25.10.2010 // Knaus Tabbert initiative for more quality in caravaning trade

Start of qualification as IHK-certified premium seller

In the three years of its existence the "Caravaning Partner Program" (CAPP) of Knaus Tabbert GmbH has proved a success in caravaning trade: The Europe-wide quality initiative that supports dealers on all levels with sales promotion and customer loyalty measures has clearly increased the consulting and sales competence of CAPP trading partners. Knaus Tabbert now further extends the promotional program of the CAPP academy with an additional, so far unique IHK-certified (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) training course for qualification as "Caravaning Premium Sellers" that is exclusive for Knaus Tabbert dealers.

As one of Germany's biggest caravaning manufacturers Knaus Tabbert GmbH consistently maintains the classic distribution channel through qualified specialist dealers. For the continued intensive strengthening of dealer competitiveness Knaus Tabbert not only relies on a fair and constructive partnership, but also and especially on the advancement of dealer company self-reliance by way of certified expert competence. The CAPP training course for qualification as a "Certified Caravaning Premium Seller" now makes it possible for Knaus Tabbert partners to professionally train and officially certify their expert knowledge and commitment. Certification by Germany's most renowned commerce institution not only gives the successful participants the good feeling of having made an active investment in their qualification – in the future this IHK certificate also is intended to set clear standards with regard to consulting quality also for caravaning customers. For example, correspondingly qualified Knaus Tabbert trading partners soon will bear this special competence seal also at trade fairs.

The CAPP academy has designed this exclusive training course that so far is absolutely unique in the caravaning industry as a 15-day intensive qualification course. Between three theory teaching blocks participants will go through practical phases in their own company to directly apply and optimise the acquired knowledge. After the successful completion of this seller training course and passing of the final examination before the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the training course participant will receive his official certification document formally declaring him "fit" in salesmanship, professional product presentation, and customer consulting – but the IHK training course also is intended to provide intensive training and promotion of interpersonal skills: Sociability, customer orientation, willingness to perform, persuasiveness, expressiveness, and reliability only are some of the many demands of the ideal seller profile in which Knaus Tabbert will train its trading partners. These "soft skills" will be combined with highly practice-oriented teaching contents that for example also include expert knowledge in taxes, legislation, and business administration.

This consistent quality offensive of Knaus Tabbert GmbH already starts in November 2010 with the first training courses for trading partners.

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