New plant 2 in Schlüsselfeld - MORELO expands production to meet rising demand

In the picture from left to right: 1. Robert Crispens, MORELO Managing Director | 2. Eric Macke, MORELO Project Engineer / SIFA | 3. Peter Kaiser, City Councillor | 4. Sebastian Krippner, Authorised Manager Krippner GmbH | 5. Bernhard Werner Krippner, Managing Director Krippner GmbH | 6. Thomas Dörflinger, MORELO Plant Management | 7. Johannes Krapp, Mayor of the City of Schlüsselfeld | 8. Dieter Hofmann, City Councillor | 9. Holger Dremel, Member of the State Parliament | 10. Bernhard Seeger, City Councillor | 11. Johann Kalb, District Administrator | 12. Richard Reheuser, City Councillor | 13. Matthias Krapp, City Councillor | 14. Georg Obermayer, Management / Urban Land Use Planning City of Schlüsselfeld | 15. Bernd Kaiser, City Councillor | 16. Reinhard Löhner, MORELO Managing Director

The starting signal has been given for a completely new MORELO factory building on the premises in Schlüsselfeld near Bamberg – another milestone in the MORELO success story

Within the last 12 years, MORELO has positioned itself as a top supplier in the luxury motorhome market segment and now leads the premium segment. Due to continuous growth, however, the Upper Franconians have now almost reached their capacity limits. That is why they are confidently heralding a new stage in the company’s history and are building an additional factory hall that will contain a fully‐fledged, state‐of‐the‐art production line. 

From manufactory to European market leader

"With the factory expansion, we are taking the next big step into the future,“ says Robert Crispens, Managing Director of MORELO Reisemobile GmbH. „The new Plant 2 as well as already the significant expansion of Plant 1 and the extension of the exhibition space for our vehicles – all this is the basis for being able to grow further with our own power and at the same time to implement the First Class wishes of our customers even better, more individually and faster.“ 

Capacity expansion planned for the medium term

The new Plant 2 in the north of the MORELO premises, which is within sight of the motorway A3, will comprise a state‐of‐the‐art production line, a second panel production, plus design and development including prototyping, a warehouse, a canteen and a second employee car park for approx. 100 cars. 

The new construction of Plant 2 and the already completed production expansion of Plant 1 will significantly increase MORELO’s production capacity in the medium term. At the same time, the number of employees at MORELO will also increase significantly, from 450 at present to approx. 550.

The region benefits from „hidden champions“ like MORELO

At the ground‐breaking ceremony, Reinhard Löhner, also Managing Director of MORELO, therefore spoke not only of „a real further milestone for MORELO, but also of a strong impulse for the entire region“.  Whereas until a few years ago it was „normal“ for employees to make the daily journey from Schlüsselfeld to Bamberg, Würzburg or even Erlangen and Nuremberg, thanks to „hidden champions“ like MORELO the reverse route is now also „a real option for more and more people“.  

MORELO Reisemobile GmbH is the leading manufacturer of luxury motorhomes in Europe, based in Schlüsselfeld, Franconia, and part of Knaus Tabbert AG.