23.08.2013 // Knaus Tabbert presents "Caravisio" caravan study

Manufacturer and expert group together develop a technology demonstrator representing caravaning trends of the future; world premiere on 30 August 2013

Registration figures for caravans in Europe have been declining for years. The caravaning industry therefore must offer new concepts for the market to raise interest for camping as a form of holidaymaking especially among target groups outside the industry. There have been repeated efforts to achieve this, but so far these efforts have been without any resounding success. The manufacturer Knaus Tabbert GmbH for this reason has started the "Caravisio – The Caravan of the Future" project (www.caravisio.com) as an approach to this problem, to provide own answers, and to provoke thought. Caravisio is a technology demonstrator that should show already today what may be technologically possible in the future. The caravan does not claim to be reproducible nor to be suitable for series production. The caravan of the future has its world premiere on 30 August 2013 at the press conference of Knaus Tabbert GmbH, at 12.30 o'clock in hall 16, stand A06-01.

Right on time for the world's biggest caravaning trade fair in Düsseldorf, the Caravan Salon, Knaus Tabbert GmbH presents a so far absolutely unique development project: Caravisio. Based on a both futuristic and innovative vision of a manufacturer, an expert group of industry-established and external suppliers and designers was established with the objective to develop a study of the caravan of the future together. Development work altogether lasted almost two years, from the first sketch to the completely designed and assembled caravan. But not only the development of this study is unique, the caravan itself also is full of sophisticated technology.

New layout concept inspired by yacht building
A new type of layout forms the basis of the Caravisio concept. Single beds in the front are arranged in V-shape and can be turned into a large double bed by way of a mattress extension. The bed position allows clearly improved aerodynamics. During the day the sleeping room is activated, and the beds with raised upholstery elements are an invitation to relay. With the large panorama window this room is a very special attraction.

Multi-functional seating group for working and for private life
One of the strategies of Caravisio is to transfer standards and comfort features from motorhomes to caravans. A genuine room bath therefore comes next to the "front cockpit". Shower and washroom feature an intelligent water control system with storage function that is controlled with a touch display. The actual living room develops into an open rear with adjoining veranda, designed like the salon of a yacht.  Without any effort the seating group can be converted from a comfortable lounge into a modern workroom. The cushions are air-suspended and can be steplessly adjusted to ensure best-possible ergonomic sitting positions. Laptop or tablet can be connected to the caravan's infrastructure and can be safely charged and stowed away. The seating group is designed in an ultra-modern colour combination, and the blue ornamental seam again is a reference to the world of yachts. Colour and trim of the interior are in line with the latest maritime interior trends: Light oak, white lacquer front in matte, contrasting black glass, dark ship parquet floor in wenge.

Beamer in the ceiling for "public viewing"
The ceiling is covered by dark textile material and gives the interior a very special atmosphere. At the same time it improves the air distribution of the air-conditioning  system from above. A full-HD beamer is integrated in the ceiling and projects its image onto the glass sliding door in the rear. If desired, the beamer image can be mirrored and thus allows small-scale "public viewing" with neighbours on the rear veranda. The frosted-glass sliding door closes the living room to the outside, double glazing insulates and protects the room. If required, the glass panes also can be changed to clear glass with the app. For driving, the veranda is folded up and offers room for two pedelecs. The charging system for the bike batteries is integrated in the side case of the rear and constantly keeps the batteries charged by way of induction.
The sun roof in the rear can be moved down by remote control and turns into a protective cover. The bikes are protected against rain, spray, and looks of other people.

Automotive and aerodynamic exterior
The exterior features a highly emotional design. Automotive details create an interplay with the towing vehicle that generates an extraordinary outfit. Intensive analyses in the wind tunnel have formed the basic shape of the caravan. With the characteristic side silhouette the air flow is laminar through to the rear spoiler. Thanks to the bed positioning the front is arrow-shaped, which has a positive effect on the upstream flow angle. The C-pillars in the rear strongly face inwards, which clearly reduces the wake turbulence. All the constructive elements on the roof are integrated in the ceiling, which for the first time means an optimal solution both aerodynamically and optically. Large hand grips at the front and rear also are reminiscent of yacht elements.  Side skirts and all other parts close to the floor are in grey plastic, which provides protection when the complete caravan is lowered into its living situation.

Yacht rear as a sun terrace
Closeness to nature is one of the main motivations for caravaning as a form of holidaymaking. With its open, yacht-like rear, Caravisio provides a highly comfortable possibility to stay out in the open. New target groups thus do not need a classic awning and immediately signal a different holiday culture.

Central control by means of an app
Controlling the caravan of the future also possible shows a trend. By way of a bus system essential elements inside and outside the caravan can be comfortably and centrally controlled with an app. With an air-suspension chassis, for example, the complete caravan can be lowered to ground level in only a few seconds to allow barrier-free access to the interior. With an iPhone, iPad etc. the steadies also can be controlled individually. The caravan levels itself automatically. The door of the  Caravisio features another highlight. Both the entrance door and the outside hatches  of the front stowage compartments can be centrally locked with a finger scan.

Caravisio will celebrate its world premiere on 30 August 2013 at the press conference of Knaus Tabbert GmbH at 12.30 o'clock in hall 16. For additional information please visit www.caravisio.com.

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