy with the new basic vehicles by Volkswagen, Ford, MAN and Mercedes‐Benz was very well received and our dealers were pleased with their sales. What’s more, we had the perfect background conditions here in Düsseldorf."

Knaus Tabbert presented several groundbreaking steps into the future of caravanning during Caravan Salon 2022. The new KNAUS TOURER CUV in the KNAUS hall (Hall 1) gave the first glimpse into a completely new category of vehicle. Based on the popular Volkswagen T6.1, this model displays an extremely flexible variety of the coveted CUV (caravanning utility vehicle):  despite its incredibly compact size of less than 5.90 metres long, the new TOURER CUV offers up to four beds, along with a clever open bath. The exciting model will be available shortly at dealers for viewing and test drives.

Knaus Tabbert’s emphasis on expanding its range of basic vehicles also attracted plenty of interest, and was very well‐received. As an essential addition to the brands that have dominated in the past, Ford, MAN, Mercedes‐Benz and Volkswagen have already played important roles in the portfolio. They enable new, interested offers, and significantly more choice and flexibility than before.

The KNAUS AZUR motorhome demonstrated itself to be an exceptional technological milestone. It represents the new premium series in the motorhome segment of the brand. For the first time, the forward‐looking frame technology has come into use in mass production. In this process, robots have taken over the precise bonding of the components, resulting in a self‐supporting, high‐strength frame. This does not only optimise the weight, but also enables unimagined freedom in the layout and room design. The variants of the new KNAUS AZUR displayed in Hall 1 are proof of this new diversity. They show themselves to be just as innovative on the outside: the robust surfaces repair scratches and mild damage themselves, without any extra help. Both the KNAUS AZUR and the equally new TABBERT PEP PANTIGA caravan will shortly be available from dealers.

Knaus Tabbert has impressively succeeded once more in solidifying its role as a force for innovation in the industry with its performance at Caravan Salon 2022. The manufacturer from Jandelsbrunn, Lower Bavaria, also seamlessly covers every segment in the leisure vehicle sector with its KNAUS, WEINSBERG, TABBERT, T@B, MORELO and RENT AND TRAVEL brands.